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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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1 Anna McAllen The mother of an autistic child.
Caroline Harman Anna's close friend. aka: Caro.
Keith Anna's husband.
Walter Anderson A detective sergeant. aka: Walt.
Cynthia Moreno A detective sergeant.
Peter Anna's brother. aka: Pete.
2 Geoff Caro's husband.
Alexa Robin Harman Caro's daughter. aka: Lex.
Gertie Caro's great-aunt.
Isabel Dillon Identified as care manager.
Susan Sappington A detective sergeant.
Brian Ng A detective sergeant.
3 Maya Anna's daughter.
Sophie Anna's boss at the graphic design company.
Melanie Anna's friend.
Mollie A therapist.
Vivian Anna's mother.
Max Anna's ex-boyfriend.
4 Lucille A nurse.
5 Estelle Keith's mother.
Arla Anna's sister-in-law.
Judith Pete's girlfriend.
Hannah Keith's sister.
7 Merle Anna's neighbor.
Sarah Walt's acquaintance.
8 Melissa Caro's sister.
Gideon Caro's little boy.
11 Marcie Anna's acquaintance.
Mary The head facilitator.
Lila Maya's playmate.
12 Mark Caro's nephew.
14 Heather One of Caro's friends.
Emma One of Caro's friends.
15 Aaron Sonya's son.
Sonya Anna's acquaintance.
Dr. Theo A pediatric specialist in autism.
Dr. Evans Maya's doctor.
Jonah Melanie's son.
Deborah Anna's acquaintance.
Benny Deborah's child.
Roy Anna's acquaintance.
17 Joel One of Cynthia's sons.
Jarred One of Cynthia's sons.
22 Gabe Lex's little brother.
Leeann One of Caro's old acquaintances.