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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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   Part One
 MargaretWhiteCarrie's mother.
 CarrieWhiteTelekinetic. Protagonist.
 TommyRossCarrie's classmate. Sue's boyfriend.
 Cindi Carrie's classmate.
 RitaDesjardinCarrie's nonbreasted gym teacher.
 SusanSnellCarrie's bully classmate. Tommy's girlfriend. aka: Susie, Sue.
 ChristineHargensenThe ringleader of bullying Carrie.
 RuthGoganOne of the girls bullying Carrie.
 HelenShyreSue's friend. Roy's girlfriend.
 Flash BobbyPickettThe boy Carrie wrote a love letter to.
 BillyPrestonThe boy who put peanut butter in Carrie's hair.
 RalphWhiteCarrie's father.
 GeorgiaMcLaughlinCarrie's family neighbor.
 ThomasMeartonInvestigating officer.
 Mr.MortonAssistant principal.
 BillyDeloisBoy who cut class.
 HenryTrennantBoy who cut class.
 HenryGraylePrincipal. aka: Hank.
 TinaBlakeOne of the girls bullying Carrie.
 RachelSpiesOne of the girls bullying Carrie.
 DonnaThibodeauOne of the girls bullying Carrie.
 Mary LilaG. ThibodeauOne of the girls bullying Carrie. Donna's sister.
 TommyErbter5-year-old boy.
 Mrs.YorratyCarrie's neighbor who hates her mother.
 EstelleHoranThe White family neighbor.
 StellaHoranEstelle's daughter.
 Mr.KirkHoran family neighbor.
 Mrs.WarwickHoran deaf family neighbor.
 BillyHarrisChamberlain News reporter.
 EltonMottForeman. Godless person.
 JeanneGaultSue's friend.
 TerriSmithMiss Potato Blossom of 1975.
 VickiJonesWomen's league Vice President.
 DannyPatrickSomeone Carrie hated.
 PeteTaberBeat Danny up.
 GeraldLuponetRenowned physicist who claims Carrie's telekinesis is a hoax.
 P.P.BlissWrote a hymn.
 JohnBrighamMargaret's father.
 HaroldAllisonJudith's second husband. Margaret's stephusband.
 JudithAllisonMargaret's mother.
 RoyEvartsHelen's boyfriend.
 BillyNolanChris's date. aka: William Nolan.
 AndreaKolintzA girl with telekinesis.
 JohnHargensenChristine's father.
 EdwinKingCarrie's English teacher.
 OtisDoylePolice officer.
 HubertKellyMan who runs a den. aka: Hubie.
 DonnaKellogChris's close friend.
 Mrs.KleinTommy's mother's friend.
 Mr.StephensCarrie's fat teacher.
 DaleUllmanSue's classmate.
 BrentGillianTommy's friend.
 DickO'ConnellGeneral manager of the Boston Red Sox.
 Jerome Professor from Harvard.
 BruceTrevorBasketball varsity in Carrie's school.
 CoachGainesBasketball coach.
 SadieCochranMargaret's grandmother.
 GeorgeChizmarEwen High School's most artistic student.
 MissGeerSpinster chairman.
 HollyMarshallGirl who was coloring Gondola's Keel.
 KennyGarsonBoy who dropped out. Billy's friend.
 SteveDeighanBilly's friend.
 JackieTalbotBilly's friend with a police record.
 LouGarsonKenny's brother.
   Part Two
 William G.ThroneberryScientist.
 GeorgeDawsonFrieda's prom date.
 FriedaJasonGeorge's prom date.
 DavidBrackenDonna's prom date.
 MissGeerAdviser of the National Horror Society.
 Mr.DawnersEwen High School teacher who owns a piano.
 Mr.LavoieHead custodian.
 VicMooneyPresident of the Senior Class.
 LennieBrockSenior student who laughed at Carrie.
 JosieVreckThe girl who yells Call the Doctor! very quick.
 Galen Tommy's uncle.
 ThomasQuillanOtis's friend. The man who saw Carrie on fire.
 MarcelDubayThomas's cheating playmate.
 JacobPlessyPolice officer.
 Burton Chief of Police in Chamberlain.
 TeddyDuchampOwner of the gas station that exploded.
 MelCragerDurham police.
 CoraSimardMother of one of the students who died in prom.
 GeorgetteShyreMother of one of the students who died in prom.
 DeanMcGuffinMan who owns a science yearbook.
   Part Three
 William A.ChamblisMill president.
 RogerFearonChamberlain resident for 22 years.
 PeterPhilpottSuperintendent of the school.
 Annie A girl who might have telekinesis.
 Melia Random woman who writes a letter.