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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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1Jacob A kid who found the headless body of Grace Ozmian.
 Ryan Jacob's Brother.
 Bascombe Old man that Jacob and Ryan secretly spied on.
2Squad Vincent D'AgostaNYPD's Lieutenant Commander Detective. aka: Vinnie.
 LieutenantParkhurstSquad Vincent D'Agosta's colleague.
 JohnnyCarusoThe CSU head.
 BryceHarrimanNew York Post's Reporter.
 Mr.ChangAn NYPD Police.
 AloysiusPendergastProtagonist / FBI Special Agent.
 HowardLongstreetDirector of FEDs / Aloysius Pendergast's superior.
3Mr.ProctorAloysius Pendergast's mysterious chauffeur and general factotum.
 GraceOzmianA Tech Billionaire's daughter / Victim.
 AntonOzmianThe Tech Billionaire / Grace Ozmian's father.
   Digiflood - Anton Ozmian's Company.
4Brioni An Italian Clothier.
 Ravazzolo An Italian Clothier.
 Zegna An Italian Clothier.
 GlenSingletonSquad Vincent D'Agosta's Captain.
5MarcCantucciA Former New Jersey AG / Victim.
 DukeOf WellingtonA man who owns a 1696 L'Amoroso Stradivius Violin.
7SergeantCurrySquad Vincent D'Agosta's Associate.
 JackMarvinSecurity assistant at Sharps & Gunds.
 JonathanIngmarCEO of Sharps & Gunds.
8IzoldaOzmianGrace Ozmian's mother.
9MissIshumuraAloysius Pendergast's Deaf Housekeeper.
 ConstanceGreenAloysius Pendergast's Ward.
12Isabel Anton Ozmian's Confidante. aka: Maria Isabel Duarte Alves-Vettoretto.
 Joyce Anton Ozmian's Secretary.
13Mr.BlountJonathan Ingmar's Employee.
 MayorDelilloThe Deputy commissioner for public information.
 Lasher A man who installed the "Cantucci System".
14JoryBaughFather of the dead kid that Grace Ozmian accidentaly killed.
15CutterByquistA Celeberity Architect.
 Mr. Viktor A. BogachyovA Russian Oligarch / Victim.
 Al Denton The Easy Hampton's Chief of Police.
17Mr.GoudreauA reporter at "The Daily News".
 Ms.AndersThe Fox Anchor.
 WilliamPaineA Technician at Sharps & Gunds.
 HallieIyerCo-techinician of William Paine.
20Katharine Howard Longstreet's Assistant.
22EddyLopezA homicide detective.
 JaredHammerEddy Lopez's partner.
25ShannonCroixDeceased girlfriend of Bryce Harriman.
 PaulPetowskiBryce's editor.
 WillisBeavertonThe Executive Editor / Paul Petowski's boss.
31Baldwin DayData keeper of LFX Financial Company.
 GwenBurchCEO of LFX Financial Company / Rod Burch's wife.
 RodBurchCEO of LFX Financial Company / Gwen Burch's husband.
 Iris LFX Financial Head Office's honcho.
32AgentMeldrumA Supervising Agent at SEC Division of Enforcement.
 Martinelli A Policeman.
33KatheeDurantA host on an American Morning T.V. show.
34Hradsky LFX Financial's Head Security.
 RolandMcMurphyAssistant Vice President of LFX Financial Company.
 MarsdenSwopeAn Ex-Jesuit that put out a modest appeal on social media.
36Dr. WansieAdeyemiA man who won a Nobel Peace prize / Victim.
 CharlesAttiahPat of the UN Department of Safety and Security.
 BokoHaramClaimed her clinics were a western plot to sterilize Muslim women.
37Mr. FenukuObajeThe Nigerian Charge D'Affaires.
 Mr.WeilmanMr. Anton Ozmian's Counsel.
40  Les Tuileries - The 3-Star Michelin Restaurant.
 Mr. GilesSandertonAn eyewitness.
 BillSmithbackBryce's journalistic nemesis.
 FatherAnselmA venerable Priest.
43RobertHightowerEx-Chairman of Bisynchrony.
 RosalieEverettShannon Croix's Bestfriend.
46William CinergyRobert Hightower's neighbor.
 LeonardGreenbaumBryce's Lawyer.
51Mrs.TraskA woman who works with Aloysius Pendergast.
 Tsering Monk.
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