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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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PREleanorVansittartHistory and German teacher at Meadowbank School.
 HonoriaBulstrodeMeadowbank School headmistress.
 MissChadwickCo-founder of Meadowbank School. aka: Chaddy.
 Mrs.RowanJunior mistress at Meadowbank School. Psychologist.
 AnnShaplandMrs. Bulstrode's secretary.
 AlistairHargreavesMrs. Vansittart's acquaintance.
 Alison Lives at Meadowbank School.
 MervynTodhunterOil company executive.
 DennisRathboneAnn's boyfriend.
 ElspethJohnsonMeadowbank's matron.
 Pamela Adam's new friend.
 AngeleBlancheNew French mistress.
 EileenRichEnglish and Geography teacher.
 MissBlakeJunior mistress.
  GuiseppeMan who wants to enroll his daughter at Meadowbank.
 GeraldHopeMother whose daughter is enrolled at Meadowbank.
 HenriettaHopeIntelligent student. Gerald's daughter.
 PrincessShaitaNew student.
 Mrs.UpjohnJulia's mother.
 JuliaUpjohnNew student.
 Veronica C.SandwaysCharming woman who is attached to her twin daughters.
 Major CarltonSandwaysLady Veronica's husband.
 EdithJohnsonLady Veronica's old maid. Miss Johnson's sister.
1Prince AliYusufHereditary sheikh of Ramat. Ruler of Ramat.
 BobRawlinsonPrince Ali's best friend. The Squadron Leader.
 AchmedAbdullahPrince Ali's grandfather.
2JoanSutcliffeBob's sister.
 JenniferSutcliffeJoan's daughter.
 Mr.HurstMrs. Hurst's husband. A man Joan had a picnic with.
 Mrs.HurstMr. Hurt's wife. A woman Joan had a picnic with.
 JohnEdmunsonThird secretary at British Embassy.
3ColonelPikeawaySenior member of the Special Branch.
 DerekO'ConnorA member of the foreign office.
 Ronnie Was undercover as a gardener at Meadowbank.
 Mr.RobinsonEnglishman who helped Colonel Pikeaway.
 Angelicade ToredoSpanish dancer in a local Cabaret.
4HenrySutcliffeJoan's husband. Jennifer's father.
 AndrewBallThief in Sutcliffe's house.
 Mrs.EllisSutcliffe's deaf neighbor.
 Rosamond Jennifer's aunt.
5MissLaurieDrawing mistress.
 GraceSpringerGym teacher. Physical therapist.
 MargaretGore-WestSenior prefect.
 PrincessIngridGirl enrolled in Meadowbank.
 Briggs Gardener at Meadowbank.
 Dick Edith's husband.
 Oliver Edith's son.
 Kate Edith's daughter.
 Gloria Miss Vansittart's friend.
 Marjorie Gloria's daughter.
 Louis Adam's new friend.
 MaryVyseAdam's new friend.
6VeraLorrimerGirl enrolled in Meadowbank.
 AndrewPetersAnn's former employer.
 MonicaLordActress. Ann's former employer.
7Anderson Professor.
8SergeantGreenSt. Cyprian police.
 InspectorKelseyPolice detective.
 Jane Girl who has a problem with her ears.
9Mr.StoneChief of Police.
 PercyBondPolice sergeant.
10EmirIbrahimPrincess Shaista's uncle.
11Mrs.KolinskyWoman staying at the Grand Hotel.
12Isabel Julia's aunt.
 Mrs.CampbellJennifer's grandmother. aka: Aunt Gina.
13HenryBanksChairman of the Governors.