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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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1  Splendor and Fragrance
 Edwin L.DrakeThe first American to successfully drill for oil.
 William SmithA reliable and experienced worker of Edwin Drake. Aka: Uncle Billy.
 John D.RockefellerAmerican business magnate and philanthropist.
 RonaldChernowAmerican writer, journalist, historian, and biographer. Aka: Ron.
 AndrewCarnegieScottish-American industrialist and philanthropist.
 PhilipArmourAmerican meatpacking industrialist.
 James B.DukeAmerican tobacco and electric power industrialist.
 IdaTarbellAmerican writer.
 Henry M.FlaglerAmerican industrialist and founder of Standard Oil.
 Edward D.WhiteAmerican politician and jurist from Louisiana.
 Robert S.KerrAmerican businessman and politician from Oklahoma.
2  The Genie
 NeilArmstrongAmerican astronaut and the first person to walk on the Moon.
 Glenn T.SeaborgAmerican chemist.
 Edward TellerAmerican-Hungarian theoretical physicist.
 JohnGofmanAmerican scientist and advocate.
 JamesTerrillA Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery Specialist in Jacksonville.
 RichardNixon37th U.S. President.
 ChesterMcQuearyAn activist and former long time resident of Rulison.
 Margaret PulsOne who was involved in the protest against Project Rulison.
 M. KingHubbertAmerican geologist and geophysicist.
 HughCareyFormer Governor of New York.
 George P. MitchellAmerican businessman and philanthropist.
 SavvasParaskevopoulosA goat herder in Greece who changed his name to Mike Mitchell.
 Russell GoldAn author and journalist.
 ToddMitchellMitchell's son.
 NeilSteinsbergerThe company engineer.
 KentBowkerA geologist.
 LarryNicholsDevon's CEO.
3  Stolen Goods
 MikhailKhodorkovskyAn exiled Russian businessman, philanthropist and former oligarch.
 Vladimir LeninFormer Premier of the Soviet Union.
 MashaGessenAmerican-Russian journalist.
 BorisYeltsinThe first president of Russia from 1991 to 1999.
 MikhailGorbachevFormer President of the Soviet Union.
 DmitryGololobov Russian advocate and member of the Moscow Bar.
 PeterMaassAmerican journalist and author.
 BorisBerezovskyRussian business oligarch, government official, engineer.
 ThaneGustafsonA professor of political science at Georgetown University.
 JoeMachKhodorkovsky's acquaintance.
 Vladimir PutinRussian President.
 StrobeTalbottPresident of the Brookings Institution.
 KarenDawishaAmerican political scientist and writer.
 JosephStalinFormer Premier of the Soviet Union.
 George W.Bush43rd U.S. President.
 Lee R.RaymondAmerican businessman and the CEO and chairman of ExxonMobil.
 Rex W.TillersonAmerican engineer and energy executive.
 RairSimonyanRussian economist.
 AndersÅslundSwedish economist and chairman of the Int'l. Advisory Council.
 YanniKotsonisThe New York University history professor.
 PeterO'BrienThe Russians' young American front man.
 George SorosHungarian-born American billionaire investor and philanthropist.
 DickCheneyFormer Vice President of the United States.
 J. P.Morgan Jr.American banker, finance executive, and philanthropist.
 IgorSechinChief Executive Officer of Rosneft.
 JohnMackMorgan Stanley's CEO.
 JeffImmeltAmerican business executive.
 BulatOkudzhavaRussian-Soviet poet.
4  Charlie Hustle
 AubreyMcClendonFounder and CEO of American Energy Partners, LP.
 TomWardAubrey's partner.
 BarackObama44th U.S. President.
 HillaryClinton Former United States Secretary of State.
 David RockefellerAmerican banker and chairman of Chase Manhattan Corporation.
 ArchieManningAmerican football quarterback.
 Katie Aubrey's wife.
5  Thunder Up!
 David HoltOklahoma City's current mayor.
 I. M. PeiAmerican-Chinese architect.
 RonNorickOKC's mayor
 TimothyMcVeighAmerican domestic terrorist.
 KevinDurantAmerican basketball player.
 David SternThe NBA commissioner.
 ClayBennettThe chairman of the Professional Basketball Club LLC.
 MahmoudAhmadinejadFormer President of Iran.
 JohnKerryFormer United States Secretary of State.
5  Rex Shrugged
 BobSimpsonThe company's co-founder.
 Teodoro MbasogoPresident of Equatorial Guinea.
 BrianO'KeefeThe Deputy Editor at Fortune.
 AynRandRussian-American writer and philosopher.
 JohnMcCainFormer United States Senator from Arizona.
 Edward FrancisHuttonFounder of EF Hutton - an American stock brokerage firm.
 EdMarkeyUnited States Senator.
 Steven ChuFormer United States Secretary of Energy.
 SteveScaliseUS Representative for Louisiana's 1st congressional district.
7  A Risk Management Problem
 Jesse H. JonesAmerican Democratic politician and entrepreneur from Houston.
 MaryGibbs JonesA volunteer and philanthropist.
 Kenneth LayThe founder, CEO and Chairman of Enron.
 TonyHaywardFormer chief executive of oil and energy company BP.
 RickPerryFormer United States Secretary of Energy.
 JayLenoAmerican comedian, actor, writer, producer, and former TV host.
 Steven SeagalAmerican actor, producer, .screenwriter, martial artist.
 ChuckTaylorAmerican basketball player.
 Dr.LutzAn expert in marine mammal biology.
8  Poster Boy
 Teodorin ManguePresident Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo's son.
 KenSilversteinAmerican journalist.
 MichaelJacksonKing of Pop music.
 Janet Michael Jackson's sister.
 Jermaine Michael Jackson's brother.
 TerryKarlThe Gildred Professor of Latin American Studies.
 Juan PabloAlfonsoA prominent Venezuelan diplomat, politician and lawyer.
 Ahmed Zaki YamaniSaudi Arabian politician and Minister of Oil and Mineral Resources.
 EdgarDegasFrench artist famous for his pastel drawings and oil paintings.
 PaulGauguinFrench Post-Impressionist artist.
 Pierre-Auguste RenoirFrench artist.
 Elizabeth II Queen of the United Kingdom.
 RomanAbramovichBritish-based Israeli-Russian billionaire businessman and politician
 PeterMaassThe journalist.
 LannyDavisAn old friend of Bill Clinton.
 Condoleezza RiceFormer United States Secretary of State.
 Matthew J.LauerFounder of the Qorvis Communications.
 TroyAikmanAmerican football player.
 MichaelJordanAmerican basketball player.
9  Practical Realities
 Francisco Macías NguemaThe First President of Equatorial Guinea. Aka: Leader of Steel.
 JohnBennettThe American ambassador in Malabo.
 EdRoyceFormer United States Representative.
 William JeffersonFormer U.S. House.
 FrankRuddyAn attorney for Exxon and ambassador to Equatorial Guinea.
 GabrielObiangPresident Obiang's son.
 AndrewSwigerExxonMobil executive vice president.
 CarlLevinFormer United States Senator.
 SaddamHusseinAn Iraqi politician who served as the fifth President of Iraq.
 AndrewJackson7th U.S. President.
 TheodoreRoosevelt Jr26th U.S. President. Aka: Teddy.
 MichaelMilkenAmerican convicted felon, financier and philanthropist.
 Kenneth P.CohenVice president of public affairs.
 RichardLugarFormer United States Senator from Indiana.
 BenCardinSenior United States Senator from Maryland.
 SimonTaylorAustralian rules footballer.
 JayBraneganThe correspondent for White House in the Time Magazine.
 DexterFilkinsAmerican journalist.
10  Who Does That?
 RichardMurphyBritish chartered accountant and political economist.
 KatieMurphyOne of Richard Murphy's daughters.
 LisaMurphyOne of Richard Murphy's daughters.
 CynthiaMurphyRichard Murphy's wife.
 DonaldHeathfieldA sleeper KGB agent. Aka: Andrey Bezrukov.
 TraceyFoleyDonald Heathfield's wife.
 Juan LázaroA man who taught a college course in Latin American politics.
 VickyPeláezJuan Lazaro's wife.
 MichaelZottoliOne of several Russian spies.
 PatriciaMillsMichael Zottoli's wife.
 MikhailSemenkoOne of the 10 alleged Russian spies arrested by the FBI.
 AnnaChapmanRussian intelligence agent.
 MataHariDutch exotic dancer who was convicted of being a spy.
 AlexChapmanAnna Chapman's ex-husband.
 EricHolderFormer Attorney General of the United States.
 DmitryMedvedevFormer Russian President.
 NataliaPereverzevaRussian model.
 EdwardSnowdenAmerican whistleblower.
 WinstonChurchillFormer Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.
 AlbertEinsteinTheoretical physicist.
 Dalai LamaThe highest spiritual leader of Tibet.
 OscarWildeIrish poet and playwright.
 JohnStuart MillEnglish philosopher, political economist.
 BrettForrestA reporter for The Wall Street Journal in Washington, D.C.
 AndreiSoldatovA Moscow-born journalist.
 AlanPatricofAmerican investor.
 Mrs.PatricofAlan Patricof's wife.
 KeithGessenRussian-born American journalist and novelist.
 Johnle CarréBritish author of espionage novels.
 ChevyChaseAmerican actor, comedian, screenwriter, and producer.
 DanAykroydCanadian actor, producer, comedian, musician, and filmmaker.
 PeterStrzokFormer United States Federal Bureau of Investigation agent.
 DonaldTrump45th U.S. President.
 Nina L.KhrushchevaProfessor of International Affairs at The New School, New York.
 NikitaKhrushchevFormer Premier of the Soviet Union.
11  The Other 1 Percent
 AngelinaJolieAmerican actress, filmmaker, and humanitarian.
 BritneySpearsAmerican singer-songwriter.
 BradHenryFormer Governor of Oklahoma.
 MikeReynoldsThe Republican lawmaker.
 AustinHollandThe state's seismologist at the University of Oklahoma.
 MichaelBloombergFormer Mayor of New York City.
 RossPerotAmerican business magnate.
 SilvioBerlusconiItalian media tycoon who served as Prime Minister of Italy.
 MichelleBamberger A veterinarian and author.
 RobertOswaldA professor of molecular medicine.
 OtisRandleLouisiana DEQ regional manager.
 LesleyStahlAmerican journalist.
12  Ultrahazardous Activity
 Joseph Biden47th vice president of the US.
 LawrenceWrightAmerican writer and journalist.
 HaroldHammAmerican entrepreneur involved in the oil and gas business.
14  Trust
 Igor Ivanovich SechinChief Executive Officer of Rosneft.
 Mrs.PutinVladimir Putin's wife.
 AndreyPiontkovskiyRussian mathematician and political analyst.
 StanislavBelkovskyRussian political analyst and communication specialist.
 Mikhail ZygarRussian journalist, writer and filmmaker.
 Jay-Z American rapper, songwriter.
 ShondaRhimesAmerican television producer.
 LeBron JamesAmerican professional basketball player.
 SherylSandbergChief Operating Officer of Facebook.
 MichaelKorsAn American fashion designer.
 ElonMuskFounder, CEO, CTO and chief designer of SpaceX.
15  The Handsome Hero
 GerhardSchröderGerman politician who served as Chancellor of Germany.
 AngelaMerkelChancellor of Germany.
 TonyBlairFormer Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.
 Matthias WarnigCurrently the Managing Director of the Nord Stream AG.
 JamesGrantThe founder of Grant's Interest Rate Observer.
 ThaneGustafsonA professor of political science at Georgetown University.
 GeorgyMalenkovSucceeded J. Stalin as the absolute leader of the Soviet Union.
16  This Ain't No Disco
 Marvin E. OdumThe president of Shell Oil Company.
 KenSalazarFormer United States Secretary of the Interior.
 CarlEllisThe assistant dean of the Seattle Maritime Academy.
 LucyLawlessNew Zealand actress and singer.
 TomFowlerA Wall Street Journal reporter.
 JenniferScottA biologist.
 McKenzie FunkA journalist.
17  Such A Man Is Born Once Every Few Decades
 VictorPodobnyyAn agent in Russia's once-vaunted foreign intelligence service.
 IgorSporyshevPodobnyy's undercover SVR cohort.
 CarterPageAmerican petroleum industry consultant.
 MikeQuigleyU.S. Representative for Illinois's 5th congressional district.
 George H. W. Bush41st U.S. President.
 LucianFreudBritish painter and draughtsman, specialising in figurative art.
 MaureenDowdAmerican columnist for The New York Times and an author.
 Marcel Lazăr LehelA Romanian hacker. Aka: Guccifer.
 ColinPowellFormer United States Secretary of State.
 SidneyBlumenthal American journalist and political operative.
 BillClinton 42nd U.S. President.
 JeffreyTamborAmerican actor and comedian.
 AllenFuntAmerican television producer, director ,writer and TV personality.
 CandaceBushnellAmerican author, journalist, and television producer.
 CarlBernsteinAmerican investigative journalist and author.
 Steven SoderberghAmerican film director, screenwriter, cinematographer, and editor.
 MerrillMcPeakA retired 4-star general in the United States Air Force.
 TinaBrownA journalist, magazine editor, columnist, talk-show host, and author.
 KittyKelleyAmerican journalist and author.
 DeniseAustinAmerican fitness instructor, author, and columnist.
 RupertEverettEnglish actor, writer and singer.
 JulianFellowesMember of House of Lords of the United Kingdom.
 MateiRoscaRomanian-born journalist.
 GabrielaLazarGuccifer's wife.
 AndrewHigginsMoscow Bureau Chief for the New York Times.
18  Putin Zassal
 Steven Lee MyersThe Beijing bureau chief for The New York Times.
 SergeyMarkovRussian political scientist and journalist.
 Matthew SummerAn English musician, singer, songwriter, and actor. Aka: Sting.
 PeteTownshendAn English guitarist, singer and composer.
 YokoOnoA Japanese multimedia artist singer, songwriter and peace activist.
 Jill Joe Biden's wife.
 BorisNemtsovRussian physicist and liberal politician.
 YuriGagarinSoviet Air Forces pilot and cosmonaut.
 Vladimir YakuninRussian businessman and former president of Russian Railways.
 ArkadyRotenbergOne of Putin's youth judo partners.
 BorisRotenbergOne of Putin's youth judo partners.
 PeteRoseAmerican professional baseball player.
 JoseCansecoCuban-American former Major League Baseball outfielder.
 SergeyLavrovMinister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.
 SusanGlasserAmerican journalist and news editor.
 ViktorYanukovychUkrainian politician who was the fourth President of Ukraine.
 VictoriaNulandFormer Assistant Secretary of State.
19  All Hail The Mercenaries
 LeonidKuchmaUkrainian politician who was the second President of Ukraine.
 ViktorYushchenkoUkrainian politician who was the third President of Ukraine.
 DmitryFirtashA Ukrainian businessman.
 SemionMogilevichA Russian criminal.
 PaulManafortAmerican consultant.
 BradZacksonThe leading figure in real estate dev't. finance and mgt. in NY City.
 FredTrumpA prominent American real estate developer in New York City.
 YuliaTymoshenkoFormer Prime Minister of Ukraine.
 Robert S.MuellerFormer Special Counsel for the United States Dep't. of Justice.
 RickGatesAmerican political consultant and lobbyist.
 AlanFriedmanAmerican journalist, author and former media and PR executive.
 GregCraigAmerican lawyer and former White House Counsel.
 Muammaral-GaddafiLibyan revolutionary, politician and political theorist.
 BenRhodesAmerican writer, political commentator.
 SigmarGabrielFormer Minister for Foreign Affairs of Germany.
 Nourial-MalikiFormer Prime Minister of Iraq.
20  His Idea Of America
 CarlIcahnAmerican businessman and philanthropist.
 Mitt RomneyA junior United States Senator from Utah.
 ChristopherHelmanA journalist.
 RichardFingerA film writer.
 MikeCantrellHamm's former government affairs pro. Aka: Bubba.
21  Because They Could
 Kristin ThomasVP for public relations at Hamm's Continental Resources.
 BluHulseySenior VP: HSE Government at Continental Resources Inc.
 MaryFallinFormer Governor of Oklahoma.
 OralRobertsChoctaw American Charismatic Christian televangelist.
 RichardRobertsAn evangelist.
 PrestonDoerflinger The Oklahoma Secretary of Finance and Revenue.
 Robert D.LawlerThe President and Chief Executive Officer of Chesapeake Energy.
 GeorgeKaiserThe chairman of BOK Financial Corporation in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
 BrianBingmanPresident pro tempore of the Oklahoma Senate.
 Jeff W.HickmanAmerican politician in the U.S. state of Oklahoma.
 MonicaLewinskyAmerican television personality.
22  "We Greatly Value Our Relationship"
 KeithBoyfieldAn internationally recognised economist and the author.
 PetroPoroshenkoUkrainian businessman who served as the fifth Pres. of Ukraine.
 AnnaNemtsovaMoscow-based correspondent for Newsweek and the Daily Beast.
 David CameronFormer Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.
 JasonBordoffFormer staff director in charge of energy and climate change.
 ElizabethRosenbergFormer senior sanctions adviser at the Treasury Department.
23  Pobeda!
 StevenMyersThe Beijing bureau chief for The New York Times.
 SergeiRolduginRussian cellist and businessman.
 VladimirYevtushenkovRussian billionaire business oligarch.
 AlexeyUlyukaevRussian politician, scientist, and economist.
 JosephGoebbelsReich Minister of Propaganda of Nazi Germany.
24  "Yeah That Was Crazy"
 RivkaGalchenAmerican-Canadian writer.
 JustinRubinsteinResearch Geophysicist and Deputy Chief of the USGS.
 BobJackmanAn author.
 Sue Ann Harold Hamm's wife.
 David LyleBorenFormer Governor of Oklahoma.
 LarryGrillotDean of Oklahoma's Mewbourne College of Earth and Energy.
 RandyKellerThe head of the Oklahoma Geological Survey.
 KatieKeranenThe geophysicist.
 JeanAntonidesNew Dominion's VP of exploration.
 JackStarkHarold Hamm's senior vice president for exploration.
 PatriceDouglasAmerican Republican politician from the U.S.state of Oklahoma.
 Connie G.SmithAn information officer.
 CatherineBishop Australian-based historian.
 AmberleeDaroldCVO geophysicist and field engineer.
 GlenBrownHarold Hamm company's vice president for geology,.
 Lewis H.MooreMember of the Oklahoma House of Representatives.
25  Active Appreciation
 RobertFrankSwiss photographer and documentary filmmaker.
 MikeSoraghan A reporter for EnergyWire.
 DavidChemickeyThe founder and president of New Dominion.
 DanBoydAn OGS staffer.
26  It All Ties Back
 KrisRomanThe chairman of the Euro-Russia Research Center.
 MaxSeddoA correspondent for BuzzFeed World based in Berlin.
 MarineLe PenFrench politician and lawyer serving as Pres. of the National Rally.
 RobertoFioreItalian politician.
 AntonShekhovtsovUkrainian writer, academic and political activist.
 NickGriffinFormer leader of the British National Party.
 JaredTaylorAmerican editor.
 AlexeiMilchakovAn infamous Russian paramilitary leader.
 Ilya AzarRussian-Soviet journalist.
 Margaret ThatcherFormer Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.
 Gautama BuddhaA philosopher and religious leader who lived in Ancient India.
 Muhammad An Arab religious leader.
 NathanSmithThe "foreign minister" of the Texas Nationalist Movement.
 CaseyMichelWorked as a journalist in both Eurasia and the United States.
 MarkGaleottiA London-based lecturer and writer on transnational crime.
 SamZelitchA writer.
 KimKardashianAmerican media personality, socialite, model, businesswoman.
 LyudmilaSavchukAn Internet activist working undercover at the troll factory.
27  All They Have Is This
 AliceDonovanKidnapped by two men who had escaped from Kentucky prison.
 JasonScottAmerican archivist.
 JennaAbramsA fake American personas.
 LeoTolstoyRussian writer.
 IvanPavlovRussian physiologist.
 DanDungaciuRomanian sociologist.
 EminAgalarovAn Azerbaijani singer.
28  "Constituency Trumps Everything"
 PacoBalderrama Deputy Chief at Oklahoma City Police Department.
 AbbeLowellAmerican defense attorney.
 JaredKushnerSenior Advisor to the President of the United States.
 Emmet FloodServed as the interim White House Counsel to U.S. Pres. D. Trump.
 LucCohenA reporter.
 JoshuaSchneyerA reporter.
 JakeWalterAustin Holland's replacement as the Oklahoma state seismologist.
29  Containment
 JamesInhofeSenior United States Senator from Oklahoma.
 RobertoBerardiPresident and CEO at Eu Design HK, LTD.
 JanetMayerAmerican investigative journalist.
 ChristopherSteeleBritish former intelligence officer.
 KellyanneConwayTrump's senior adviser.
 DmitryPeskovPutin's spokesman.
 AdamDavidsonAmerican journalist.
 BenCardinSenior United States Senator from Maryland.
 DanielKaufmannPresident of Natural Resource Governance Institute.
 GeorgePapadopoulosFormer member of the foreign policy advisory panel to D. Trump.
 AndeyBaranovBecome the head of investor relations at Rosneft.
 RobertForesmanThe vice chairman at the Swiss lender.
 MikeFlynnTrump's national security adviser.
 DonaldTrump Jr.The eldest child of US president Donald Trump.
 EricTrumpThe third child and second son of President Donald Trump.
 FelixSaterRussian-American mobster, convicted felon.
 MichaelIsikoffAn investigative journalist.
 DanielFriedAmerican diplomat.
 TomMalinowskiU.S. Representative for New Jersey's 7th congressional district.
 AlexeiNavalnyRussian opposition leader, jurist and anti-corruption activist.