Characters - Alphabetical
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DrunkAllisonEd Thompson's acquaintance.
DavidAmireauOne of the suspects on Angela Chapman's disappearance.
LakshmiAnjaleJournalism Student.
LauraBakerThe student who claimed a police officer sexually assaulted her.
CaitlinBergmanA Los Angeles-based reporter. Aka: Caitie.
MatthewBergmanCaitlin's father.
ChadBranfordAngela's professor.
ScottCantonCaitlin's old teacher.
AngelaChapmanAn Indian girl. Anjale's best friend. Aka: Angie.
DorisChapmanAngela's mother.
MarkChristiansen An FBI agent from the Bloomington resident agency.
TomClancyAmerican novelist.
FrancesDanforthA lady im the woods buried in nineteen fifty-five.
RuthDavisLakshmi's freshman-year roommate.
PaulDooleyAmerican actor, writer and comedian.
PabloEscobarColombian drug lord and narcoterrorist.
ChrisFarleyAmerican actor and comedian.
AdamFodorNate's older brother.
NathanFodorKieran and David's acquaintance. Aka: Frodo; Nate.
AntoineForemanAn FBI agent from Indianapolis.
AaronGaffneyMary Lubbers-Gaffney's husband.
Mary LubbersGaffneyThe dean of the Media School. Caitlin's good friend.
DoloresGarciaOne of Angela's friends.
JerryGarciaAmerican singer-songwriter.
JerryGreenwoodThe lead detective from the Bloomington PD.
RandallGutchersonNate's Fodor acquaintance. Aka: Gooch.
ConnorHartmanGreenwood's father-in-law.
MelissaHartmanGreenwood's wife.
AdolfHitlerGerman politician and leader of the Nazi Party.
DouglasHopewellA sheriff.
AndrewJackson7th U.S. President.
MichaelJacksonAmerican singer-songwriter and dancer.
TonyJeongOne of Caitlin's acquaintances.
CaseyJonesAmerican railroad engineer.
StephenKingAmerican author of horror, supernatural fiction, suspense, crime.
PaigeLaufferA part-time waitress in Bloomington and part-time student at IU.
ChuckLesterFrodo's little frat brother.
JimMartinezAn FBI agent.
JimMartinezSpecial agent.
JaneMaverickA detective.
CarolMcGovernLakshmi's acquaintance.
JohnMellencampAmerican musician, singer-songwriter, actor, and film director.
KieranMichelsonOne of the suspects on Angela Chapman's disappearance.
DevonMillerAngela's roommate.
PaulNewmanAmerican actor, film director, race car driver, and entrepreneur.
Mary PavlosOne of Angela's friends.
PabloPicassoSpanish painter, sculptor, printmaker, and theatre designer.
ErniePyleAmerican journalist.
AbigailRentonBloomington Police Department's chief.
MikeRomanAn ex-cop.
WilliamShakespeareEnglish playwright, poet, and actor.
EllenShaubOne of Caitlin's acquaintances.
ChrisShepherdA detective.
IsabelleShepherdChris Shepherd's wife.
PratimaSiddalA grammar teacher.
O. J. SimpsonAmerican football running back.
LyleSugarA deputy sheriff.
DarrenThompsonCaitlin's acquaintance.
SteveToblowskyOne of Caitlin's acquaintances.
ChetWatkinsCaitlin's acquaintance.
TennesseeWilliamsAmerican playwright.
TroyWoodsA patrol officer.
Becky The school photographer.
Bruce Doris Chapman's husband.
Charlese Caitlin's acquaintance.
Deena Lakshmi's friend.
Embower Branford's alias.
Genevieve The party host.
Ginger Mary's cousin.
Henry VI King of England.
Jack Fodor Frodo's father.
Jessica One of Lakshmi's acquaintances.
John Fodor's acquaintance.
Linda Fodor Frodo's mother.
Nirvana American rock band.
Pixies American alternative rock band.
Richard A lawyer.
Richard III King of England and Lord of Ireland.
Tammy One of Branford's students.
Tanya Mary's Aunt.