Characters - Alphabetical
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MayaAngelouA famous poet.
IsabellaB. ThorntonProtagonist and Narrator. Aka: Izzy.
ImaniBonnerIzzy's friend and classmate.
Mrs.BonnerImani's mother.
GwendolynBrooksA famous poet.
AnastasiaC. McAdooIsaiah's girlfriend.
MuzioClementiAn Italian composer.
AlessandroDeljavanAn Italian classical pianist.
Paul LaurenceDunbarA poet who lived in Dayton.
Mrs.GarciaThe sixth-grade counselor. The principal at Izzy's school.
RemiGenietA guest piano soloist at Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra.
ClintHammondIzzy's handsome classmate.
Mrs.HammondClint's mother.
LangstonHughesA poet.
Mr.KazillyIzzy's English and History teacher. Aka: Mr. K.
JoyceKilmerAn American author.
LoganLindquistIzzy's schoolmate. Logan's friend.
John MarkMetzkerNicole's boyfriend. Aka: Number Seven.
MissPearsonIzzy's acquaintance at the homeless shelter.
JasonReynoldsA famous poet.
MadameRubensteinIzzy's piano teacher.
TobySmytheClint and Logan's friend.
Nicole TheresaThorntonIzzy's mother.
Isaiah MaxwellThornton IIIIzzy's father.
Alicia Isaiah's friend.
Cecil Izzy's classmate.
Chango Isaiah's best friend.
Cornelius A waiter.
Erin Rochelle's friend.
Fifi Anastasia's dog.
Gretchen Izzy's classmate.
Griselda A saleslady at the mall store.
Heather Izzy's friend and classmate.
Herbert A salesman at party city.
Jontay Izzy's classmate.
Kendi Imani's sister.
Kevin Izzy's classmate.
Manuel Izzy's classmate.
Monique Isaiah's friend.
Naomi Izzy's nurse.
Rochelle Izzy's classmate.
Tiffany Izzy's white classmate.
Zeke The assistant manager at Scatterpin Bowl.