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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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   New York 2010
 AngelaGreccoA girl who wrote a letter to Vivian.
 Vivian LouiseMorrisProtagonist. Narrator.
1AuntPegVivian's aunt. Vivian's legal guardian.
 WalterMorrisVivian's older brother.
 GrandmaMorrisVivian's grandmother. A seamstress.
2BillyBuellPeg's husband. Wealthy man. Aka: William Ackerman Buell III.
 WilliamPowellAn actor.
 WalterWinchellA gossip columnist.
 LouellaParsonsA gossip columnist.
 OliveThompsonPeg's secretary. A resident zookeeper.
3Gladys Peg's dance captain.
 CeliaRayShowgirl at Lily's Playhouse. Aka: Theresa Beneventi.
 Roland One of the dancers at Lily Playhouse.
 DonaldHerbertThe playwright at Lily's Playhouse.
 Mr.BenjaminThe singer-songwriter at Lily's Playhouse.
 KatherineGibbsOwner of a typing school.
 Evelyn Celia's friend.
4Bernadette Peg's maid.
5Jennie One of the showgirls at Lily's Playhouse.
 Betty Vivian's childhood best friend.
 HaroldKelloggA doctor. A man who deflowered Vivian.
 Mrs.KelloggHarold's wife.
7KevinO'SullivanVivian's ex-lover. Aka: Ribsy.
8FranklinD. RooseveltThe current U.S. President.
 ClarkGableAn American film actor.
 RiaF. LanghamClark's second wife.
 EdnaP. WatsonPeg's old friend. A famous British actress.
 ArthurWatsonA handsome screen actor. Edna's husband.
9GeorgeB. ShawA playwright.
 AlfredLuntA stage actor.
 CocoChanelA French fashion designer.
10MarjorieLowtskyMr. Lowtsky's daughter.
 Mr.LowtskyMarjorie's father. Owner of Lowtsky's Used Emporium.
 Mrs.LowtskyMarjorie's mother.
11JeanMarieBilly's secretary.
 JoanFontaineBilly's mistress.
 BrianAherneBilly's friend.
 Camilla One of Billy's mistresses.
13Mrs.AlabasterEdna's character at the play called City of Girls.
 VictoriaAlabasterMrs. Alabaster's daughter.
 Daisy One of the showgirls at Lily's Playhouse.
 LuckyBobbyDaisy's husband at the play called City of Girls.
14AnthonyRocellaVivian's first boyfriend.
 LorenzoRocellaAnthony's brother. Head chef at Latin Quarter Restaurant.
15Miriam The girlfriend of the sailor.
16BrooksAtkinsonA famous American critic.
 HeywoodBrounAn American journalist.
 DwightMillerA journalist from New York World Telegram.
 WalterWinchellA columnist from New York Daily Mirror.
 Thomas LesigA columnist from The Morning Telegraph.
 NicholasFlintA journalist from New York Daily News.
 KitYardleyA journalist from New York Sun.
17HelenaRubensteinA cosmetic entrepreneur.
 KatherineHepburnAn American actress.
 AlexanderWoollcottA theater critic.
18BrendaFrazierCelia's new friend. Kelly's celebrated girlfriend.
 ShipwreckKellyCelia's new friend. Brenda's celebrated boyfriend.
19StanWeinbergPeg's old friend. An editor at the Mirror.
 James A doorman at the Stork.
 Nick A doorman at the Stork.
 ShermanBillingsleyThe Stork Club's owner.
 RoseBigmanWinchell's secretary.
 WaldaWinchellWalter's daughter.
22BessFarmerVivian's childhood friend.
 JimLarsenWorked for Douglas's Mining Company. Vivian's ex-fiance.
23Madeleine Vivian's childhood friend.
 LouiseMorrisVivian's mother.
 DouglasMorrisVivian's father. Peg's brother.
 HelenaHayesA theater actress who replaced Edna in the play City of Girls.
24HarryJamesAn American Musician.
25MikeRoemerThe telegraph operator at Western Union.
 Mrs.RoemerMike's wife.
 LeslieGehresWalter's captain.
 Mr.GershonVivian's Navy Censor.
 Mrs.LevinsonVivian's workmate.
26ChristianDiorA French fashion designer.
 RogerAldermanVivian's former lover.
 Botond A young Hungarian painter. Vivian's former lover.
 Hugh One of Vivian's ex-lovers.
28Marty Vivian's friend.
 Karen Vivian's friend. A receptionist at the Museum of Modern Art.
 Rowan Vivian's friend. A gynecologist.
 Susan Vivian's friend. A grade school teacher.
 Callie Vivian's friend. Owner of a flower shop.
 Anita Vivian's friend.
 George A man who impregnates Marjorie.
 NathanLowtskyMarjorie's son.
 Palma Nathan's nanny.
29FrankGreccoThe only man that Vivian loved. Angela's father.
 RosellaGreccoFrank's wife.
31TomDennoFrank's colleague during war.
32Winston Angela's fiancĂ©.