Characters - Alphabetical
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 ArmstrongOne of the sheriff's deputies.
BobbyBlandAmerican singer. Aka: Blue.
SandraBlandAfrican-American who was found hanged in a jail cell in Waller County.
ClarenceBrownAmerican film director. Aka: Gatemouth.
LukeBryanAmerican singer.
JamesByrd Jr.African-American who was murdered by three white supremacists.
BellCallisDarren's mother.
JohnnyCashAmerican singer-songwriter.
KennyChesneyAmerican singer-songwriter.
Keith AveryDaleMissy Dale's husband.
MelissaDaleOne of the murder victims. Aka: Missy.
 DanielsOne of the sheriff's deputies.
 FisherBell's employer.
VinceGillAmerican singer-songwriter.
BuddyGuyAmerican guitarist.
GregHeglundDarren's FBI friend in Houston.
FrederickHodgeGeneva's lawyer.
John LeeHookerAmerican singer-songwriter.
MahaliaJacksonAmerican gospel singer.
EttaJamesAmerican singer.
LauraJeffersonWally's wife.
WallaceJefferson IIWally's father. Aka: Jeff.
WallaceJefferson IIILand owner and businessman. Aka: Wally.
WaylonJenningsAmerican singer-songwriter.
FreddieKingAmerican guitarist.
AimeeKwonMedical examiner.
RonnieMalvoCriminal informant for the federal government. Aka: Redrum.
TeresaMartinWozniak's editor.
DarrenMathewsTexas Ranger.
DukeMathewsDarren's father.
RutherfordMcMillanDarren's friend. Aka: Mack.
Geneva MarieMeeksGeneva's café owner. Aka: Neva.
WilsonPickettAmerican singer.
CharleyPrideAmerican singer.
TomRandallMember of Parliament of the United Kingdom.
OtisReddingAmerican singer-songwriter.
 ReddingOne of the sheriff's deputies.
AmonRichmondOne of Bobby's boys.
DonRobeyAmerican record label executive, songwriter, and record producer.
AlSharptonAmerican civil rights activist.
PhyllisSlatterlyJeff's second wife.
IsaacSnowTown barber.
GeorgeStraitAmerican singer.
JoeSweetGeneva's husband. Aka: Petey Pie.
MarySweetFaith's mother.
JoeSweet Jr.Faith's father. Aka: Lil' Joe.
JohnnieTaylorAmerican songwriter.
JohnnieTaylorAmerican songwriter.
ParkerVan HornShelby County sheriff.
FrankVaughnThe district attorney of San Jacinto County.
MuddyWatersAmerican singer-songwriter.
HankWilliamsAmerican singer-songwriter.
FredWilsonDarren's lieutenant.
JackieWilsonAmerican singer.
RandieWinstonMichael Wright's wife.
ChrisWozniakReporter from the Chicago Tribune.
BookerWrightBass player.
MichaelWrightOne of the murder victims.
O. V.WrightAmerican singer.
Aaron William's son.
Bones One of Bobby's boys.
Brady Icehouse bar manager.
Breanna Mack's granddaughter.
Clayton Darren's uncle. Professor of constitutional law.
Dennis Geneva's cook.
Faith Geneva's granddaughter.
Huxley Local retiree.
Kay Kay's Kountry Kitchen owner.
Keith Junior Missy's son.
Lisa Darren's wife. Aka: Lis.
Lynn Bartender.
Mitty Cemetery's groundskeeper.
Naomi William's widow.
Nathan Joe's older brother.
Puck Bell's landlord.
Rebecca William's daughter.
Rodney Faith's boyfriend.
Tim Long-haul trucker.
Tommy One of Bobby's boys.
Trent Wally's younger brother who died in a car accident.
Wendy Geneva's business associate.
William Darren's uncle. Texas Ranger.