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Characters By Chapter
Jeffrey Hale
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1Flora PosteAn orphaned young woman.
 MarySmilingA widow, Flora's friend in London
  SnellerMrs Smiling's butler.
   Pioneers-O - Mary's loyalist.
 Robert PosteFlora's father.
 Mrs PosteFlora's mother.
 Tod SmilingMrs Smiling's husband. Aka: Diamond.
 Bikki  One of the Pioneers-O.
 Charles FairfordFlora's second cousin.
 Helen Flora's cousin.
2Judith StarkadderOne of Flora's relatives.
 Seth or Reuben Flora's assuption of Judith's son's name.
 Amos Flora's assuption of Judith's husband's name.
 Gwen  Flora's aunts.
 Mr McKnagFlora's father's cousin.
 AdaDoomFlora's mother's eldest sister. Owner of the farm.
 Swooth  One of the Pioneers-O.
 Goofi One of the Pioneers-O.
 Riante Mrs Smiling's maid.
 Mig  One of the Pioneers-O.
3Fig StarkadderAda Doom's husband.
 Adam LambsbreathOld farm hand.
 Elfine Outdoor-loving girl of the Starkadders.
 Graceless One of the farm's cows.
 Pointless One of the farm's cows.
 Feckless One of the farm's cows.
 Aimless One of the farm's cows.
 Seth Judith's younger son.
 Amos Judith's husband and hellfire preacher.
 Mark DolourOne of the farm hands.
 Micah StarkadderOne of Amos's half-cousins.
 Urk One of Amos's half-cousins.
 Ezra Urk's brother.
 Caraway One of Amos's half-cousins.
 Harkaway Caraway's son.
 Luke One of Amos's half-brothers.
 Mark  One of Amos's half-brothers.
 Reuben Amos's eldest son.
 MeriamBeetleThe hired girl.
4Viper A gelding.
 Richard Hawk-MonitorElfine's fiancée. Aka: Dick.
5Nancy Mark Dolour's daughter.
6Mrs BeetleThe housekeeper.
7Mrs MurtherThe landlady of 'The Condemn'd Man'.
 Mr MeyerburgA writer who pursues Flora. Aka: Mr Mybug.
8Deborah CheckbottomThe other preacher.
 Earl P. NeckFilm producer.
 Lily Neck's mistress.
 Brother AmbleforthThe one who leads the quivering.
 Mrs PolswettMrs Smiling protégée.
9Billie PolswettMrs Polswett son.
10Julia Flora's friend. The one who collects books about gangsters.
 Claud Hart-HarrisOne of Flora's friends.
11Pamela  Elfine's cousin.
 Mr Hawk-MonitorDick's father.
12JoanHawk-MonitorDick's sister.
 Mrs Hawk-MonitorDick's mother.
 Susan Micah's wife.
 Phoebe Mark's wife.
 Prue Luke's wife.
 Letty Caraway's wife.
 Jane Ezra's wife.
 Rennett Susan's daughter.
13Maison ViolHairdresser.
 Maison SolideDressmaker.
19Adolf MüdelPsychoanalyst.
21Ralph Pent-HartiganDick's best man.
22Agony BeetleMrs Beetle husband.