Characters - Alphabetical
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CalebCalhounAmerican. Proprietor of The Singing Sparrow.
Maríade SantibáñezBeast's mother.
EddieDoolanOne of the thugs in the Covent Garden market.
MichaelDoolanOne of the thugs in the Covent Garden market. aka Mikey.
 EversleyMarchioness. Attended the Duchess of Warnick's Ball.
EleanoraMadewellHattie's best friend. Duke's daughter. aka Nora.
ElisabethMadewellDuchess of Holymoor. Nora's mother. Deceased.
PeterO'MalleyOne of the opponents of Beast.
SallySasserAcquaintance of Beast when he was younger.
AndrewSedleyEarl of Cheadle. Hattie's father. Owner of Sedley Shipping.
AugustSedleyHattie's younger brother. aka Augie.
HenriettaSedleyProtagonist. aka Hattie.
SesilyTalbotAcquaintance of Caleb.
SaviourWhittingtonProtagonist. aka Whit. aka Beast.
Abraham Works for Beast and Devil.
Annika Works for Beast and Devil. Second in command. aka Nik.
Bess Young girl selling flowers in the Covent Garden market.
Brixton One of the best runners of Beast and Devil.
Clare Isla's twin.
Dahlia Owner of 72 Shelton Street establishment.
David Works for Beast and Devil.
Devil Beast's brother. One of the Bare knuckle Bastards.
Dinuka Beast's 2nd outrider.
Felicity Devil's wife.
Isla Miles' daughter.
Jamie Young man working for Beast and Devil.
Marco Works for Beast and Devil.
Mark Works for Beast and Devil.
Mary Doctor's wife.
Miles Works at Sedley Shipping.
Niall Works for Beast and Devil.
Rebecca Selling puppies at Covent Garden market.
Robert Duke of Marwick. aka Ewan.
Robert Works for Beast and Devil.
Russel Augie's valet and friend.
Sarita Works for Beast and Devil.
Seth Rebecca's husband.
Zeva One of Dahlia's employees.