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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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1Sophia K.LeonidesSurvivor of the war. Lives in a crooked house.
 CharlesHaywardNarrator. Sophia's fiance.
 AristideLeonidesSophia's 85-year-old grandfather.
2BrendaLeonidesAristide's second wife. aka: Second Mrs. Leonides.
   Three Gables - The crooked house.
3GloverHaywardAssistant commissioner in Scotland Yard. Charles's father.
 Chief Insp.TavernerMan in charge of the case of Aristide's death.
 RogerLeonidesAristide's eldest son. A married man with no children.
 PhilipLeonidesAristide's son. A married man with three children.
 EustaceLeonidesSophia's brother.
 JosephineLeonidesSophia's ugly 12-year-old sister.
 Edith Elfridade HavilandFirst Mrs. Leonides's sister. Sophia's aunt.
 First Mrs.LeonidesAristide's first wife. Sophia's grandmother.
4Det. Sgt.LambChief Insp. Taverner's partner in Aristide's case.
 LaurenceBrownJosephine and Eustace's tutor.
 ClemencyLeonidesRoger's wife. A scientist.
5JanetRowe B.Old, fat woman. Aristide's nanny. aka: Nannie.
6MagdaLeonidesPhilip's wife. Actress. Sophia's mother. aka: Magda West.
 Johnson Aristide's faithful valet attendant.
 Mr.GaitskillLeonides Family Solicitor. Lawyer.
9Terry Brenda's ex-boyfriend.
10ElectraLeonidesAristide's daughter. Died in the war.
 JoyceLeonidesAristide's daughter. Died in the war.
 WilliamLeonidesJoyce's son. Died in the war.
 JanelWoolmerAristide's parlormaid.
 Dr.GrayGlover's friend. Doctor.
14Barbados Clemency's distant cousin.
 Richard Clemency's ex-husband.
17Mr.AgrodopolousAristide's friend. Proprietor of Delphp's Restaurant.
22Ferdinand Josephine's four-tailed goldfish.
23Carberry Old judge.