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Characters By Chapter
Jeffrey Hale
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1MadameSt ClairAmbassador's wife.
 PhryneFisherWealthy aristocrat and private detective.
 RobertMatthewsAmateur cricketer. Aka: Bobby.
 ColonelHarperRetired Indian Colonel.
 LydiaAndrewsColonel Harper's daughter.
 Mrs.HarperColonel Harper's wife.
 John AndrewsLydia's husband. Aka: Johnnie.
 MadameBredaGerman woman who runs a Turkish bath house and health palace.
2ElizabethMacMillanDoctor at the Queen Victoria Hospital for Women.
 Elizabeth GarretAndersonShe was the first woman to qualify in Britain as a physician and surgeon.
 Dr Marie StopesAuthor, palaeobotanist and campaigner for eugenics and women's rights.
 CecilYatesOne of the cab drivers. Aka: Cec.
 AlbertJohnsonOne of the cab drivers. Aka: Bert.
3AliceGreenhamLatest victim of Butcher George.
 SisterSimmondsOne of the nuns at Queen Victoria Hospital.
 DorothyWilliams Phryne's confidential maid and social secretary Aka: Dot.
 GeorgeFletcherAbortionist and rapist. Aka: Butcher George.
 Mary ElizabethAllenButcher George's first victim.
 LillianMarchentProstitute. One of George's victims. Aka: Gay Lil.
5RobertSandersonPolitician. Member of the Parliament.
 Michael Irish mechanic.
 Melanie CryerOne of the aristocrats.
 MurielMillerDorothy's friend.
 ElizabethArdenFounder of Elizabeth Arden, Inc.
 Ted Doorman at the Windsor.
 WilfredOwenEnglish poet and soldier.
 Sashade LisseRussian dancer who has a grudge against drug dealers.
7Ellide LisseTwin sister of Sasha and his dancing partner.
8Gerda Madame Breda's maid.
 Princessede LisseElli and Sasha's grandmother.
 Ariadne One of Lydia's friends.
 Beatrice One of Lydia's friends.
 Henry Beatrice's husband.
9 EllisSenior-Constable.
 MrSmytheHotel manager.
10MayCunliffe1924 Cairo road race champion.
 James One of the King of Snow's men. Aka: Gentleman Jim.
 Bull One of the King of Snow's men.
 CokeyBillingsOne of the King of Snow's men.
 MotherJamesCafeteria owner.
 JoanBarnardOne of Phryne's aliases.
11Maureen Lydia's Irish maid.
 Brigit Maureen's sister.
12MrTurnerOne of the politicians at the Melba Gala.
 MrJacksonOne of the politicians at the Melba Gala.
 MrBerryOne of the politicians at the Melba Gala.
 MrsSandersonRobert Sanderson's wife.
 Nellie MelbaAustralian operatic soprano.
13GeorgesSantinPhryne's old friend.
15JaneyTheodoreOne of Phryne's aliases.
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