Characters - Alphabetical
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King AeolusOne of Zeus's pets.
The FuryOne of the infernal Goddesses of vengeance.
Lovely GirlHelios's cow.
GoldenHornHelios's cow.
PrinceOdysseusPrince of Ithaca. Son of Laertes.
QueenOf PhoeniciaCirce's lion.
Achelous Circe's river-uncle.
Achilles Prince of Phthia.
Aeetes Circe's brother. The Sorcere King of Colchis.
Agamemnon The King of Mycenae.
Alke A woman who was punished for loving a mortal.
Androgeos Minos and Pasiphae's eldest child.
Andromache Hector's wife.
Aphrodite Hephaestus's wife.
Apollo One of the Olympian Gods. Lord of the Lyre.
Arcturos Telogonus's favorite wolf.
Ares Zeus's brother. The God of War.
Argos The monstrous guardian Apollo killed.
Ariadne Circe's niece. Minos and Pasiphae's daughter.
Artemis Apollo's twin. The pitiless huntress.
Astyanax Hector and Andromache's son.
Athena Zeus's warrior daughter.
Boreas Circe's uncle.
Bright-Eyes Helios's cow.
Calipso A nymph. Daughter of Atlas.
Circe Narrator and Protagonist. Aka: The Golden Witch.
Daedalus The master craftsman. Circe's friend.
Darling Helios's cow.
Demeter The lady of bounty.
Diomedes Odysseus's right hand.
Dionysus The lord of ivy and the grapes.
Eileithyia The Goddes of childbirth.
Elpenor One of Odysseus's crew.
Eurycleia Oddysseus's old nurse.
Eurylochos One of Odysseus's crew.
Glaucos A fisherman. Circe's friend.
Gleaming Helios's cow.
Hector Hecuba's eldest noble heir. Priam and Hecuba's son.
Hecuba Priam's wife.
Helen Menelaus's wife. Mortal daughter of Zeus.
Hephaestus The great God of Smith.
Hera Zeus's wife. The Queen of Olympus.
Heracles Son of Zeus.
Hermes Zeus's son. Circe's lover.
Icarus Daedalus's son.
Jason The heir by rights to the kingdom of Lolcos. Medea's husband.
Kronos Circe's great-uncle.
Lampetia Circe's half-sister.
Medea Aeetes's child. Circe's niece.
Melia Perse's sister.
Menelaus Agamemnon's brother.
Minos Zeus's son and King of Crete. Pasipahe's husband.
Mnemosyne The mother of memories.
Nereus Circe's uncle. A former mighty ruler of the sea.
Nicanor A man who kept the largest herd of goats.
Oceanos Helios's cousin and Perse's father. Circe's grandfather.
Palamedes Counselor of Agamemnon.
Paris The laughing thief of Helen's heart. Prince of Troy.
Pasiphae Circe's sister.
Patroclus Achilles's lover.
Penelope Odysseus's wife. Helen's cousin.
Perse Oceano's daughter. Circe's mother.
Perses Circe's brother.
Phaedra Minos and Pasiphae's youngest daughter.
Phaethousa Circe's half-sister.
Polydamas The guard captain.
Polyphemus One-eyed giant. Son of Poseidon.
Poseidon The new God of the Sea. Nereus's predecessor.
Pretty Helios's cow.
Priam King of Troy.
Prometheus Circe's uncle.
Proteus Circe's uncle.
Pyrrhus Achilles's son.
Rhea Kronos's wife.
Riotous Son of Zeus.
Scylla A very beautiful nymph that Glaucos falls in love with.
Selene Circe's aunt.
Telegonus Odysseus and Circe's son.
Telemachus Odysseus's son.
Tethys The nurse of the world's waters. Circe's grandmother.
Theseus Son of the Athenian King. A man Ariadne falls in love with.
Thetis Nereus's youngest daughter.
White-Face Helios's cow.
Zeus The God of Thunder. The King of Olympus.