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Remy Hale
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   The Secret Letters
 Franklin D. Roosevelt32nd U.S. President.
 AnnWhiteSenior student at Wellesley College.
 HelenDodsonProfessor at Wellesley Astronomy Department.
 ElizabethColbyMath major from Wellesley College. Aka: Bets.
 NanWestcottBotany major student.
 EdithUhePsychology major student.
 GloriaBosettiItalian major student.
 BlancheDe PuySpanish major student.
 BeaNortonHistory major student.
 LouiseWildeEnglish major student.
 AnneBarusSenior student at Smith College, History major.
 DorothyStimsonGoucher's dean.
 HenryStimsonSecretary of War.
 OlaWinslawEnglish professor.
 JonathanEdwardsAmerican Theologian.
 FrancesSteenOne of best liked students in Goucher's class. Aka: Fran.
 EgiSteenFrances' brother.
 EdithReynoldsAn author.
 DorothyRamaleWanted to be a math teacher.
 AmeliaEarhartA woman aviator.
 EleanorSmithA woman aviator.
   Introduction: Your Country Needs You, Young Ladies
 Rosie The Riveter.
 KarlDonitzGerman admiral.
 LeighNoyesU.S. Navy rear admiral.
 AdaComstockPresident of Radcliffe College.
 DonaldMenzelAstronomy professor at Harvard.
 LaurenceSaffordOne of the U.S. Navy's core breaker.
 VirginiaGildersleeveDean of Barnard College.
 JohnRedmanOne of the top intelligence officers in Washington.
 Ralph S.HayesLieutenant Navy commander.
 MissMcCormickThe only girl taking the Harvard Japanese course.
 Douglas MacArthurAmerican general.
 LouisePearsallJoined the Women's Reserved in the U.S. Navy.
 WilliamPearsallLouise's brother.
 AnnCaracristiWorked as code breaker. Aka: Annie.
 AlanTuringEnglish mathematician, cryptanalyst and theoretical biologist.
 JoeRochefortAmerican Naval officer.
 MeredithGardnerAmerican cryptanalyst.
 FrankRavenRenowned Naval code breaker.
 JeanneHammondMember of class '43 at Wellesley College.
 Mabel J.BelcherOne of the students of Wellesley College.
 Raymond J.BlairMabel's boyfriend.
 Alathena P.SmithOne of the students of Wellesley College.
 Frederick C.KastenAlathena's boyfriend.
 Ann S.HamiltonArthur James's wife.
 JeuelBannisterHigh school band director.
 JaennCozOne of the code-breaking librarians who work for the Navy.
 DwightEisenhower34th U.S. President.
 ChesterNimitzAdmiral of the U.S. Navy.
 GeorgeMarshallFormer U.S. Secretary of State.
 Thomas DeweyFormer governor of New York.
 StephenChamberlainChief Executive Officer.
 ClarenceHancockAmerican congressman.
   Part l In The Event Of Total War Women Will Be Needed
1  Twenty-Eight Acres Of Girls
 WilliamPittFirst Earl of Chatham.
 Dorothy V.BradenSchool teacher. Aka: Dot.
 VirginiaBradenDot's mother. Aka: Meemaw.
 BoydBraden Jr.Dot's brother. Aka: Bubba.
 JohnBradenDot's younger brother. Aka: Teedy.
 Edgar AllanPoeAmerican writer.
 Poochie Dog.
 Robert E.LeeAmerican confederate soldier.
 Eleanor RooseveltFormer First Lady of U.S.
 Mary AnnaCustis LeeRobert Lee's wife.
 William J.BissellHead of the Idaho Hall.
 Liz Dot's friend.
 ClementFrenchDean at Randolph Macon
 Dr. A.A.KernHead of Randolph Macon's English department.
 FrankCapraMovie director.
2  "This Is A Man's Size Job, But I Seem to be Getting Away With It"
 ElizebethSmithAmerican cryptanalyst and author.
 WilliamShakespeareEnglish poet.
 GeorgeFabyanA millionaire businessman.
 FrancisBaconEnglish statesman and philosopher.
 ElizabethWells GallupAmerican educator.
 Nelle Fabyan's wife.
 Frank LloydWrightAmerican architect.
 KateWellsElizabeth Gallup's sister.
 Patsy Pet male chimpanzee.
 WilliamFriedmanU.S. Army cryptographer.
 Julius CaesarFormer Roman dictator.
 Thomas Jefferson3rd U.S. President.
 BenjaminFranklinOne of the Founding Fathers of the U.S.
 BenedictArnoldMilitary officer.
 JohnManlyAmerican lawyer.
 JosephMauborgneChief Signal officer of the Army.
 ArthurZimmermannState Secretary for foreign affairs of the German Empire.
 HerbertYardleyAmerican cryptologist.
 GenevieveYoung HittOne of the first women to performed crypto logic functions.
 ParkerHittAmerican military officer.
 HerbertHoover31st U.S. President.
 Edward Beale McCleanPublisher of the Washington Post.
 JosephusDanielsSecretary of the U.S. Navy.
 AgnesMeyerAmerican journalist.
 Thomas DyerMayor of Chicago.
 EdwinLaytonRear Admiral of the U.S. Navy.
 MichaelDriscollMember of Pennsylvania House of Representative.
3  The Most Difficult Problem
 MarcelGiviergeAuthor of Course Cryptography.
 LuigiSaccoItalian general and cryptanalyst.
 FrankRowlettAmerican cryptologist.
 AbrahamSinkovU.S. cryptanalyst.
 SolomonKullbackAmerican mathematician.
 JohnHurtJapanese translator.
 WilmaBerrymanWorked for the Signal Intelligence.
 DeliaTaylorCode breaker.
 Mary LouisePratherAmerican spy and pioneering women in cryptography.
 Genevieve M.GrotjanAmerican mathematician and cryptanalyst. Aka: Gene.
 BenitoMussoliniFormer prime minister of Italy.
 ArvidDammSwedish engineer.
 HiroshiOshimaJapanese ambassador to Britain.
 AlbertSpeerMinister of armaments and war production - World War ll.
 King George V Former King of the United Kingdom.
 PierceLavalFrench politician.
 Mary JoDunningGrotjan's colleague.
 FlobethEhningerDouglas Ehninger's wife.
4  So Many Girls In One Place
 Carolyn RuthWestonDot's best friend. Aka: Crow.
 Kitty Ruth's younger sister.
 Louise Ruth's older sister. aka: Sister.
 Clyde Ruth's younger brother.
 ChristopherColumbusItalian navigator.
 JosephRedmanDirector of Naval Communications.
 WilhelmStyerChief of Staff of the Army Service Forces.
 Hugh H.CleggAssistant director of the FBI.
 CharlesTaftSon of the late president William Howard Taft.
 William H.Taft27th U.S. President.
 Willie Charles' neighbor child.
 Johnny Charles' little child.
 GeorgeRushDot's boyfriend.
 JimBruceArmy meteorologist.
 BillRandolphDot's old friend.
   Part ll Over All This Vast Expanse of
   Waters Japan Was Supreme
5  "It Was Heart - Rending"
 ShigenoriTogoJapanese Foreign Minister.
 IsorokuYamamotoJapanese Marshall Admiral.
 Winston ChurchillBritish Prime Minister.
 MarianRejewskiPolish mathematician.
 EuniceWilson RiceWorked on codes of the Italian Navy.
 BenNortonAmerican journalist.
 ConstanceMcCreadyJournalist and politician from Portland.
 JoanRichterFormer real estate agent.
 ViolaMooreFrench major from Bryn Mawr. Aka: Vi.
 MargaretGilmanBiochemistry major from Bryn Mawr.
 ErmaHughesPsychology major from University of Maryland.
 JosephWengerRear Admiral of the U.S. Navy.
 ErnestKingCommander-in-Chief - U.S. Fleet and chief of Naval Operations.
 PrescottCurrierNaval code breaker during World War ll.
 Mrs.TallyOne of the clerks.
 Mrs.ClarkOne of the clerks.
 HowardCampaignNew recruit.
 ElizabethBigelowAspiring architect recruited from Vassar.
 WalterWinchellAmerican columnist.
 StanleyJohnstonBritish author and former politician.
6  "Q For Communications"
 NourseRogersAmerican social welfare volunteer and politician.
 Joy Bright HancockVeteran of both First and Second World War.
 ElizabethReynardEnglish professor at Barnard College.
 RandallJacobsChief of the Naval personnel.
 MildredMcAfeeServed as First Director of the WAVES in the U.S. Navy.
 JosephineOgdenJames Forrestal's wife.
 JamesForrestalSecretary of the Navy.
 HerbertDavisSmith's president.
 LouiseAllenCode breaker.
 Lib Worked on top secret project bet. Navy and private industry.
 FrancesLyndCode breaker.
 NancyDobsonCode breaker.
 EthelWilsonWAVES member.
 GeorgiaO'ConnorJoined the WAVES out of curiosity.
 AvaCandleWAVES member.
 MyrtleOttoBoston-bred code breaker.
 Ida MaeOlsonNaval code breaker.
 MillieWeatherlyFormer telephone operator who joined the Navy.
 BettyHyattWorked as a yeoman.
 RonnieMackeyFormer telephone operator who joined the Navy.
 FiorelloLa GuardiaFormer mayor of New York City.
 JaneCaseTheodore Case's daughter.
 TheodoreCaseAmerican physicist.
 AlexanderGraham BellInventor.
 ElizabethSomersFounder of Mount Vernon.
 GeorgeLloydMount Vernon's president.
 FredsonBowlerAmerican bibliographer.
 OswaldJacobyAmerican author.
 Willard VanOrman QuineAmerican philosopher.
 RichmondLattimoreAmerican poet.
 PikeJohnsonScribner's acquaintance.
 Elizabeth S. Arnold Vassar-educated mathematician. Aka: Bibba.
 SuzanneHarpoleWellesley code breaker.
 NancyHaleFredson Bower's wife.
 MarjorieFaederAssigned to work at electric cipher machine (ECM).
 RuthSchoenLegal secretary.
  HansonJaenn Coz's commanding officer.
 WymanPackardHeaded a unit of women working the midnight watch.
 W. S.WeedonLieutenant and author.
 CharlesFordWeedon's boss.
 LynRamsdellFormer employee at Boston Wool Merchant.
 Harry Dave Mirsky's brother.
 MargeBoyntonWillard Van Orman Quine's wife.
 EarthaKittenAmerican singer.
 FrankSinatraAmerican singer.
 Mary Lou Ida Mae's friend.
 Mrs.CovingtonIn-charge of the boarding house.
 JamesMannWashington lawyer.
 E. E.StoneNavy officer.
 Roberta Suzanne's acquaintance.
 JanetBurchellNavy liaison.
8  "Hells Half-Acre"
 WilliamSmithNew York editor.
 JewelHoganWorked at the machine section.
 SumnerRedstoneYoung officer in the translating unit.
 JuliaWardFormer dean - Bryn Mawr who built Arlington Hall's Library.
 JosephinePalumboDaughter of an Italian immigrant laborer.
 AnnieBriggsHead the production unit.
 EthelJustLed the expert translators.
 WilliamCoffeeTeam leader.
 JuanitaMorrisStudent from North Carolina worked as cryptologist.
 PrestonCordermanArmy Colonel.
 WilliamHalseyAmerican admiral in the U.S. Navy.
 FrankLewisLed a unit to break the Japanese Army System.
 BerniceSmithNavy recruit.
 JohnTiltmanBritish officer.
 AlSmallMan under Wilma's team.
 OlgaBrodOne of Wilma's team.
 Bessie L.GrubbOne of Wilma's team.
 Edna KateHaleOne of Wilma's group.
 Mildred W.LewisOne of Wilma's team.
 Esther A.SweeneyOne of Wilma's team.
 Lottie E.MillerOne of Wilma's team.
 Bessie D.WallOne of Wilma's team.
 Violet E.BennettOne of Wilma's team.
 Goldie M.PurksOne of Wilma's team.
 Ruby C.JonesOne of Wilma's team.
 ReubenWeissMilitary man.
 MortBarrowMilitary man.
 BenHazardMathematician from Harvard. Aka: Hap.
 GertrudeKirtlandFormer Kansas school teacher. aka: Gert.
 JoeRichardAmerican officer.
 NancyColemanMember of an elite team.
9  "It Was Only Human To Complain"
 PaavoCarlsonOne of the officer of Finnish extraction.
 PhyllisLa DueOne of the recruits.
 Ruth W.StokesHead Math and Astronomy Dept. at Winthtrop College.
 DavidTaylorAmerican business executive.
 H. S.HowardRear Admiral of the U.S. Army.
 JamesStewartAmerican actor.
 Oveta Culf HobbyTexas newswoman.
 NormaMartellOne of the WAC assigned at Vint Hill.
  ReganWAC member.
  SolekWAC member.
 RheaSmithProfessor at Rollins College.
 LeslieRutledgeHarvard graduate.
 WilliamSeamanBiggest complainer.
 JavierCerecedoArmy captain.
 BernicePhillipsWorked in the indexing and sorting section.
 OliveMickleBernice's acquaintance.
 JohnCoddingtonHead of the information section.
 KayCampGraduate of Swarthmore, handled the geographic unit.
 ArleneErlangerSmith's graduate built file on Japanese shipping.
 AnnaChaffinCompiling Japanese place names.
 HaroldDale GunnReporter.
 Ruth M.MillerAmerican artist.
 LucilleHallPulliam's acquaintance.
 JanePulliamReal estate agent.
 DorisJohnsonFormer American politician.
 LillianParmleyFormer teacher.
 LenaBrownCreator of many handmade things.
 LillianDavisIn-charge of logging in the traffic analysis section.
 Jane B.ParkRan the cryptographic training unit.
 HaroldBriggsHistory professor.
 Marjorie A.MillerCode breaker.
 Ann R.AugustCode breaker.
10  Pencil-Pushing Mamas Sink The Shipping Of Japan
 Miriam Worked at Dot's team.
 EvelynAkeleySchool teacher from Skidmore.
 AliceBeardwoodSchool teacher from Bryn Mawr.
 ElizabethHudsonSchool teacher.
 JuanitaSchroederSchool teacher.
 MildredLawrenceSchool teacher.
 OliviaFulghumSchool teacher.
 LoisHarerOne of the instructors.
 LenoreFranklinOne of the instructors.
 MargaretLudwigOne of the instructors.
 MargaretCalhounOne of the instructors.
 AliceGoodsonOne of the instructors.
 HelenO'RourkeDesigned the overlap unit.
  BradleyArmy officer.
 C. A.LockwoodCommander of the submarine force of the U.S. Pacific Fleet.
 George C.KenneyMacArthur's air corps commander.
 HarryTruman33rd U.S. President.
   Part lll The Tide Turns
11  Sugar Camp
 CharlesKetteringInvented automobile ignition system.
 JohnPattersonFormer governor of Alabama.
 Jimmie LeeHutchinsonRobert Power's fiance.
 RobertPowersPilot with the U.S. Air Force.
 BeatriceHughartJimmie Lee's friend. Aka: Bea.
 IrisFlaspollerWorked in the U.S. Navy.
 August Iris Flaspoller's husband.
 DotFirorIris's officer in-charge.
 JosephDeschElectrical engineer and inventor. Aka: Joe.
 DorothyDeschJoseph Desch's wife.
 Ralph I.MeaderWiry Navy officer.
 BettyBemisChampion swimmer.
 OrvilleWrightBetty Bemis' acquaintance.
 JosephStalinGeneral secretary of Communist Party of Soviet Union.
  VannevarBushMIT engineer.
 Mrs.DriscollTransferred to N.A.T. Japanese project.
 Mrs.HamiltonTransferred to N.A.T. Japanese project.
 HowardEngstromHeaded reserved operations at the U.S. Navy Communications.
 John HowardEngineer from MIT.
 MarshallHallMathematician from Yale.
 Burt Louise Pearsall's brother.
 DeborahAndersonDesch's daughter.
 CharlotteMcLeodIn-charge of maintaining the commutators.
 JaniceMartinIn submarine tracking room.
 JaneThorntonJanice's childhood friend.
 JacquelineJenkinsBill Nye's mother.
 BillNyeAmerican science communicator. Aka: Science Guy.
 KennethKnowlesCommander with a counterpart tracking room in England.
 EstherHottensteinLieutenant in-charge at the women's barracks.
 EdRobartsBetty Bemis' fiancĂ©. Aka: Shortly.
 Rupert TrumbleIris Flaspoller's boyfriend.
12  "All My Love, Jim"
 CurtisParisDot's acquaintance.
 BingCrosbyAmerican singer.
13  "Enemy Landing at the Mouth of the Seine"
 MarshallRundstedtGerman military officer.
 KatsuoAbeJapanese military attachĂ© in Berlin.
 GeorgePattonAmerican general.
 ErwinRommelGerman field marshal.
 Thomas GrayAmerican poet.
 AnnBrownWAC working at the traffic analysis.
 Jack Elizabeth Bigelow's brother.
 Donna Doe SouthallOne of WAVES officers.
14  Teedy
 Gus One of Dot's mutual friends.
 Johnny One of Dot's mutual friends.
 ClaraPetacciMussolini's mistress.
 DorothyRushGeorge Rush's wife.
15  The Surrender Message
 EdwinReischauerAmerican educator.
 Virginia Dare AderholdtFrom Bethany College, now handled the JAH.
 NaotakeSatoJapanese ambassador to Moscow.
  Kase Japanese ambassador to Bern.
  OkatoJapanese ambassador to Stockholm.
 AllenDullesFormer director of Central Intelligence.
16  Good-Bye to Crow
 BillCableCrow's husband.
Epi  The Mitten
  KierkegaardDanish philosopher.
 RonaldReagan40th U.S. President.
 HughErskineServed 3years in the Air Force during World War ll.
 CarrieBerrieFormer Texas school teacher.
 PollyBudenbachHelped Frank Raven break the Japanese naval attache cipher.
 GeneGrabeelEx-school teacher, presented with some Soviet intercepts.
 MarieMeyerA linguist.
 EleanorGrabeelGene Grabeel's sister-in-law.
 GraceHopperAmerican scientist.
 Sarah Louise Pearsall's daughter.
 William Louise Pearsall's brother.
 BarrackObama44th U.S. President.
 Donald J.Trump45th U.S. President.
 BillLudingtonGeorgia O'Connor's son.
 Forrest Edith Reynold's son.
 Jed Fran Steen's son.
 BernieSandersU.S. senator.
 Braden Dot's little boy.
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