Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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1MartyWalshA garbage collector / Charlotte Walsh's father.
 Charlie GraceWalshCOO at Silicon Valley / Protagonist.
 Josh PrattCharlotte Walsh's campaign manager.
 TedSlaughterCharlotte Walsh's political opponent/long time senior senator.
 AnnemarieWalshCharlotte Walsh's mother.
 LeilaKellyCharlotte Walsh's executive assistant.
 MaxwellTannerCharlotte Walsh's husband. aka: Max.
 ZahaHadidA woman who designed the building of Charlotte Walsh's company.
 RosalindWatersCharlotte Walsh's former boss and mentor. aka: Roz.
 AnjelicaHustonLeila Kelly's personal style muse.
 Paul MitchellWalshCharlotte Walsh's brother.
 Kara WalshPaul Walsh's wife.
   EMILY's List - Nation's largest resource for women.
 TomBroadbentA congressman from Wyoming.
 JimSandersA congressman from Wyoming.
2Margaret Maxwell Tanner's mistress.
 Carol Charlotte Walsh's therapist.
 RichardWatersRosalind Waters's husband.
 Bob Charlotte Walsh's half blind rescue bulldog.
 GeorgeWashingtonCharlotte Walsh's twins' bearded dragon.
 JackThe FatCharlotte Walsh's obese coon cat.
 Ella WalshRose Walsh's twin/Maxwell Tanner & C. Walsh's daughter.
 Rose WalshElla Walsh's twin/Maxwell Tanner & C. Walsh's daughter.
 AnnieWalshMaxwell Tanner and Charlotte Walsh's daughter.
 Hattie W.CarawayThe first woman who was elected as an american Senator.
 ThaddeusCarawayHattie Caraway's husband / A senator.
 FranklinRooseveltThe U.S. president.
3Linda Charlotte Walsh's favorite bartender at Elk Hollow.
 MattieWalshPaul and Kara Walsh's son.
 BellaWalshPaul and Kara Walsh's daughter.
 MikeyWalshPaul and Kara Walsh's son.
 Marty Walsh Jr.Paul and Kara Walsh's son. aka: Little Marty.
 HaileyWalshJada Walsh's twin / Paul and Kara Walsh's daughter.
 JadaWalshHailey Walsh's twin / Paul and Kara Walsh's daughter.
 TomHanksA senator that Kara Walsh voted last election.
 Mary GraceWalshCharlotte Walsh's grandmother.
 StephanieSchriockThe President of EMILY's list.
 MarkZuckerbergCEO and Creator of Facebook.
 KumailChatterjeeFounder of Humanity.
4Alex Charlotte Walsh's speech writer.
 Arlene AtlasA former humanity chief people officer.
 Lulu Charlotte Walsh's asprational marketer.
 Lulabelle Lulu's grandmother.
 GwynethPaltrowA successful actress.
 JackSeligsonMan who takes Charlotte Walsh's virginity / Waiter at Fridays.
 Blair Charlotte Walsh's former roommate.
 AnneStrattonCharlotte Walsh's rich best friend / Deceased.
 EmilySeligsonJack Seligson's wife.
5LangstonKadeCharlotte Walsh's cosmetic doctor.
 John MaynardKeynesA british economist.
 KevinRogersco-Founder of Humanity.
6TravisCootA Billionaire friend of Charlotte Walsh.
 LucindaCootTravis Coot's husband.
 BearCootTravis Coot and Lucinda Coot's son.
 Magellan CootTravis Coot and Lucinda Coot's son.
 CarlyMeeksA magazine model.
 AaronSeligsonJack Seligson and Emily Seligson's son.
 CalebSeligsonJack Seligson and Emily Seligson's son.
 Mr.ThayerCharlotte Walsh's AP government teacher.
7AnnabelGestTed Slaughter's campaign manager.
 KrisKrispmanA conservative expert.
 JuliaSchulz-DaviesWon a Pulitzer Prize.
8JamesBeardChef who donated to Charlotte's fund raising for her campaign.
9TomSullivanAn american entertainer.
 AllisonLatchFemale state senator.
10JessicaKellyCharlotte Walsh's former schoolmate.
 JennyDigirgioCharlotte Walsh's former schoolmate.
 Jasmine YatesAn old actress.
 OprahWinfreyAn american executive.
 NickFolesAn american footballer.
 JimmyBuffettAn american musician.
 Abby Maxwell Tanner's alleged mistress.
 Andrea Maxwell Tanner's former assistant.
 Abigail Maxwell Tanner's masseuse.
 Jen A korean nail technician.
 GlennWrightA turkey farmer.
 JoanneWrightGlenn Wright's wife.
11Jimmy Paul Walsh's friend.
 Jeff Paul Walsh's friend.
12JacksonBlakeDaily Dispatch's editor.
13BonnieSlaughterTed Slaughter's wife.
15Kevin A little boy in a T.V news program.
 DavidGallagherMan who's separated from wife - still living in the same roof.
 TessGallagherDavid Gallagher's wife.
 Jill A surgeon / Tess Gallagher's lover.
 AstridAndrewsA multi-time entrepreneur.
 AnneAndrewsAstrid Andrew's wife.
 MikeMatthewsSara Matthew's husband.
 SaraMatthewsA woman with an open relationship to her asian husband.
 Tess Abby's girlfriend.
 Jeanine Abby's sister.
16Kurt VonnegutAuthor of "Cat's Cradle".
 NaomiAldermanAuthor of "The Power".
 KirstenGillibrandAuthor of "Off the Sidelines".
 Ron ChernowAuthor of "Grant".
 NoraEphronAuthor of "I feel bad about my neck".
 ClareBallA blogger in
17KateJacksonAn american actress.
 RonaldReaganFormer U.S. President.
 NancyReaganRonald Reagan's first lady.
18ErikOliverWestern Counties Director.
21Mick Linda's friend.
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