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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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Edward Finnigan Elizabeth's father.
Lenny John's workmate.
Gina John's workmate.
Part 1
Mr. Coverson The teacher that John attacked.
Ewert Gren A detective superintendent.
Anni Ewert's lover.
Alice Finnigan Edward's wife.
Sven Sundkvist Ewert's colleague.
Hilda Oscar's playmate.
Mariana Hermansson One of Ewert's associates. A detective inspector.
Jonas Sven's son.
Nils Krantz A forensic scientist.
Finn Ylikoski John's victim.
Lars Agestam The public prosecutor.
Timothy Crouse The Canadian Embassy official.
Jens Klovje The C-Block receptionist.
Kristina Bjornsson John's defense lawyer.
Marc Brock An agent in Washington Interpol.
Kevin Hutton The man who recognized John. An FBI agent in Cincinnati.
Anita Sven's wife.
Benjamin Clark Kevin's assistant agent.
Ruben Frey John's father.
Part 2
Father Jennings The reverend.
Lawrence Greenwood A doctor. Vernon's acquaintance.
Briget Burk A doctor. Vernon's acquaintance.
Berry A convicted murderer.
Anna Mosley A lawyer.
Marie Morehouse A lawyer. Vernon's colleague.
Wilford Berry A murderer.
Part 3
Thorulf Winge The foreign affairs state secretary.
Lyndon Robbins The doctor who signed John's death certificate.
Susann The medical student. Anni's carer.
Bob The governor. Edward's friend. Aka: Robert.
Norman Hill The senator.
Jane Ketterer The congresswoman.
Jonathan Apanovitch The journalist at Washington Post.
Goransson The chief superintendent.
Vincent Carlsson A T.V. journalist.
Part 4
Anthony Glenn Adams A judge at the U.S. supreme court.
Rodney Wiley One of the nurses at Marcusville.
Charles Hartnett The policeman who arrested John.
Jacob Holt Head of the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation.
Patrick McCarthy A correction officer in Marcusville.
Richard Hines A journalist.