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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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   Part 1 - The Inspectors
1Jacob Boy who saved Cassidy's life / Cassidy's ghost best friend.
 Mr.MeyerCassidy Blake's teacher.
 Matt Cassidy Blake's classmate.
 Derek Cassidy Blake's classmate sleeping in class.
 Will Cassidy Blake's classmate who was sleeping in class.
 Alice Cassidy Blake's popular classmate.
 Melanie Cassidy Blake's popular classmate.
 CassidyBlakeProtagonist / A girl with a ghost best friend. aka: Cass.
4  Skull and Bone - Jacob's favorite comic book.
 SkullShooterThe dead cowboy.
 Grim Cassidy Blake's cat.
 Mr.BlakeCassidy Blake's father. aka: Dad.
 Mrs.BlakeCassidy Blake's mother. aka: Mom.
 Dino A restaurant owner.
    Edinburgh, Scotland - The City of Ghosts.
   Part 2 - The City of Ghosts
6Cabbie A taxi driver who has a ghost story.
7  The Lane's End where Cassidy and family stayed in Edinburgh.
 Mrs.WeathershireA woman who ran "The Lane's End" .
 Mr. ReginaldWeathershireDead husband of Mrs. Weathershire / A ghost. aka: Reggie.
 Mr.WeathershireMrs. Weathershire's son.
8  Arthur's Seat - The Giant Hill
   Greyfriars Kirk - Haunted home in EU.
 Bobby The Greyfriars' most famous tenants. / A famous ghost.
9Lara JayneChowdhurySomeone Cassidy met at "The End's Lane" / Reginald's niece.
10TheRaven in RedThe woman in the Red Cloak / Antagonist.
11FindleyStewartBlake's Family tour guide / Mr. Reginald Weathershire's friend.
   Part 3 - Ghost Hunters
18Alice Lara Chowdhury's aunt.