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Characters By Chapter
Krisitan Fabricante
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1HerculePoirotThe famous Belgian detective.
 Mr.ShaitanaCollects rare things. Hercule's friend.
2Supt.BattleA top detective from Scotland Yard.
 AriadneOliverWriter of detective stories. Mr. Shaitana's guest. aka: Mrs. Oliver.
 ColonelRacePolice colonel. Mr. Shaitana's guest.
 GeoffreyRobertsPhysician. Mr. Shaitana's guest.
 Mrs.LorrimerFirst class bridge player. Mr. Shaitana's guest.
 Major JohnDespardTall, sporty, handsome man. Mr. Shaitana's guest.
 AnneMeredithPretty woman. Mr. Shaitana's guest.
4Anderson Police officer on duty.
9Dr.EmeryDr. Roberts's partner.
 MissBurgessDr. Roberts's secretary.
 Mrs.GravesDr. Roberts's patient.
 Dr.LeeMrs. Grave's second doctor.
 Dr.SteeleMrs. Grave's third doctor.
 Dr.FarmerMrs. Grave's fourth doctor.
 Mrs.CraddockHysterical woman. Dr. Roberts's former client.
 BankManagerSuperintendent talked to regarding Dr. Roberts's bank account.
12RhodaDowesAnne's friend who's living with her.
 SvenHjersonMrs. Oliver's fictional character.
 Mr.MyherneMajor Despard's first class lawyer.
14Mr.PickersgillFormer owner of Anne's house.
 Mrs.ArtswellA loquacious lady.
 Major JohnMeredithAnne's father.
 Mrs.EldonAnne's former boss.
 EmilyDeeringRhoda's aunt.
16SergeantO'ConnorPolice officer of Scotland Yard.
 ElsieBattleParlourmaid of Mrs. Craddocks.
19TimothyLuxmoreThe celebrated botanist. Deceased. aka: Professor Luxmore.
 Mrs.LuxmoreProfessor Luxmore's widower.
 InspectorJappPolice inspector from Scotland Yard.
22InspectorHarperPolice inspector in Devonshire.
 Mrs.BensonAnne's former employer. Deceased.
28Dr.LangMrs. Lorrimer's doctor.
 Dr.DavidsonDivisional surgeon.
29ConstableTurnerPolice officer.
30Stephens Witness. Young actor. aka: Gerard Hemingway.
 CharlesImpheryHome office analyst.
 CharlesCraddockMrs. Craddock's husband.