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Jeffrey Hale
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1  The Software Update That Changed Reality
 RuchiSanghviFirst female engineer hired by Facebook.
 MarkZuckerbergCo-founded and CEO of Facebook.
 AdamD'AngeloFormer CTO of Facebook.
 DustinMoskovitzZuckerberg's roommate at Harvard.
 DavidChoeGraffiti artist.
 EzraCallahanOne of Facebook's early employees.
 ChrisCoxFormer chief product officer at Facebook.
 MattCahillOne of Sanghvi's collaborators.
 Kang-XingJinOne of Sanghvi's collaborators. Aka: KX.
 AndrewBosworthZuckerberg's former Harvard teaching assistant. Aka: Boz.
 BenParrAmerican author, venture capitalist and entrepreneur.
 MarcAndreessenNetscape co-founder.
 RobertMosesFamous city planner in New York. Aka: master builder.
 BrianKernighanComputer scientist. Contributed to the development of Unix.
 RobynMillerCo-designer of the popular computer game Myst.
 LarryWallCreated the Perl programming language.
 DannyHillisPioneered parallel computers and their use in AI.
 MaciejCegłowski Polish-American web developer and entrepreneur.
 JosephWeizenbaumGerman American computer scientist and a professor at MIT.
 SeymourPapertMathematician, computer scientist, and educator.
 MauriceWilkesDesigned the Electronic delay storage automatic calculator.
 ScottHanselmanProgrammer for Microsoft.
 GraceHopperOne of the first programmers of the Harvard Mark I computer.
 AdeleGoldbergCo-creator of Smalltalk language.
 DouglasRushkoffMedia theorist, columnist and graphic novelist.
 Mary AllenWilkesFormer computer programmer and logic designer.
2  The Four Waves of Coders
 Aristotle Greek philosopher during the ancient Classical period.
 GeorgeBooleSelf-taught English mathematician, philosopher and logician.
 GottfriedLeibnizPolymath, logicians, mathematicians and natural philosopher.
 WesleyClarkAmerican physicist. Design and build the LINC.
 CharlesMolnarClark's colleague.
 ArnoldStarrChair of the Department of Neurology.
 BillGosperAmerican mathematician and programmer.
 RickyGreenblattComputer programmer.
 SlugRussellAmerican computer scientist famous for creating Spacewar!.
 StevenLevyAmerican journalist.
 DavidSilverLead researcher on AlphaGo and co-lead on AlphaStar.
 RichardStallmanAmerican free software movement activist and programmer.
 MargaretHamiltonAmerican computer scientist and systems engineer.
 SteveWozniakCo-founded Apple Inc.
 JamesEveringhamOne of the teenagers amused by VIC-20.
 Mr.CleanEveringham's hacker friend.
 MikeKriegerCo-founded Instagram.
 KátiaLundBrazilian film director and screenwriter.
 GregBrandeauExecutive vice president at Pixar.
 B. J.FoggBehavior scientist and author.
 TristanHarrisBuilt an app called Send the Sunshine
 KevinSystromCo-founded Instagram.
3  Constant Frustration and Bursts of Joy
 DaveGuarinoDirector and developer for Code for America.
 AlanWilliamsGuarino's teammates.
 RobSpectreConsultant for counter human trafficking units across US.
 ThomasEdisonAmerican inventor and businessman.
 MichaelLoppVice president of engineering at Slack.
 JeffAtwoodCo-founder of Stack Overflow.
 CalHendersonCTO and co-founder of Slack.
 NatashaDow SchüllAnthropologist.
 BlakeRossCo-creator of the Mozilla Firefox internet browser.
 Michael A guy who switched jobs into coding.
 Matthew B. CrawfordAmerican writer.
 ChadFowlerAuthor of The Passionate Programmer.
 J. Edgar HooverFirst Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
 JamesBaldwinAmerican novelist.
 Teresa M. AmabileHarvard professor.
 Steven J.KramerHarvard researcher.
 SaronYitbarekProgrammer who founded CodeNewbie.
4  Among the INTJs
 BramCohenBitTorrent inventor.
 AndrewLoewensternCohen's friend.
 Jenna Cohen's wife.
 Riley Cohen's daughter.
 William H.WhyteAuthor of The Organization Man.
 NathanEnsmengerAuthor of The Computer Boys Take Over.
 RichardBrandonIndustry analyst.
 HilaryMasonFounder of technology startup Fast Forward Labs.
 DavidBillVeteran coder.
 JamieZawinskiWorked on the Netscape browser.
 JeanHollandsPsychologists. Author of The Silicon Syndrome.
 Jennifer 8.LeeAmerican journalist.
 CraigSilversteinFirst person employed by Page and Brin at Google.
 Mo Hanselman's wife.
 RubeGoldbergAmerican cartoonist, sculptor, author, engineer, and inventor.
 JonathanFranzenAmerican novelist and essayist.
 MaryShelleyEnglish novelist who wrote the Gothic novel Frankenstein.
 LordBryonEnglish poet, peer, and politician.
 ElizabethChurchillDirector of user experience at Google.
 PaulGrahamComputer scientist, entrepreneur, vc, and essayist.
5  The Cult of Efficiency
 CharlesHermanyEngineer and architect.
 FrankGilbrethAmerican engineer, consultant, and author.
 KenThompsonAmerican pioneer of computer science.
 BradFitzpatrickInventor of the pioneering blogging site LiveJournal.
 NicholasCarrAuthor of The Glass Cage.
 Larry WallCreator of Perl.
 Christina Coder in San Francisco.
 JeannetteWingColumbia University professor.
 ChrisThorpeVeteran coder.
 KonradZuseInventor of the first digital computer.
 TimSchaferVideo game designer
 BjarneStroustrupThe designer of the C++.
 JinghaoYanEngineer at Facebook.
 MattWardBritish author and miniature war gaming designer.
 EzraPoundAmerican poet and critic.
 MartinFowlerBritish software developer and author.
 KentBeckSoftware engineer and the creator of extreme programming.
 RobRhinehartInventor of Soylent.
 RuhiSarikayaComputer engineer and director Soylent.
 ClaraJefferyEditor in chief of Mother Jones.
 NnamdiUwazieNigerian cabdriver.
 LeahPearlmanFormer designer at Facebook.
 JustinRosensteinSoftware programmer and entrepreneur.
 RameetChawlaTech entrepreneur.
 DonaldCampbellSocial psychologist.
 Mortimer J. AdlerPhilosopher.
6  10X, Rock Stars, and the Myth of Meritocracy
 MaxLevchinDeveloped and co-founded PayPal.
 KeithRaboisPayPal vice president.
 David SacksPayPal COO.
 HalSackmanResearcher at System Development Corporation.
 BillCurtisSoftware manager.
 FredBrooksAuthor of The Mythical Man-Mont.
 BillGatesPrincipal founder of Microsoft Corporation.
 PaulAllenBill Gates's former schoolmate.
 MonteDavidoffAmerican computer programmer.
 BradFitzpatrickCreator of LiveJournal.
 LarryPageCo-founded Google.
 SergeyBrinCo-founded Google.
 BobbyMurphyAmerican Internet entrepreneur and software engineer.
 SatoshiNakamotoPseudonymous person or persons who developed bitcoin.
 JohnCarmackVideo game developer and engineer.
 JoelSpolskyCo-founder of Fog Creek Software
 JillMcFarlaneBug checker.
 SamAltmanChairman of Y Combinator.
 ClaytonLewisComputer science professor.
 DrewHoustonCo-founder and CEO of Dropbox.
 BenNewhouseOne of Houston's highly productive coders.
 JamieTurnerDropbox engineer.
 Meredith L. PattersonProgrammer.
 JohannaBrewerSelf taught programmer.
 CynthiaLeeStanford professor.
 TracyChouFormer programmer at Pinterest.
 BenSilbermannPinterest co-founder.
 LinusTorvaldsFinnish university student.
 AdamSmithianScottish economist, philosopher and author.
 KarlMarxGerman philosopher, economist, historian, political theorist.
 JonathanHamiltonSoftware architect.
 Rick Self-professed rock star programmer.
 BonnieEisenmanProgrammer for Twitter.
 GradyBoochIBM coder.
 SueGardnerRan Wikimedia Foundation.
 JacobKaplan-MossPython developer.
 EmilyChangAuthor of Brotopia.
 Josh LevyLongtime veteran of several Silicon Valley firms.
 AntonioGarcía MartínezFormer Facebook ad-tech employee.
 JohnathanNightingaleFormer general manager of Firefox.
 TravisKalanickUber's former CEO.
 JamieZawinskiNetscape coder.
 PeterNorvigDirector of research at Google Inc.
 NeilMalhotraStanford professor of political economy.
 IanBogostPhilosopher and technologist.
 JamesCowlingMIT student.
 JamieTurnerDropbox engineer.
 JessicaMcKellarDirector of engineering at Dropbox.
 DennisCrowleyCo-founded the social networking sites Dodgeball.
 AlexRainertCrowley's fellow student back then.
 OrkutBuyukkoktenOne of Google's interviewer.
7  The ENIAC Girls Vanish
 MattMullenwegWordPress co-founder.
 AdaLovelaceEnglish mathematician and writer.
 CharlesBabbageEnglish polymath.
 JanetAbbateVirginia Tech professor.
   ENIAC - first electronic general-purpose computer.
 KathleenMcNultyOne of the ENIAC Girls.
 BettyJenningsOne of the ENIAC Girls.
 ElizabethSnyderOne of the ENIAC Girls.
 MarlynWescoffOne of the ENIAC Girls.
 FrancesBilasOne of the ENIAC Girls.
 RuthLichtermanOne of the ENIAC Girls.
 JeanSammetDeveloped the FORMAC programming language.
 FranAllenPioneer in the field of optimizing compilers.
 GwenBraithwaiteYoung woman in Toronto.
 ElsieShuttComputer programmer founded Computation Inc.
 MarieHicksFormer UNIX administrator.
 AllanFisherAssociate dean of the computer science program at CMU.
 JaneMargolisSocial scientist.
 LillyIraniAssociate professor at the University of California,
 EricRobertsComputer science professor at Wellesley and Harvard.
 EllenSpertusComputer scientist.
 StephanieHurlburtFounded a start-up called Binomial.
 RichGeldreichHurlburt's friend.
 EricaBakerBuild-release engineer.
 JohnDoerrAmerican investor and venture capitalist.
 KellyEllisFormer Google engineer.
 EllenPaoInvestor for Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.
 JennaJamesonPorn star.
 JamesDamoreSenior software engineer at Google.
 Simon Baron-CohenBritish clinical psychologist.
 SundarPichaiGoogle CEO.
 YonatanZungerFormer Google engineer.
 RoliVarmaSocial scientist.
 MichaelYoungBritish politician.
 Sarah-JaneLeslieCognitive scientist.
 MariaKlawePresident of Harvey Mudd College.
 DouglasRushkoffSocial critic.
 LindaSaxEducation professor at UCLA.
 DaveMcClureFounder of 500 Startups.
 ChrisSaccaVenture capitalists.
 JustinCaldbeckVenture capitalists.
 AmulyaBalakrishnanOne of the creators of reVIVE.
 AkshayaDineshOne of the creators of reVIVE.
 SowmyaPatapatiOne of the creators of reVIVE.
8  Hackers, Crackers, and Freedom Fighters
 StevePhillipsLeapChat creator.
 A. J.BahnkenPhillips's friend.
 JenHelsbyCoder for SecureDrop.
 RonPaulAmerican author, physician, and retired politician.
 JulianAssangeAustralian editor, publisher and activist.
 BarrettBrownGovernment-transparency activist.
 BrewsterKahleAdvocate - universal access to all knowledge.
 MarkAbeneHacker in the '80s. Aka: Phiber Optik.
 WhitDiffieComputer scientist.
 BobbyInmanFormer head of the NSA.
 StewartBakerFormer NSA general counsel.
 DanielBernsteinComputer scientist.
 PhilZimmermannAmerican computer scientist and cryptographer.
 WilliamSafireNew York Times columnist.
 MattBlazeComputer scientist.
 RichardParsonsFormer head of Time Warner.
 DmitrySklyarovRussian coder.
 Jon LechJohansenNorwegian coder.
 AndrewBunnerCharged with distributing the DeCSS code.
 LucyParsonsLabor organizer, radical socialist and anarcho-communist.
 EdwardSnowdenComputer-security contractor for the NSA.
 AaronSwartzCoder and activist.
 LisaReinCo-founder of Creative Commons.
 Austin Amateur hacker.
 JasonLeopoldBuzzFeed investigative reporter.
 ChelseaManningArmy intelligence analyst.
 MoxieMarlinspikeCrypto hacker.
 JobertAbmaCo-founded HackerOne.
 DoriClarkCoder for a financial service.
 MattBlazeResearcher in secure systems and trust management.
 CarstenSchürmannDanish computer scientist.
 ChristianTernusInfosec coder.
 MarcusHutchinsResearcher for Kryptos Logic
 ParasJhaComputer science student.
 Evgeniy M.BogachevOne of the FBI's most-wanted hackers.
 JohnPodestaFormer White House Chief of Staff.
9  Cucumbers, Skynet, and Rise of AI
 Fan HuiEuropean Go champion.
 Lee SedolAnother elite Go player.
 MakotoKoikeJapanese computer engineer.
 DaveFerrucciLead the development of the Watson computer system.
 NorahJonesAmerican singer-songwriter.
 YannLeCunFrench scientist.
 JeffDeanHead of Google AI division.
 SanjayGhemawatDean's colleague.
 GeoffHintonBritish computer scientist.
 AndrewNgStanford professor. Part-time consultant for Google X.
 Kai-FuLeeInvented the first "plain-talk speech recognition".
 MattZeilerFounder and CEO of Clarifai.
 JustinJohnsonResearcher who works in Facebook's AI lab.
 PedroDomingosAI pioneer at the University of Washington.
 HilaryMasonData and machine-learning scientist.
 AndyRubinCreator of Android.
 JackyAlcinéFreelance web developer.
 JoyBuolamwiniAfrican American coder.
 RobynSpeerCo-founder and chief science officer of Luminoso.
 DannySullivanFounder of Search Engine Watch.
 HenryGanCoder at Gfycat.
 AliRahimiAI programmer for Google.
 JanAlbrechtEU legislator from Germany.
 I. J.GoodStatistician.
 AlanTuringMathematician, computer scientist and theoretical biologist.
 NickBostromPhilosopher, heads Future of Humanity Institute at Oxford.
 ElonMuskTesla founder.
10  Scale, Trolls, and Big Tech
 BizStoneOne of the founders of Twitter.
 JackDorseyOne of the founders of Twitter.
 VirginiaWoolfEnglish writer.
 HarveyWeinsteinFormer film producer.
 RyanOlsonLead engineer for Instagram.
 WangXingCEO of Meituan Dianping.
 OlegRogynskyyCo-founder and CEO of
 KevinYangLead programmer and co-founder
 JamesWilliamsFormer Google employee.
 MatJohnsonUniversity of Houston professor.
 ZeynepTufekciAssociate professor at the University of North Carolina.
 JonathanAlbrightResearcher at Columbia University.
 SivaVaidhyanathanAuthor of Antisocial Media.
 DipayanGhoshWorked for Facebook.
 RodrigoDutertePresident of the Philippines.
 RobertMuellerUS special investigator.
 DonaldRumsfeldFormer U.S. Congressman.
 AlexPayneFormer coder for Twitter.
 TomAndersonFounder of MySpace.
 AnilDashCEO of Glitch.
 FredTurnerCommunications scholar at Stanford.
 Wernhervon BraunAmerican-German aerospace engineer.
 AnitaSarkeesianCanadian-American feminist media critic and public speaker.
 DanielleCitronProfessor of Law at Boston University Law School.
 JonathanWeismanThe New York Times editor.
 SafiyaUmoja NobleAuthor of Algorithms of Oppression.
 Jacob H.AndrewsFormer Twitter engineer.
 DavidGascaProduct manager at Twitter.
 BriannaWuGame designer.
 ClayShirkyAmerican writer, consultant and teacher.
 DavidGreeneCivil liberties director for the Electronic Frontier Foundation.
 RonWydenUnited States Senator.
 David H. HanssonDanish programmer and creator of popular Ruby on Rails.
 TylerBreisacherFormer Google employee.
 Kim Google employee.
 DianeGreeneHead of Google Cloud.
 Fei-FeiLiGoogle chief AI scientist.
11  Blue-collar Coding
 GarlandCouchLaid-off coal-mine worker in Kentucky.
 RustyJusticeBit Source owner.
 LynnParrishJustice's business partner.
 John CCMayoInvestor who helped bring coal mining to the region.
 WilliamStevensOne of the first trainee at Bit Source.
 EdLazowskaComputer science professor at University of Washington.
 AviFlombaumFounder of the Flatiron School.
 MaggieJohnsonGoogle's vice president of education.
 C. J. SilverioChief technological officer of the tech firm NPM.
 SantoshRajanFounder of Geekskool.
 LuisDe CastroOne student at Dev Bootcamp.
 MitchPronschinskeFormer editor at TechBeacon.
 Tressie M.CottomAmerican writer, sociologist, and professor.
 QuincyLarsonRan an English schools in China.
 JakeHsuCatalyte's CEO.
 CarolinaEricksonOne of Catalyte's employee.
 DavidKaltCEO of Reverb.
 MiriamPosnerCoder who teaches Information Studies at UCLA.
 Edsger W.DijkstraPioneering computer scientist.
 JohnMcCarthyComputer scientist.
 SeymourPapertMIT's pioneering educational theorist.
 IanBogostPhilosopher and game designer.
 OliverBrotherhoodBritish Minecraft YouTuber. Aka: Mumbo Jumbo.
 JensBergenstenLead Minecraft developer.
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