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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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1BenoitCouregesChief of Police for the small commune of St. Denis. aka: Bruno.
 GerardManginMayor of St. Denis.
 MadameLespinasseA shop owner.
 Bachelot A shoe mender.
 JeanPierreRan a bicycle shop.
 Gitane Bruno's dog. aka: Gigi.
 Marie Ran a small hotel by the station.
 YvesMontsouresThe communist councilor.
2Fat Jeanne A jolie laide.
 MadameVernietAn old farmer's widow.
 Jo-Jo A photographer.
 Ivan One of Bruno's acquaintances.
 Yvette One of Bruno's acquaintances.
 Diem A Vietnamese who is selling his nems nem - spring rolls.
 Jules A man who is selling his nuts and olives.
 Collette Marie's grandmother.
 Joe Bruno's predecessor as chief of police of St. Denis.
 Karimal-BakrRan the Cafe des Sports.
 Rashida Karim's wife.
 CaptainDurocA newly appointed officer-in-charge at St. Denis.
3Charlesde GaulleFormer President of France.
 Marie-Louise Had served as a courier for one of the Resistance groups.
 MonsieurJacksonA combatant.
 Pascal Worked at the local insurance office.
 Sylvie A baker.
 PhillippeDelaronOne who wrote the sports report for the Sud-Quest newspaper.
 Mr.RolloThe local headmaster.
 FatherSentoutThe priest of the ancient church of St. Denis.
 Baron A retired industrialist.
 Marie-Claire The mayor's secretary.
 MadameFigaroMarie-Claire's mother.
 JulietteBinocheFrench actress.
 JosephStalinGeneral secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.
 Ragheda Karim's niece.
4NapoleonBonafarteA French military leader.
5Mohammed Karim's father. aka: Momu.
 Albert Fire Chief of St. Denis.
 JacquesChiracFormer President of France.
 Mireille A clerk.
 Hamid Mustafaal-BakrKarim's grandfather.
 Yannick The maintenance man for the cave.
 PamelaNelsonHamid al-Bakr's neighbor.
 ChristineWyattPamela's friend.
 HoratioNelsonBritish Royal Navy Admiral.
 JeanMoulinThe Resistance chief who was killed by the Germans.
7Ahmed One of the drivers for the public works.
8Jean-JacquesJalipeauThe new chief detective of the Police Nationale. aka: J-J.
 IsabellePerraultA young inspector.
 RichardGelletreauOnly son of the local doctor in St. Denis. aka: Ricks.
 Allida Hamid's wife.
 Dr.GelletreauRichard's father.
 MadameGelletreauRichard's mother.
 JacquelineCourtemineA tennis player from Lalinde. aka: Jackie.
 Quatremer A young ex-serviceman.
 Rene Quatremer's predecessor.
9Jean-MarieLe PenThe leader of the Front National.
 Josette A woman who worked for the railway.
 Xavier The Deputy Mayor.
 Michel Ran the local public works department.
 Dougal Bruno's Scottish chum.
 RaoulSalanFrench general.
11Stephane A dairy farmer.
 Raoul Had a wine business.
 GiulioVillanovaA former professional tennis player for Marseilles
 MotherVignierA farmer's wife.
12Dumesnier A lawyer.
13Dominique Bruno's acquaintance.
 MaxGalloFrench historian, writer and politician.
 CharlesBaudelaireFrench poet, essayist and art critic.
 FelixManginBruno's acquaintance.
 Katarina Bruno's ex-girlfriend.
14SherlockHolmesA fictional detective.
15LucienTavernierThe Judge-magistrat.
16MadameMontsourisA teacher.
 Jean-Luc Bruno's friend.
 Roussel A fast winger on the rugby team.
17Jerome Ran a small team park of French history.
 Joan of Arc French folk heroine and Roman Catholic saint.
 Marie Antoinette The last queen of France.
 FrancDuhamelA businessman.
18Fabien Owner of Fabien's Rendez-vous des Chasseurs
 Francine Bruno's acquaintance.
 Brosseil A notary. Karim's legal representative.
 Gilbert One of Bruno's acquaintances.
20Vorin One of Bruno's acquaintances.
 AdolfHitlerGerman politician.
 LéonBlumFrench politician.
 Napoleon III French emperor, and member of the House of Bonaparte.
 ZinedineZidaneFrench association football manager and former player.
 Kati A boy who worked at gasoline station.
 Edouard A gasoline boy.
21FreddieDuhamelFranc's son.
 Rafiq One of Ahmed's sons.
 Amelie Pascal's daughter.
22MauriceDucheneOwner and keeper of sorceres cave.
23HusseinBodiafReal name of Hamid al-Bakr.
 MassiliBarakineHussein Bodiaf's acquaintance
 ArnaudMalignanA veteran sous-officier.
 Roberte Momu's acquaintance.
 MohammedBodiafThe corporal enlisted in the city of Constantine in 1941.
 JacquesLagrangeA French painter.
24WinstonChurchillFormer British Prime Minister.
 CharlesAznavourArmenian-French singer and diplomat.
 BenitoMussoliniItalian political leader who became the fascist dictator of Italy.
25MauricePaponFrench civil servant, Vichy collaborator, and war criminal.
Bruno, Chief of Police suggested by Elizabeth Robinson.