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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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ProVegaGullA blue peacock with silver wings.
 JimMollisonA pilot.
 JohnCarberryMaia's husband. Aka: JC.
 MaiaCarberryJC's wife.
   Part 1
 ClaraClutterbuckBeryl's mother.
 CharlesClutterbuckBeryl's father. Aka: Clutt.
 FlorenceDelamereBeryl's white neighbor. The daughter of the Earl of Ennskillen. Aka: Lady D.
 LordDelamereLady Delamere's husband. Aka: D.
 BerylClutterbuckNarrator and Protagonist. Aka: Lakwet, Beru.
 DickieClutterbuckBeryl's older brother.
2Kibii Beryl's friend.
3WeeMacGregorCharles's friend.
 Balmy Charles's hack.
 Coquette A pale gold palomino.
 EmmaOrchardsonThe Clutterbuck's housekeeper. Aka: Mrs. O.
 Buller Beryl's dog.
5MissLe MayBeryl's governess.
 JimElkingtonCharles's friend.
 BishtonSinghThe Clutterbuck's Sikh groom.
 Paddy Jim's lion.
6Mrs.ElkingtonJim's wife.
7KaiserWilhelmA Roman Emperor.
 DorisWaltermanBeryl's bunkmate. Aka: Dos.
 Mr.OrchardsonAn Anthropologist. Mrs. O's husband.
   Part 2
9Toombo The groom.
 Pegasus Beryl's horse.
 Apollo Coquette's mule.
10JockPurvesA good deal cleaner. Beryl's husband.
 DenysFinch-HattonBeryl's lover. Aka: Bedar.
 Berkeley ColeCharle's acquaintance.
11Kamotho The houseboy.
12Ruta Beryl's childhood friend.
 CaptainLavenderJock's friend.
14Dr.WilliamJock's father.
 Ogden Jock's uncle.
18BoyLongD's ranch manager. Beryl's lover. Aka: Casmere.
 Barasa Beryl and Jock's houseboy.
 Walters A jockey.
19CockieBirkbeckThe woman that Beryl met.
 BrorBlixenKaren's former husband. Cockie's lover. Aka: Blix, Tanne.
 Dr.TurvyBlix's imaginary physician.
20BenBirkbeckCockie's husband.
21RobertCoryndonThe new Governor.
 Soldier A dark bay.
23HarryKirkpatrickA captain. Clara's lover.
25  Mbogani - Karen's farm.
26Kamante Karen's cook.
 AlexKirkpatrickClara and Harry's son.
 IvanKirkpatrickClara and Harry's son.
27Minerva Karen's little owl.
28GingerMayerBen's lover.
 GeorgeC. LuckA wealthy man. Owner of a top-notch horse farm.
 ViolaC. LuckGeorge's wife.
30  Kekopey - An estate owned by Galbraith Cole.
 GalbraithColeBerkeley's brother.
 NellColeGalbraith's wife.
32GenesseLongBoy's wife.
34FrankGreswoldeCockie's old friend.
   Part 3
36Idina Joss's wife. Frank's renter.
 Joss Idina's husband.
 HonorGordonIdina's friend.
 CharlesGordonHonor's wife.
37GerryAlexanderCockie's cousin.
 Jebbta The woman that Beryl met.
 TomC. BlackGerry's partner.
 TheBaronGerry's young bay stud.
41Wrack A racehorse.
 Ogilvie Wrack's owner.
42EricGoochA horse owner.
 WiseChildA racehorse.
 Sonny Ruta's colleague.
 CharlesMarkhamGinger's friend and neighbor.
 MansfieldMarkhamCharles's brother. Beryl's 2nd husband.
 ColonelO'HeaMansfield's step-father.
 Mrs.O'HeaMansfield and Charles's mother.
 MessengerBoyA big stallion.
 Fifinella Messenger Boy's dame.
 HurryOnFifinella's father.
 FredDarlingMessenger Boy's trainer.
49  Melela - Beryl's farm.
 DudleyCowieMaia's flying student.
 MervynCowieDudley's brother.
 JuanitaCarberryMaia's daughter.
 Edward Prince of Wales.
 Henry Duke of Gloucester. Edward's brother.
51EdwardGriggThe new Governor.
 CocoChanelBusiness magnate.
52Gervasse Beryl's child.
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