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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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1Milwaukee The redskin.
2WendellTwo KnivesThe man who guided Shiloh at Boundary Waters.
3CorcoranO'ConnorA former sheriff. Protagonist. Aka: Cork.
 SamWintermoonCork's old friend.
 AnnieO'ConnorCork's daughter.
 JennyO'ConnorCork's daughter.
 CharlieAaltoCork's neighbor. A truck driver.
 WilliamRayeA T.V. host. Aka: Arkansas Will.
 MaraisGrandWilliam's wife and Ellie Grand's daughter.
 Shiloh William and Marais' daughter. Missing.
4Nancy JoO'ConnorCork's wife.
 DanielWadenaA casino manager.
 Rose Jo's sister. Cork's sister-in-law.
 Stevie Cork's son.
 SeanMurrayJenny's boyfriend.
 EllieGrandCork's mother's cousin. Marais' mother.
5WallySchannoThe Tamarack County sheriff.
 MarshaDrossWall's night desk officer.
 ArlettaSchannoWall's wife.
 BookerHarrisAn FBI special agent.
 DwightSloaneAn FBI special agent.
 VirgilGrimesAn FBI special agent.
 PatriciaSutpenShiloh's psychologist.
 ElizabethDobsonShiloh's studio musician.
 VincentBenedettiThe primary suspect on Marais's murder. Marais's lover.
 ArnieGoodenThe field rep in Duluth.
 Finn AbleNurmiMolly's father.
 HenryMelouxAn Ojibwe medicine man.
 Walleye Meloux's old hound.
11Lew KnutsonThe newspaper boy.
 KarlKnutsonLew's father.
 HaroldSvedsenOwner of a car garage.
 Lenore Ellie Grand's cousin. Wendell's wife.
 FatherKelseyThe priest at St. Agnes.
 AngeloBenedettiVincent's son.
 Joey Angelo's driver.
12SarahTwo KnivesStormy's wife.
 HectorTwo KnivesWendell's nephew. Aka: Stormy.
 LouisTwo KnivesStormy's son.
 TheCaptainJo and Rose's mother.
 Nanabhozo The spirit full of tricks.
19DouglasGreeneThe forest service agent.
21Mr.GundersonOne of Cork's neighbors.
23TheresaBenedettiVincent's wife. Angel's father.
 Fran Jo's secretary.
 NathanJohnsonBooker Harris's brother.
25SandySebringThe man that Shiloh met.
 RoyEvansSandy's friend.
26May Arletta's sister.
29Mr.CleanThe man who took Louis.
 WilliamO'ConnorCork's father.
30JeromeMetcalfA consultant. Aka: Jerry.
 James JayWilliamsA congressman.
 CyBorkmannA police officer.
 Charon The hired killer. Aka: Baby Bear.
42GeorgeLeducA member of tribal executive counsel.
 FrancineLeducGeorge's wife.
 LydiaChampouxSarah's mother.
 Albert L.BearmanA former marine. Chano's boss. Aka: Papa Bear.
46JiminiyCricketThe man who gave Shiloh a ride.
 NilsLarsonJiminiy's wife.
48AltheaBollsA widow who lived alone in a cabin.
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