Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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   Book One
1ThomasBeresfordTuppence's husband. aka: Tommy, Mr. Meadows.
 TuppenceBeresfordThomas's wife. aka: Prudence Cowley, Mrs. Blekensop.
   Sunny Ridge - A retirement home for elders.
 AdaFanshaweTommy's aunt who lives in Sunny Ridge.
 Elisabeth Ada's friend in Sunny Ridge.
 Primrose A regular in Sunny Ridge.
 Dr.MurraySunny Ridge's medical attendant. First class doctor.
 AmyMorganAda's friend.
 Mrs.BeauchampTuppence's acquaintance.
 MaryCarrThe baker's grandmother. Tuppence's acquaintance.
 Mrs.PoplettThe former housekeeper of the Besefords.
 MillicentPackardRuns Sunny Ridge. aka: Miss Packard.
2MarleneCarrawayOld woman in Sunny Ridge.
 Jane Nurse in Sunny Ridge.
 Matthew Ada's great uncle.
 William Ada's nephew who was killed in war.
 Dr.WilliamsAda's new doctor.
 Caroline Tommy's deceased aunt. Ada's cousin.
 MissDonovanNurse in Sunny Ridge.
 Mrs.LockettOld woman in Sunny Ridge. Always claims she is dying.
 Mrs.LancasterOld woman. Always sees a dead child in the fire place.
3Mr.RockburryLawyer who writes to Tommy.
4Deborah Tommy and Prudence's married daughter.
 MissO'KeefeAda's former nurse.
 Mrs.BlekenshopA woman Tuppence invents in her mind.
 Mrs.JohnsonMrs. Lancaster's relative. Is allegedly hiding Mrs. Lancaster.
 Mr.JohnsonMrs. Johnson's husband.
 JamesEcclesJohnson's lawyer.
 MarieAntoinetteOld woman in Sunny Ridge who has delusions and fantasies.
 MadamCurieOld woman in Sunny Ridge who has delusions and fantasies.
 Mrs.MoodyDeceased old woman in Sunny Ridge who wants a cocoa.
5Albert The domestic mainstay on Bereford's life.
 Josh Tuppence and Tommy's son.
6Mr. Carter Tommy's former boss.
 Milly Albert's wife.
 Elizabeth Albert and Milly's daughter.
 Anthea Tuppence's goddaughter.
 Jane Anthea's daughter.
   Book Two
7AlicePerryTuppence's friend. aka: The Friendly Witch.
 AmosPerryAlice's husband.
8ArthurThomasA member of council.
 JuliaStarkePhilip's wife.
 MajorWatersA man who wrote to the vicar asking if there's a child buried in the church.
 TheClergymanThe vicar.
 NellieBlighPhilip's former secretary. aka: Gertrude Bligh.
 Mrs.PartingtonMember of the council in Parish Church.
 Mrs.PeakeMember of the council in Parish Church.
 Mrs.CopleighWoman who owns a renting house.
 GeorgeCopleighMrs. Copleigh's husband.
 WilliamBoscowanFamous painter. Painted the mysterious picture. aka: Boscobel.
 Blodgick Farmer that took the canal house.
 LizCharringtonFormer owner of the canal house. Widow of an army officer.
 LilianCharringtonMrs. Charrington's daughter.
 Slade Lilian's ex-boyfriend who treated her badly.
 LouiseBadcockA lady who makes up stories about the Charrington family.
 Jeffrey Former sergeant police in Sutton Chancellor.
 PhilipStarkeBotanist. Man living in Warrender's house.
 LadyStarkePhilip's wife.
9Mr.SlickersHouse agent.
 Mr.SprigElderly house agent.
 Mrs.YorkeWoman in Rostrellis Court for Elderly Ladies.
   Book Three
10JosiahPennMajor-General. Tommy's friend. aka: Old Josh.
 Mrs.CarstairsJosiah's acquaintance living in Sunny Ridge.
 Robert Tommy's art-expert friend.
 EmmaWingMr. Buscowan's wife. Sculptor. aka: Mrs. Buscowan.
 PaulJaggerowskiPainter that produced all his works under the influence of drugs.
 JeanneGebronChild killer. French woman who called the Angel of Mercy.
12IvorSmithTommy's old friend.
 Anderson Tommy's old acquaintance.
13Derek Deborah's husband.
   Book Four
16KillerKateA famous criminal in Sutton Chancellor.
17HelenWarrenderMrs. Lancaster's mother.
 Dr.MortimerTuppence's doctor.