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Kristian Fabricante
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1OliviaLandRosemary's child. Missing.
 Rosemary LandOlivia's mother.
 JuliaLandRosemary's daughter.
 SylviaLandRosemary's daughter.
 AmeliaLandRosemary's daughter.
 Victor LandRosemary's husband. A famous mathematician.
 EllenLandVictor's mother.
 OswaldLandVictor's father.
 Mrs.VaneVictor's acquaintance.
 BlueMouseOlivia's toy.
 BinkyRainRosemary's neighbor. Jackson's first client as private investigator.
 Rascal The Land Family's dog.
2TheoWyreA morbidly obese lawyer. Valerie's husband.
 LauraWyreTheo's daughter. Murdered by a stranger.
 ValerieWyreTheo's wife. Deceased.
 JenniferWyreTheo's eldest daughter.
 Cheryl Theo's secretary.
 DavidHolroydTheo's business partner.
 JeanStantonTheo's business partner.
 Moira Theo's receptionist.
 Poppy The Wyre Family's dog.
3MichelleMorrison-FletcherKeith's wife. The woman who murdered her own husband.
 KeithFletcherMichelle's husband. Deceased.
 TanyaFletcherMichelle and Keith's daughter.
 ShirleyMorrisonMichelle's sister.
4JacksonBrodieProtagonist. A private investigator.
 Josie Jackson's former wife.
 MarleeBrodieJackson's daughter.
 NicolaSpencerJackson's neighbor.
 DavidLastinghamA shop owner. Josie's new partner.
 SteveSpencerNicola's husband.
 Louise Nicola's friend.
 Vanessa Nicola's friend.
 Mike Vanessa's wife.
 Nigger Binky Rain's missing cat.
 Howell Jackson's best friend.
 DeborahArnoldJackson's secretary.
5AnnabelleLandAmelia's baby sister who died.
 Sammy Amelia's dog.
 Philip Amelia's geometrician neighbor.
 Henry Amelia's boyfriend.
6Milanda The nurse at the reception area.
 Alison Theo's family liaison officer.
7CarolineEdith-EdwardsJonathan's wife. A head teacher.
 JonathanWeaverCaroline's husband.
 JamesWeaverCaroline's step-son.
 HannahWeaverCaroline's step-child.
 Meg Caroline's dog.
 Bruce Caroline's dog.
 JohnBurtonThe new vicar.
 Gillian Caro's friend in teacher training college.
 Heathcliff Gillian's mother.
 Rowena Jonathan's mother.
8Kerry-AnneBrockleyThe missing girl around Chesterton Area. Jackson's former case.
 JonBenetRamsayAnother missing girl.
 Wendy Jackson's old friend.
 MarianFosterThe female police who has done the most interviews with Land Girls.
 OswaldLandThe so-called Polar Hero. Victor's father.
 JoanDoddsA retired school teacher.
9Lisa A hairdresser.
11SharonAndersonA dental nurse.
 Josh Laura's friend.
 Tom Laura's friend.
 Christina Laura's best friend.
 Joanna Laura's friend.
 Eleanor Laura's friend.
 EmmaDrakeLaura's friend.
 StanJessopLaura's biology teacher.
 NinaJessopStan's daughter.
 KimJessopStan's wife. Aka: Kim Strachan.
 FidelmaBrodieJackson's wife.
 RobertBrodieJackson's father.
 FrancisBrodieJackson's brother.
 NiamhBrodieJackson's sister.
 MargaretJacksonJackson's grandmother.
 SisterMichaelThe fat nun.
 MaryLukeSister Michael's co-nun.
 Jester Sister Mary Luke's dog.
12RowenaWeaverJonathan's mother.
 Jemima Jonathan's first wife.
 Paola Caroline's au pair.
13Molly Henry's cat.
 AndrewVardyAmalia's fellow teacher and former lover.
14Lowther A detective constable.
 QuintusRainBinky's great-nephew.
 Dr.RainBinky Rain's late husband.
15Lily-Rose The girl Theo met at the hospital.
17AnnFletcherKeith's wife.
 Elaine Jackson's acquaintance. A nurse.
 ProfessorWelchShirley's husband. The head of pediatrics.
19GeorgeStrachanA bar owner. Kim's 2nd husband.
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