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Characters By Chapter
Elizabeth Robinson
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1CassRainesFormer Chicago cop, PI, aka Bean
 Det. BenMickersonCass' partner in the Chicago PD
 JimmyPickMurder suspect Cass & Ben are after
  SmittyFellow Chicago police officer
  Solis, Lyles, GrimesFellow officers
  FarradayPolice officer lacking in skill & temperament
3Dr. NelsonVoigtPolice psychologist
 Marcus Cass' former boyfriend
 AdamLycheeBullied child at Cass' grade school
4Mrs.Vincent1st floor tenant in Cass' building
 Stuart & MarieKallish2nd floor tenants in Cass' building
 NateKallishStuart & Marie's 4-year-old son
 Father RayHeatonActivist priest at St. Brendan's Church who asks for Cass' help, aka Pop
5TheaBeyFather Ray's housekeeper
 FatherPascoeFather Ray's assistant
6PaulHelmsBen Mickerson's new partner
7AntonBolekParish school janitor
 GeorgeCummingsNew parishioner at St. Brendan's who had disagreements with Father Ray
 JaniceCummingsGeorge's wife
 MaisieRoseFormer store owner who sold alcohol & drug paraphernalia to kids, driven out of business by Father Ray, stole his Bible
8SkeeterCummingsGeorge & Janice's daughter
 LillianGibsonNext-door neighbor of the Cummings
9BoKliestPolice officer who once worked with Ben
 VinceTurnerBo's partner
10ReynauldRoseMaisie's son, incarcerated
 NancyAkersReceptionist at St. Brendan's school
11CesarLunaLow-level gangbanger (Scorpion) found dead in St. Brendan's along with Father Ray
 CharlesMayo, Jr.Creole's cook, crook, child-hood friend of Cass', aka Whip
  GleasonPolice officer at Ben's station who likes herbal tea
12 HallstromPolice officer at Ben's station
 HectorPerezMember in Scorpion gang who last saw Cesar before his death
 EliWeberFarraday's new partner
 Lt.EvansBen & Cass's former boss
 Buster Ben's English bulldog
13IrmaLunaCesar's mother
14Raffi Hector's nephew
 Marisol Hector's sister
15Josephina Marisol's friend
16Muna LeeSteeleWaitress at Deek's Diner
17JohnBergenCass' 1st boss on the police force
 TheodoreRainesCass' father, absent for 20 years, now residing in St. Louis
18Sister BarbaraCoveyChildhood friend of Cass & Whip who became a nun, aka Barb
 SeanCoveyBarb's brother, aka Booster
20Cleopatra Homeless woman
 Old Sarge Homeless man who attacked Cass at the rectory then ran away
 BearBurgettRuns the Sanctuary food kitchen near St. Brendan's
21SelaRainesTheodore's 3rd & current wife
 WhitfordRainesTheodore & Sela's son
22Ignacio One of Hector Perez's gang members
 Rashid Homeless man works at Angel Arms shelter for the homeless
 Chester Homeless man works at Angel Arms shelter for the homeless
23 BillingsPatrol officer guarding the police barricade at the beach park
  TomlinsonOfficer at the scene at the beach park, Billings' superior
24YancyGanttGI, Old Sarge
 Ernie Dead homeless man who had traded his knife for GI's squat
25 FisherLieutenant at the police station
26Pouch Friend of Whip & Barb, ex-con, pickpocket
27FatherVasquezPriest at St. Teresa's school
 DeannaBaxterCesar's girlfriend, aka DeeDee
 Rev. EllisCrowellMinister at Gentle Peace Outreach Center
 Trina Teenager volunteering at Gentle Peace Outreach, knew Deanna
30Mrs.StrickleyElderly wheelchair-bound woman knocked over by man who ran by her
 Fleece Dreadlocked black man wearing a fleece jacket who killed Yancy Gantt in the hospital, aka Amon Jarvis
 Flabby Guard & Tiny Guard Hospital security officers who chased & caught Cass in the hospital stairwell