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Kristian Fabricante
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 LenaSoderbergA 21-year-old Swedish model. A playboy centerfold.
 Dr. WilliamPrattLeader of researchers who developed the JPEG.
   JPEG - Joint Photographic Expert Group.
   DARPA - A department of defense agency.
 DeannaNeedellA mathematic professor at UCLA.
 AdaLovelaceA mathematician.
   VCs - Venture Capitalists.
 SherylSandbergFacebook's COO.
 MarissaMayerThe former Yahoo CEO.
 HarveyWensteinA Hollywood producer.
 MattLauerA television anchor.
 CharlieRoseA television anchor.
 BillCosbyA comedian.
 LouissC.KA comedian.
 JohnConyersA congressman.
 AlFrankenA senator.
 RoyMooreSenate candidate accused of molesting a teenage girl.
 JustinCaldbeckA venture capitalist.
 DaveMcClureA venture capitalist.
 SteveJurvetsonA venture capitalist.
 ShervinPishevarA prominent tech advisor.
 RoyPriceThe head of Amazon Studios.
 AndyRubinA top Google executive.
 AmitSinghalA top Google executive.
 SusanFowlerAn engineer at Uber.
 TravisKalanickUber's CEO.
 ChrisSaccaA billionaire venture capitalist Emily interviewed.
 KatrinaLakeThe CEO of Stitch Fix.
 MeganSmithA Google VP and Chief technology officer.
 SatyaNadellaA Microsoft CEO.
1TelleWhitneyA computer science specialist.
   Arpanet - The first version of internet.
 WalterIsaacsonThe president of Aspen Institute.
 GraceHopperA woman who programmed the Mark I.
   Mark I - A giant computer in Harvard University.
   ENIAC - Electric Numerical Integrator and Computer.
 MargaretHamiltonA woman who wrote the code that plotted Apollo 11.
 HelenG. BrownCosmopolitan's editor-in-chief.
 NathanEsmengerA computing historian and author.
 WilliamCannonA recruitment specialist at Software Development Corporation.
 AnitaBorgWhitney's partner.
 SapnaCheryanA psychology professor at the University of Washington.
 EdLazowskaA long-time computer science professor.
 SteveJobsFounder of Apple Inc.
 SteveWozniakSteve Jobs's co-founder.
 JocelynGoldfeinThe director of engineering at Facebook.
 JosephLiemandtThe founder of Trilogy.
 JohnLillyFormer Trilogy director.
 GaryChouA Trilogy product manager.
 GeoffTrickeyThe managing director of Psychological Consultancy Limited.
 Pauline RoseClanceA psychologist who coined the term Imposter Syndrome.
 AlanGreenspanThe federal reserve board chairman.
 MarkZuckerbergThe creator of Facebook.
 PeterThielThe co-founder of PayPal.
 CyanBanisterThiel's first woman partner.
 KeithRaboisA Paypal alumnus.
 DavidSacksA Stanford reviews columnist. PayPal's COO.
 ReidHoffmanFormer PayPal executive vice-president.
 WilliamBennettFormer Secretary of Education.
 MaxLevchinThiel's co-founder.
 ElonMuskThe founder of
 AmyKlementThe first woman who worked in PayPal.
 RogerMcNameeCo-founder of equity firms called Silver Lake.
 KenHoweryThiel's co-founder.
 LukeNosekThiel's co-founder.
 ParkerConradThe founder of Zenefits.
 AdamPisoniDavid Sack's co-founder.
 ChadHurleyThe founder of YouTube.
 SteveChenThe founder of YouTube.
 JawedKarimThe founder of YouTube.
 MichaelMoritzFounder of LinkedIn.
 RoelofBothaPaypal CFO.
 JasonRubensteinA software engineer in Slide.
 ChristinaMillerA lawyer who works at Affirm.
 MeganCharberA journalist.
3LarryPageStanford student who started Google search engine.
 Sergey BrinLarry's partner.
 SusanWojcickiLarry and Sergey's landlady. Google's first marketing manager.
 DavidDinucciOne of the first employees of the Adwords Team.
 NinianeWangFormer Google engineering manager.
 NancyLeeGoogle's lawyer.
 EricSchmidtChairman of Google.
 MarcySimonA woman that Schmidt dated.
 AmandaRosenbergBrin's mistress.
 HugoBarraAmanda's boyfriend.
 MinnieIngersollGoogle's former product manager.
 KellyEllisGoogle's former software engineer.
 AndyRubinThe mastermind of Google's android operating system.
 BretTaylorGoogle's associate product manager. Founder of Quip.
 MorganStanleyCFO of Alphabet.
 DianeGreeneThe co-founder of VMware.
 SundarPichaiGoogle's CEO.
 JamesDamoreThe creator of Google Memo.
 YonatanZungerA googler who leaves the company before Damore was fired.
 Erika JoyBakerA former Google Engineer.
 MeganSmithGoogle's former VP and Obama's chief technology officer.
 MaureenDowdThe New York Times' columnist.
4TracyChouA former Pinterest engineer.
 LydiaFernandezA former Uber software engineer.
 LauraHolmesA senior product manager at Google.
 SoujanyaBhumkarCEO at Cooliris.
 ThereseLawlessSan Francisco's employment lawyer.
 EllenPaoAn Investor.
 LeahM. HareA black female engineer.
 SholaOyedeleA student at Stanford University.
 EmolMichaelAccompanied Kalanick to escort-karaoke bar in Seoul.
 AriannaHuffingtonAn Uber board member.
 DaraKhosrowshahiExpedia's CEO.
5BijanSabetCo-founder of Spark Capital. A Twitter investor.
 Sukhinder S.CassidyAn entrepreneur.
 BethComstockVice chair of General Electric.
 MaryMeekerFormer Wall Street Analyst.
 BethSeidenbergThe current Kleinet partner.
 AjitNazreEllen Pao's lover.
 TraeVasalloAjit Nazre's lover.
 AileenLeeAn associate partner at Kleiner.
 SarahTavelA philosophy major at Harvard University.
 JessLeeThe CEO of Polyvore.
 RoelofBothaA Sequioa partner.
 Erin Morrison-FlynnKatrina's partner.
 JolieO'DellA mashable reporter.
 SharonHadaryAn author.
 SarahThebaudA sociology professor at the University of California.
 JenifferHymanThe Runaway CEO.
 JuliaHartzThe founder of Eventbrite.
 KevinHartzJulia's husband.
 AdiTatarkoCEO of Houzz.
 JeremyLiewThe managing director at Lightspeed.
 SusanHoThe co-founder of Journy.
 LeitlHsuThe co-founder of Journy.
 TomFrangioneThe COO of Greylock's.
 SusanWuA long-time entrepreneur.
6JonathanTeoJustin Caldbeck's business partner.
 EvanWilliamThe co-founder of Twitter.
 AlexisOhanianThe co-founder of Reddit.
 Ava A young entrepreneur.
 MirandaKerrA famous lingerie model.
 EvanSpiegelThe co-founder of Snapchat. Miranda Kerr's husband.
 OrlandoBloomMiranda Kerr's ex-husband.
 EstherCrawfordA multi-time entrepreneur.
 ChrisMessinaEsther's boyfriend.
 LisaYuThe founder of Officebook.
 GabiHolzwarthA violinist. A woman that Kalanick dated.
 CandaceLocklearA partner at a tech public relations firm called Mighty.
 ChristaQuarlesThe CEO of Opentable.
 JeffBezosThe CEO of Amazon.
 BlakeRobbinsA tech worker who turned into a venture capitalist.
 KatherineZaleskiThe founder of Powertofly.
 JanicaAlvarezCEO of Naya Health.
8BriannaWuWoman tormented by online trolls. Video game designer.
   IGDA - International Game Developers Association.
 EronGjoniA programmer at Gamergate.
 KelleeSantiagoA video game developer.
 DickCostoloFormer Twitter's CEO.
 JackDorseyTwitter's CEO.
 MollyGrahamFormer Facebook mobile director.
 ChrisCoxFacebook's product head.
 SteveHuffmanReddit's original co-founder.
 JordanBelamireA female gamer.