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Characters By Chapter
Jeffrey Hale
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ProAndrew CarnegieBusiness magnate and philanthropist. Aka: Andra.
 ClaraKelleyLady's maid.
1Cecelia Clara's younger sister.
 Eliza Clara's older sister.
2Anthony  One of the Irish immigrants.
 Mrs. SeeleyOwner of the preeminent servants' registry in town.
3Lord MarytnLandlord to all the farmers in Clara's home town.
 MissCoyneOne of Mrs. Seeley's recruits.
 MissQuinnOne of Mrs. Seeley's recruits.
 Margaret CarnegieAndrew Carnegie's mother.
 Oliver  Miss Quinn's supposed employer.
5Hilda One of the Carnegie's scullery maids.
 John FordCarnegie's cook.
 Mr. HolyrodCarnegie's butler.
 Thomas MillerCyclops Iron Company founder. Aka: Tom.
  Kloman brothersIron City Forge co-founder.
 Harry PhippsOne of Mr. Carnegie's friends.
8TomCarnegieMrs. Carnegie's younger son.
 ThomasScottMr. Carnegie's former boss.
 Mrs.StewartCarnegie's housekeeper.
9Daniel  Eliza's soon to be husband.
 Thomas The other Clara's boyfriend.
10Mary  One of the Carnegie's scullery maids.
 Patrick LambAlice's second cousin.
 Alice Clara's mother.
 Maeve Patrick's wife.
11 Dr.AtkinsonOne of the Carnegie's neighbors.
 MissAtkinson Dr. Atkinson's daughter.
12Mrs.JonesOne of Mrs. Carnegie's guests.
 Mrs.VandevortOne of Mrs. Carnegie's guests.
14Ruth John Ford's wife.
 Mabel John Ford's daughter.
 Mrs. WilkinsOne of the Carnegie's acquaintances.
15James Carnegie's footman.
 Mrs. PitcairnOne of the Carnegie's acquaintances.
16John PhippsIron City Forge co-founder.
 Lucy ColemanWilliam's daughter.
 William ColemanIron-manufacturing magnate.
18JamesAndersonFounder of free libraries.
 Morrison Mr. Carnegie's grandfather.
19Catherine  Clara's aunt.
21Dr. MortonThe doctor who attended to Mrs. Pitcairn.
24JohnVandevortOne of Mr. Carnegie's friends. Aka: Vandy.
26Mrs.YorkOne of Mrs. Carnegie's guests.
 Mrs.ColemanOne of Mrs. Carnegie's guests.
27Mary Maeve's eldest daughter.
 Anthony One of Maeve's sons.
 John One of Maeve's sons.
29EdgarThomsonPresident of the Pennsylvania Railroad.
31WilliamWilkinsOne of the region's wealthiest individuals.
 George W.DallasFormer vice president of the United States.
 Robert Mrs. Pitcairn's son.
 Robert Jr. Mrs. Pitcairn's grandson.
32OliverHowardA General, in charge of the Freedmen's Bureau.
37Mrs. Van ResselaerOne of the mistresses in New York.
 Mrs. MorrisOne of the mistresses in New York.
 Mrs. RhinelanderOne of the mistresses in New York.
39MissCarlyle Mrs. Carnegie's nurse in New York.
EpiLittle Maeve Patrick and Maeve's granddaughter.
Carnegie's Maid suggested by Judith Morrissey