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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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1CarissaBeaumontProtagonist. Aka: White-White, Callie.
 MissLucilleLisette's employer.
 LisetteBeaumontCarissa's mother.
   Boomtown - A town where Silver has been discovered.
 Jonah Miss Lucille's black servant.
 Elise One of Lucille's ladies.
 M.CalisherA general store owner.
 Yvonne Elise's older sister.
 RoseRedOwner of a wayward home for ladies. Miss Lucille's friend. Aka: Rosie.
 Jean-PaulPerillouxLisette's father. Carissa's grandfather.
 MariePerillouxLisette's mother. Carissa's grandmother.
 PierreBeaumontCarissa's father. Lisette's husband.
 Jean-PaulBeaumontCarissa's brother. Lisette and Pierre's son.
2Penny Miss Lucille's former worker. Deceased.
 Monica Miss Lucille's former worker. Deceased.
 Frank Miss Lucille's former worker. Deceased.
 Rogers The Sheriff's assistant.
 DocHendersonThe town doctor.
 JohnAmos-ReddingThe Sheriff.
 Mr.CrabtreeThe man at the livery.
   Cohn Brothers - Owner of the tobacco shop.
 ChinaMaryThe ruler of Hoptown. A drug supplier.
 Evangeline Doc Henderson's dead wife.
 Lara One of Rosie's girls.
3Dim-Yung One of China Mary's boys.
 Marybeth One of Rosie's girls.
 Li-Li One of China Mary's girls.
 DutchAnnieMiss Lucile's acquaintance. Owner of a brothel.
7Mai-Lin China Mary's niece. The girl that Carissa befriended.
 Soon-Ye China Mary's niece. Mai-Lin's sister.
 Yen-Chun Soon-Ye's husband.
 JamieRileyA civil war veteran.
 EloiseStanleyOwner of Tombstone Club. Carissa and Mai-Lin's employer.
 Joe The handyman. Aka: Old Joe.
10  Ku Li - A Chinese word meaning Hard worker.
17Kwan Tombstone Club's cook.
21Clary The Reverend.
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