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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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 Ms.GordonTravis Roberts's Teacher in Social Studies.
 Velveeta Travis Roberts's Classmate writes to a dead man.
 ChadCormickTravis Roberts's Classmate / A Basketball Player.
 Rosco Travis Roberts's Dog.
 Grandpa Travis Roberts's Grandfather.
 Jimmy A Drug Dealer / Velveeta's half-brother.
2OwenMcQueenTravis Roberts's Literature Teacher.
 MattDamonActor who played the role of a Math Genius in Good Will Hunting.
 CalvinWhalenThe old man who lives in the next trailer.
3Megan Travis Roberts's classmate in Social Studies.
 Connie The woman who gave Velveeta a job / Calvin Whalen's Friend.
4Heather Owen McQueen's Student.
 JimKjelgaardAn American Author.
 JanetWhalenCalvin Whalen's Wife.
5Chuck Travis Roberts's Landlord.
6JoeyNizmanskiA Boy that Travis Roberts fought with.
7AmberRaleighTravis Roberts's Schoolmate.
 Becca Velveeta's Friend in School.
 Megan Velveeta's Friend in School.
 Cassidy Velveeta's Friend in School.
9Chilson The Blond Guy who bullied Travis Roberts.
10Mrs.KeatleyThe Reading Specialist at Salisbury.
 Haley JoelOsmentAn American Actor.
 M. NightShysmalanA Writer and Director.
12ClayRosenA 4th Grader in Travis Roberts's School.
 MarshallRosenClay Rosen's Big Brother.
13Liesel Girl whose mother dumped with strangers. aka: The Book Thief.
 Larry The Stray Dog.
18Sylvia Calvin Whalen's daughter.
20Lenski Owner of a Cornfield.
21Maddox Chilson's Friend.