Characters - Alphabetical
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Jean FredericBazilleClaude's best friend and classmate.
MadameBazilleFrederick's mother.
SarahBernhardtThe actress.
LucienBesiqueCamille's old fiancé.
Comte BeguinBillecocqClaude's friend and customer.
EugeneBoudinOne of the local painters.
EmilleCardonAn Art critic.
PaulCezanneJacob's friend. Claude's co-painter.
IsaacClementClaude's former farmer.
Charles-FrancoisDaubignyOne of the great painters.
Camile-LeonieDoncieuxClaude's lover.
MadameDoncieuxCamille's mother.
MonsieurDoncieuxCamille's father.
PaulDurand-RuelThe most important art dealer.
OldGravierClaude's companion. A shopkeeper.
AliceHoschedeErnest's wife. Claude's mistress.
BlancheHoschedeAlice and Ernest's 2nd child.
ErnestHoschedeAn art collector.
GermaineHoschedeAlice and Ernest's son.
MartheHoschedeAlice and Ernest's 1st child.
SuzanneHoschedeOne of Alice and Ernest's daughters.
AnnetteLeboisCamille's sister.
CommanderLejosneFrederick's uncle.
MadameLejosneFrederick's aunt.
EdmondMaitreFrederick's friend.
EdouardManetClaude's friend and co-painter.
MadameMathieuClaude's customer.
AdolpheMonetClaude's father.
Claude OscarMonetProtagonist. A famous caricaturist.
JeanMonetClaude and Camille's son.
LeonMonetClaude's brother.
MichelMonetClaude and Camille's son.
BertheMorisotA painter.
Jacob-Abraham CamillePissarroClaude's painting classmate.
JuliePissarroCamille Pissarro's wife.
LucienPissarroJulie's son.
LiseRenoirAuguste's wife.
Pierre-AugusteRenoirClaude's classmate.
Bazille One of Claude's girlfriends.
Berthold Father of Marc's fiancĂ©.
Caillebotte Claude's co-painter and friend.
Corot One of the greatest artists.
Courbet The burly artist.
Damek The first girl that Claude paints.
David A young actor. Camille's ex-boyfriend.
Degas Claude's friend.
Dr. De Bellio Claude's friend and customer.
Faucher The widow.
Hannah The Monet's housekeeper.
Haussmann The Emperor's deputy.
Henri Annette's husband.
LeCadre Claude's aunt.
Leclercq An art collector.
Lily Frederick's girlfriend.
Louis Owner of a restaurant.
Marc Claude's friend.
Marc Claude's friend from Le Havre.
Marguerite Claude's cousin.
Mirabelle Claude's servant.
Nannette Annette and Jean's son.
Sisley A medical student.
Victoire Camille's dog.
Zola Camille's friend.