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Kristian Fabricante
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 ClementineH. ChurchillProtagonist. First Lady of Winston Churchill. Aka: Clemmie.
 WinstonS. ChurchillClementine's husband. A British Prime Minister.
 Stalin One of Winston's fiercest critics.
 AdolfHitlerThe leader of a Nazi Party.
 LordMoranWinston's doctor.
 VioletA. B. CarterA British politician who was inloved with Winston.
 JackieOnassisFormer First Lady of the United States.
 JennieChurchillWinston's mother.
 NigelKnightA biographer who wrote Winston's biography.
 RichardHoughWrote a book about the life of Winston & Clementine.
 WilliamMaxwell-AitkenThe newspaper magnate. Aka: Lord Beaverbrook.
 Mary SoamesChurchillWinston and Clementine's daughter.
 PamelaHarrimanWinston's daughter-in-law.
 ClarissaEdenClementine's immediate succesor in 1955.
 AnthonyEdenClarissa's husband. Former British Prime Minister.
 HaroldWilsonFormer British Prime Minister.
 MaryWilsonHarold's wife.
 CherieBlaireThe prime minesterial consort.
 EleanorRooseveltFormer U.S. First Lady.
 GilWinantThe U.S. Ambassador.
1  The Levels of Events 1885-1908
 LadyBlanche-HozierClementine's mother.
 HenryHozierClementine's father. Lady Blanche's husband.
 EarlOf Airlie XLady Blanche's father. Clementine's grandfather.
 The CountessBlancheLady Blanche's mother.
 WilliamM. ThackerayA novelist.
 BenjaminDisraeliThe Tory Prime Minister.
 WilliamGladstoneThe bitter Liberal rival of Benjamin Disraeli.
 JohnRuskinThe art critic designer and social thinker.
 WilhelmIFormer German Emperor.
 KittyHozierClementine's eldest sister.
 NellieHozierClementine's sister. Twin of Bill.
 WilliamHozierClementine's brother. Twin of Nellie. Aka: Bill.
 BertieMitfordClementine's brother-in-law.
 DavidMitfordBertie's son.
 NancyMitfordDavid's daughter. A novelist.
 DianaMitfordDavid's daughter. A fascist.
 TomMitfordDavid's son. A fascist.
 DeccaMitfordDavid's daughter. A communist.
 DeboMitfordDavid's daughter who later becomes The Duchess of Devonshire.
 EliseAeschimannA Swiss governess.
 Carlo Clementine's poodle.
 MaryHozierHenry's sister. Clementine's aunt.
 RosaStevensonClementine's teacher.
 MaryPagetLady Blanche's friend.
 LordAirlieLady Blanche's brother.
 WalterSickertThe painter who frequently visits Clementine.
 AugustineVillainWalter's mistress.
 PatriciaCornwellThe crime minister.
 Justine French maid of the Churchills.
 MadameKroonClementine's French teacher.
 LouiseHenriA former governess.
 CamillePissarroThe painter.
 BeatriceHarrisClementine's head mistress.
 MaudeStanley.Clementine's great-aunt.
 LadySt. HelierLady Blanche's wealthy aunt. Jennie's friend. Aka: Lady Santa.
 Lord RandolphChurchillWinston's father.
 SidneyCornwallis-PeelRobert Peel's grandson. Clementine's suitor.
 LionelEarleClementine's former fiance.
 LenaWhyteClementine's cousin.
 VenetiaStanleyClementine's cousin.
 SylviaStanleyClementine's cousin.
 CynthiaAsquithThe diarist.
 AlanLascellesThe future royal secretary.
 JackLeslieJennie's brother-in-law.
 CharlesHoareClementine's friend.
 EddieMarshWinston's private secretary.
 TrevorC. PlowdenPamela's father.
 PamelaPlowdenA woman who rejects Winston's marriage proposal.
 MurielWilsonWinston's former lover.
 EthelBarrymoreWinston's former lover.
 RuthLeeA wealthy american.
 Arthur Ruth's British husband.
 DorothyHowardA famous good looking woman.
 Sunny Winston's cousin. Aka: The Duke of Marlborough.
 F.ESmithWinston's bestfriend. The Exchequer.
 MargaretSmithF.E. Smith's wife.
 CapabilityBrownThe great landscape architect.
 LordRoseberyThe Former British Prime Minister.
 Margot Violet Asquith's step-mother.
2  More Than Meets The Eye 1908-1914
 David LloydGeorgeF.E. Smith's liberal chancellor.
 IanHamiltonAn army general. Winston's old friend.
 WilfridScawen-BluntThe gossipy poet.
 HugoCharterisA Scottish peer.
 GeorgeC. WestWinston's step-father. Jennie's 2nd husband.
 MadelyneWhiteClementine's cousin.
 ClareFrewenWinston's cousin.
 HoratiaSeymourWinston's cousin.
 HughCecilWinston's bestman.
 DeanWelldonWinston's headmaster at Harrow.
 EdwardVIIThe king of the United Kingdom.
 ErnestCasselA German financier.
 Maisie Clementine's aunt.
 CorneliaGuestWinston's aunt.
 PatrickCampbellAn actress. George Cornwallis-West's mistress.
 JackChurchillWinston's troublesome brother.
 Laura Countess of Wilton.
 Mrs.EverestWinston's nanny.
 EdwardGreyThe foreign secretary.
 GwendolineChurchillJack's wife. Aka: Goonie.
 StanleyBaldwinA politician.
 LucyBaldwinStanley's wife.
 DianaChurchillWinston and Clementine's first child.
 Consuelo The Duchess of Marlborough.
 OscarWildeA famous author.
 FreddieGuestWinston's cousin.
 AmyGuestFreddie's wife.
 LadyCrichtonLord Crichton's First Lady.
 IvorGuestFreddie's brother.
 NevilleLyttonChurchills's artist friend.
 AliceKeppelOne of Edward VII's mistresses.
 RobertPeelFormer British Prime Minister.
 Chumbolly Clementine and Winston's only son. Aka: Randolph.
 GeorgeVKing Edward VII's son.
 AlmrothWrightA biologist.
 LadyRidleyRandolph's godmother.
 GeorgeRiddellThe diarist and newspaper owner.
 LordKitchenerClementine's new acquaintance. A war secretary.
 LadyCreweA member of the committee of imperial defense.
 NancyAstorMember of a parliament.
 FranzFerdinandAn archduke.
3  The Pain and Pride 1914-15
 RobertBridgesThe poet laureate.
 GeorgeCallaghanThe commander-in-chief of the Home Fleet.
 JohnFrenchThe commander-in-chief of the British expiditionary force.
 Sarah MillicentChurchillWinston and Clementine's daughter.
 PamelaDigbyClementine's daughter-in-law.
 JackyFisherWinston's first sea lord.
 ClementAttleeViolet Attlee's husband. Winston's succesor.
 HenryAsquithFormer British Prime Minister. Violet's father.
 LordC. HaldaneHenry Asquith's senior colleague.
 EdwinMontaguVenetia's fiance.
 Andrew BonarLawA conservative politician.
 EdwinaSandysGranddaughter of Clementine.
 Gen. HastingsIsmayWinston's chief of staff. Aka: Pug.
4  I Believe In Your Star 1915-1916
 LordRothermereA newspaper proprietor.
 C.PScottAn editor.
 LordCurzonThe President of the Air Board.
 RamsayMacdonaldThe Labour man.
 DavidBeattyAn admiral.
 ArchibaldSinclairWinsotn's second-in-command.
   YMCA - Young Women's Christian Association.
 ReginaldMckennaThe chancellor of the exchequer.
 ArthurBalfourWinston's succesor at the admiralty.
 MauriceBonham-CarterViolet Asquith's husband.
 OswaldToynbee-FalkViolet Asquith's lover.
 John MaynardKeynesOswald's close friend.
 JohnLaveryWinston's artist friend.
 HedworthMeuxThe admiral of the fleet.
 EdwardCarsonFormer attorney general.
5  Married Love 1916-18
 Johnny Randolph's cousin.
 Peregrine Randolph's cousin.
 MarieStopesA birth control campaigner.
   CBE - Commander of the Order of the British Empire.
 James WilliamLowtherThe speaker of the house of commons.
6  Loss Unimaginable 1918-22
 MarigoldChurchillClementine and Winston's daughter. Aka: Duckadilly.
 ReggieFellowesWinston's cousin.
 Daisy D. GlucksbergReggie's fiance.
 Isabelle The Churchills's nanny.
 CzarNicholas IIThe revolutionist leader.
 VladimirLeninThe Barbarian.
 Denikin The white Russian general.
 ClareSheridanA sculptor. Winston's cousin.
 LeonTrotskiClare's lover. A bolshevik leader.
 JeanHamiltonIan's wife.
 LordWelleslyThe 7th Duke of Wellington.
 Edwina Clementine's granddaughter.
 T.ELawrenceA British archaeologist.
 WalterThompsonWinston's bodyguard.
 CaptainRyanWilliam Hozier's captain.
 Rose A French nursery governess.
 BendorWestminsterThe owner of Lochmore.
 VioletWestminsterBendor's wife.
 SinnFeinThe Nationalist Political Party.
 MichaelCollinsSinn Fein's negotiator.
 HenryWilsonThe MP security adviser to the Northern Ireland government.
7  A Country Basket 1922-29
 PhilipTildenLloyd George's favorite architect.
 JacquesBalsanConsuelo's 2nd husband.
 ShelaghM. BrowneWinston's secretary's wife.
 HaroldMacMillanFormer British Prime Minister.
 WilliamNicholsonA British screenwriter.
 Mickey Clementine's cat.
 Nelson Clementine's cat.
 MarcelBoulestinA celebrated west end restaurateur.
 GeorginaLandemareThe cook at Chartwell.
 ClarissaChurchillClementine's niece.
 MaxineElliottAn American actress. Owner of Chateau De L'horizon.
 BertramRomillyNellie's husband.
 Esmond Nellie's son.
 HarryTrumanThe U.S. President.
 QueenElizabethThe Queen Mother.
 CharlieChaplinA comic actor.
 AlbertEinsteinA theoretical physicist.
 DianaCooperA politician's wife.
 MargeryStreetClementine's secretary.
 GraceHamblinDaughter of Clementine's gardener. Aka: Hambone.
 Giles Esmond's brother.
 CeliaSandysClementine's granddaughter.
 AnitaLeslieRandolph's cousin.
 BernardBaruchWinston's important contact.
 EvelynWaughOne of Randolph's drinking cronies.
8  Temptation and Redemption 1929-39
 NevilleChamberlainFormer British Prime Minister.
 BrendanBrackenA businessman.
 John JuliusNorwichChurchills's family friend.
 KayHalleA woman Randolph wants to marry.
 JohnBaileyDiana's fiance.
 BarbaraCartlandA romantic novelist John Bailey's inlove with.
 UnityMitfordClementine's niece.
 LordMoyneThe wealthy guinness heir. Winston's former junior minister.
 Rosaura Lord Moyne's yatch.
 TerencePhilipAn art expert. Clementine's lover.
 LeeGuinnessLord Moyne's cousin.
 PosyGuinnessLee's wife.
 VeraBroughtonLord Moyne's mistress.
 VicOliverSarah's fiancee.
 WallisSimpsonAn american actress.
 FrederickLindemannChurchills's frequent visitor. Physics prof at Oxford University.
 ShielaGrant-DuffClementine's cousin. A journalist.
 DesmondMortonHead of British industrial intellegence centre.
 EveKeyesAdmiral Roger Keyes's wife.
 Roger KeyesAn admiral.
9  A World Accident and Storm 1939-40
 BobBoothbyA British conservative politician.
 DuncanSandysDiana's second husband.
 DuffCooperFormer Minister of Information.
   WRNS - Women's Royal Navy Service.
 Lady MaryDunnA woman Randolph wants to marry.
 ChristopherOgdenA biographer.
 HaroldNicholsonA British author.
 AnneChamberlainLord Chamberlain's wife.
 JosephKennedyThe pro-appeasement.
 DavidMargessonThe chief whip.
 JockColvilleWinston's private secretary.
 EricSealWinston's principal private secretary.
 FrederickPileChief of anti-aircraft command.
 FrancesPerkinsThe U.S. female labor secretary.
 HerbertMorrisonLabour's home secretary.
   ATS - Auxiliary Territorial Service.
 KeithParkThe air vice marshal. The New Zealander-in-command.
 MalcolmMacDonaldThe health minister. Ramsay MacDonald's son.
 ErnestBevinThe Minister of Labour and National Service.
 GeorgeRomneyA painter.
 GeorgeFrederick-WattsA painter.
 RosalindHenleySylvia's daughter.
 GeorgePitt-RiversRosalind's husband. An open Nazi Sympathizer.
 LittleWinstonRandolph and Pamela's son. Clementine's grandson.
 RonaldTreeA conservative politician who owns the Ditchley Park.
 KathleenHillWinston's secretary.
 CharlesDe GaulleThe French leader.
10  Operation Seduction USA 1941-42
 HarryHopkinsAn American social worker.
 Ingres A French master.
 EdMurrowThe resident CBS correspondent.
 JanetMurrowEd Murrow's wife. A journalist.
 AbrahamLincolnThe 16th U.S. President.
 AverellHarrimanA rich American lothario.
 W.MJeffersPresident of Union Pacific Railroad.
 AlastairForbesRandolph and Mary's friend.
 HenryMorgenthauAn American treasury secretary.
 Mackenzie KingThe Canadian Prime Minister.
 IvanMaiskyThe Soviet ambassador.
 KathleenHarrimanAverell's daughter.
 JohnMartinWinston's secretary.
 AlanBrookeThe head of the army.
 LucyMercerFranklin Roosevelt's mistress.
 MissyLeHandFranklin Roosevelt's private secretary.
 HenriettaNesbitEleanor Roosevelt's cook.
 AneurinBevanThe Labour MP.
   SAS - Special Air Service.
 JosephGoebbelsThe chief of Nazi propaganda.
11  From FDR to Stalin 1943-45
 JosephLashEleanor Roosevelt's friend.
 NoelCowardAn English playwright.
   ADC - Aide-De-Camp.
 DaisySuckleyFranklin Roosevelt's cousin.
 Dill A field marshall from the British Joint Staff Mission.
 JaneAustenA novelist.
 JohnMartinOne of Winston's private secretaries.
 BernardMontgomeryThe 1st Viscount Montgomery of Alamein.
 EdwardBridgesA cabinet secretary.
 LeslieRowanClementine's private secretary.
 HenryChannonA British politician. Aka: Chips.
 John JuliusNorwichDuff Cooper's son.
 FrederickAndersonThe young head of the U.S. eighth bomber command.
 LadyFisetWife of a Quebec Governor.
 EdwardSttetiniusU.S. secretary of state.
 RoyJenkinsBiographer of Churchills.
 Molotov A foreign minister.
 MabelJohnsonClementine's Red Cross secretary.
 HughLunghiClementine's Interpreter.
 JosipTitoThe communist leader of Yugoslav.
 Dr. HewlettJohnsonClementine's communist sympathizer.
12  A Private Line 1945-65
 John KennethGalbraithAn economist in 1940.
 OdettePol-RogerClementine's friend.
 HeatherWhite-SmithClementine's secretary.
 DavidRooseveltFranklin Roosevelt's grandson.
 GianniAgneliHeir to the car manufacturer Fiat.
 AlcideDe GasperiItalian Prime Minister.
 DonaldMacLeanA foreign official who disappeared.
 PrincessMargaretQueen Elizabeth's sister.
 PeterTownsendPrincess Margaret's husband.
 LewisEinsteinClementine's friend.
 CocoChanelA French fashion designer.
 EmeryRevesCoco Chanel's literary agent.
 WendyRusellWinston's girlfriend. A former model.
 AristotleOnassisThe Greek ship owner.
 MariaCallasAn opera singer. Aristotle's mistress.
 RoyHowellsWinston's nurse.
 AlexDouglas-HomeA prime minister.
 ArabellaChurchillRandolph's daughter. Clementine's granddaughter.
EpiNonieChapmanClementine's new secretary.
 Minnie Winston's young wife.
 GladysD'ErlangerMinnie's mother.
 MargaretThatcherLeader of the Conservative and Liberal party.
 DavidSteelLeader of the Conservative and Liberal party.
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