Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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1BeauregardMontageA mechanic. aka: Beau; Bug.
 WarrenCrockerBeauregard's acquaintance.
 Kelvin Beauregard's cousin.
 Sherwin One of Kelvin's acquaintances.
 Jaymie One of Kelvin's acquaintances.
 DeputyHallOne of Warren's acquaintances.
 DeputyJonesOne of Warren's acquaintances.
2Jerome One of Kelvin's acquaintances.
 PhilDormerOne of Kelvin's acquaintances.
 Boonie Beau's uncle.
 Christy One of Kelvin's girls.
 Sasha One of Kelvin's girls.
 Kia Beau's wife.
 Darren Beau's youngest son.
 Janice Ariel's mother.
 Ariel Beau's daughter.
 Javon Beau's son.
 JeanBrooksKia's sister.
 Mara Kelvin's aunt.
 Mrs.TalbotA patient coordinator at a nursing home.
 IvanKoloffCanadian professional wrestler.
 AnthonyMontageBeau's father. aka: Ant.
 Ella Beau's mother.
 Louise Bonnie's wife.
 AlanJacksonAmerican recording artist; country singer.
3LuluMorrisOne of Beau's customers.
 ShaneHeltonOne of Beau's customers.
 RonnieSessionsBeau's acquaintance.
 StevieWonderAn American singer, songwriter, musician and record producer.
 John HerbertDillinger Jr.A Midwestern bank robber, auto thief.
 JeanValjeanFictional character in Les Misérables.
 Cynthia One of Kelvin's girls.
 DoraMontageBeau's grandmother.
 Bartholomew A scrap shop owner.
4ElvisPresleyAmerican singer and actor.
 GeorgeClooneyAmerican actor and filmmaker.
 MarshallHansonRonnie's acquaintance.
 Reggie Ronnie's brother.
 Jenny Ronnie's friend.
 Quan Ronnie's acquaintance.
 William Ariel's friend. aka: Lil Pip.
 Chad Ariel's uncle.
5ChulyPettigrewRonnie's acquaintance.
 SkunkMitchellOne of Chuly's men.
 WinstonChambersOne of Chuly's men.
 Ann Reggie's acquaintance.
6Sandra One of Kelvin's girls.
 Janus Roman mythological deity.
7EthanHuntA senior field agent for the Impossible Mission Force.
 SandroBotticelliOne of the greatest painters of the Florentine Renaissance.
8Lou EllenLovellJenny's friend.
9LakishaBerryKia's acquaintance.
 AlGreenAmerican singer.
 EllerySheridanBeau's acquaintance.
 Emma Ellery's sister.
 Mr.SkorzenyA counselor in Juvie.
 Caitlyn Beau's new acquaintance.
 BuddyGuyAmerican blues guitarist and singer.
10JamalPaigeKelvin's acquaintance.
 Howard Boonie's acquaintance.
 Samuel One of Boonie's men.
 SeanTuttleBoonie's acquaintance.
11Esther MaeBurkeBeau's customer.
 LouiseKeatingMrs. Burke's neighbor.
 JimiHendrixAmerican guitarist, singer and songwriter.
 MelvinNavelyBeau's acquaintance.
12Warren G American singer.
 NateDoggAmerican singer.
13Lisa Jenny's acquaintance.
 Stevie RayVaughanAmerican guitarist, songwriter and recording artist.
14 LaPlataOne of the cops.
  BillupsOne of the cops.
 AnnieOakleyA famous markswoman known for her sharpshooting.
 Wilbert A jewelry shop owner who was a criminal mastermind. aka: Lazy.
 Horace One of Lazy's men.
 Milly One of Lazy's men. aka: Burning Man.
15WayneWhitmanOne of Ronnie's acquaintances.
 BrandonYangOne of Ronnie's acquaintances.
 BillGatesAmerican business magnate and philanthropist.
16Emma Ariel's grandmother.
 TreCookJavon's friend.
 EricGayCaitlin's husband.
 EllenWilliamsCaitlin's acquaintance.
 Frank Ellen's acquaintance.
 Anthony Caitlin's son.
18PatrickThompsonBeauregard's acquaintance. aka: Pat.
 Butch Patrick's father.
 MirandaCookTre's mother.
 James Beau's grandfather.
 RedNavelyOne of Anthony's acquaintances.
 Blue One of Anthony's acquaintances.
 TimmyClovisOne of Anthony's acquaintances.
19Guadalupe One of Ronnie's girls.
 Esmeralda One of Ronnie's girls.
 ColonelSandersAmerican entrepreneur and businessman.
 WyattEarpA legendary frontiersman of the American West.
20Wild BillHickokAmerican folk hero and lawman.
 Carl One of Lazy's men.
 JimBobOne of Lazy's men.
21RichardWidmarkAmerican film, stage, and television actor and producer.
 JohnHughesAmerican filmmaker.
 MollyRingwaldAmerican actress.
23JesseJamesAmerican manufacturer of custom-made motorcycles.
 CurtMacklinOwner of a chop shop.
 PabloEscobarColombian drug lord.
 Peg LegBatesAmerican tap dancer.
24TyreeDreadlocksA van driver.
 Ross Tyree's acquaintance.
27Linda Kia's neighbor.
29JimmySpruillOne of Reggie's acquaintances.
 Bobby One of Reggie's acquaintances.
 JacksonPollockAmerican artist.
 Sam One of Reggie's acquaintances.
 AmberButlerRonnie's girl.
31Mrs.JacksonLazy's acquaintance.
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