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Characters By Chapter
Ry Smith
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1   Neville   Manchin   Professor at Portland State. Name used by imposter.
    Ed   Folk   Librarian at Firestone Library at Princeton University.
    Scottie   Fitzgerald   F. Scott Fitzgerald's only daughter.
    Mark   Driscoll   One of the Firestone Library's thieves.
    Denny       Member of thief gang. aka: Dennis Alan Durban.
    Trey       Member of thief gang. aka: Tim Maldanado.
    Jerry       Member of thief gang. aka: Gerald A Steengarden.
    Ahmed       Member of thief gang. The hacker. aka: Ahmed Mansour.
    Carole       Woman living in Jerry's Rochester appartment.
    McGregor       FBI agent.
    Paul   Rafferty   One of Denny's fake names.
2   Bruce   Cable   Auburn student. Inherited money. Purchased book store.
    Tim       Coffee shop owner in Santa Rosa.
    Molly   Cable   Bruce's sister.
    Noelle   Bonnet   New Orleans antique dealer.
3   Mercer   Mann   Professor at University of North Carolina.
    Elaine   Shelby   Insurance company consultant. aka: Donna Watson.
    Tessa       Mercer's grandmother
    Jane       Mercer's aunt.
    Connie   Mann   Mercer's sister.
    Herbert   Mann   Mercer's father.
    Holstead       Mercer's uncle. Lives in California.
    Hildy   Mann   Herbert Mann's wife. Mercer's mother.
    Larry       Yard maintenance man.
    Myra   Beckwith   Writer.
    Leigh   Trane   Writer. Beckwith's partner.
    Serena   Roach   Writer.
    Joel   Ribikoff   Dumbarton Gallery owner.
    Rooker       Name used by thief gang member. aka: Bryan Bayer.
4   Roberta   Doley   Romance author.
    Jay   Arklerood   Writer and poet on Camino Island.
    Andy   Adam   Writer on Camino Island.
    Amy   Slater   Vampire writer on Camino Island.
    J. Andrew   Cobb   Writer. aka: Bob.
    Dora       Caterer.
5   Lloyd   Stein   Noted antiquarian dealer & bookstore owner.
    Oscar   Stein   Lloyd's son.
    Ron   Jazik   Lawyer.
        Petrocelli   Lawyer.
6   Luke   Massey   Poses as Houston Tourist.
    Carol   Massey   Poses as Luke's wife.
            Comptoir - a countertop.
    Mr.   Nelson   Mercer's neighbor.
    Mrs.   Nelson   Mercer's neighbor.
    Mrs.   Alderman   Mercer's neighbor.
    Randall   Zalinski   Writer. aka: Randy.
    Talia       Early Bruce girlfriend.
    Jake       Restorer. Friend of Noelle.
    Graham       Works with Elaine.
    Rick       Works with Elaine.
7   Sally   Aranca   Writer on tour.
    Mort   Gasper   Ripley Press publisher.
    Phoebe   Gasper   Mort's wife.
    Gilda   Savitch   Mercer's agent.
    Lamar   Bradshaw   FBI. Head of Rare Asset Recovery Unit.
    Vanno       FBI special agent.
        Janeway   Assistant U.S. Attorney.
    Arthur   Philby   Magistrate Judge.
8   Wilbur   Shifflet   aka: Denny - the thief.
    Mike   Wood   Bruce's lawyer.
    Gaston   Chappelle   Paris bookshop owner.
    Thomas   Kendrick   Lawyer in legal firm's Paris office.
    Dr.   Carlisle   Princeton's President.
    Richard   Farley   Princeton in-house lawyer.
    Jack   Lance   Insurance company CEO.