Characters - Alphabetical
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Mrs.AndersonCheryl's school principal.
SonyaBaileyWilla's classmate and friend.
PeterBrendanWilla's 2nd husband.
Dr.BroganWilla's boss.
Mr.BuddSonya and Willa's music teacher.
CherylCarlyleDenise's daughter.
DeniseCarlyleA single other who got shot. Sean's ex-lover.
MissCarrollThe woman who taught Willa how to play a clarinet.
NatalieDeanWilla's school bus seatmate.
TommyDentonElaine's friend.
CarlDexterThe car driver who accidentally crashed into Derek's car.
AliceDrakeWilla's mother.
ElaineDrakeWilla's sister.
MelvinDrakeWilla's father.
WillaDrakeSonya's classmate and friend. Protagonist.
FranDumontPatty and Laurie's mother.
LaurieDumontPatty's sitter.
PattyDumontOne of Cheryl's neighbors.
ErlandEriksonOne of Cheryl's neighbors.
Ben GoldOne of Cheryl's neighbors. A doctor.
SirJoeCallie's next-door neighbor. Erland's half brother.
DougLawAn algebra teacher.
DerekMacIntyreThe senior class President. Willa's husband.
IanMacIntyreWilla and Derek's son.
SeanMacIntyreWilla and Derek's son.
LucindaMintonOne of Cheryl's neighbors.
MarieMintonLucinda's daughter.
CallieMontgomeryDenise's neighbor.
Mr.PercivalA funeral director.
Mrs.PorterA grade 6 teacher.
EulaPrattOne of Willa's schoolmates.
Mr.SurreyAn auto-part owner.
BillyTurnstileWilla's neighbor.
Bailey Sonya's grandmother.
Barry Denise's gay neighbor.
Dave A private detective.
Elissa Sean's current girlfriend. Elissa's husband.
Ginny Cheryl's schoolmate.
Hal Cheryl's neighbor. Elissa's husband.
Rachel Alice's aunt.
Richard Barry's gay partner.
Rona A travel agent.
Sands The reverend.