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Characters By Chapter
Ry Smith
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1   Albert   Cousins   Deputy District Attorney. aka: Bert.
    Fix   Keating   A cop. aka: Francis Xavier Keating.
    Dick   Spencer   Lawyer and former cop. From DA's office.
    Beverly   Keating   Fix's 2nd wife.
    Caroline   Keating   Fix's daughter.
    Lois       Fix's neighbor.
    Wallis       Beverly's best friend.
    Bonnie       Beverly's sister.
    Tom   Keating   Fix's brother. A fireman.
    Betty       Tom's wife.
    Lomer       Fix's police partner.
    Joe   Mike   A priest.
    Teresa   Cousins   Albert Cousin's 1st wife.
    John   Keating   Fix's brother.
    Bill       Fix's neighbor. Susie's husband.
    Susie       Fix's neighbor. Bill's wife.
    Mary   Spencer   Dick Spencer's wife.
    Cal   Cousins   Albert's son. aka: Calvin
    Holly   Cousins   Albert's daughter.
    Francis   Keating   Fix's baby daughter. aka: Franny.
    Jeanette   Cousins   Albert's child.
    Albert John   Cousins   Albert's youngest child. aka: Albie
2   Jenny       A nurse.
    Larry       Wallis's husband.
    Jack   Dine   Wallis's 3rd husband.
    Patsy       A nurse.
    Jorge'   Mercado   Mexican bad guy.
3           Febrile - having or showing fever symptoms.
4   Leon   Posen   Man at the bar. A famous author. aka: Leo.
    Kumar       Franny's roomate.
    Heinrich       Bartender at the Palmer House in Chicago.
    Kelly       A waitress with a child.
    Rae       Restaurant bartender in Iowa City.
5   Fode'       Jeanette's husband. A black man from Guinea.
    Bintou       Jeanette's babysitter.
    Dayo       Jeanette's baby. aka: Calvin.
    Ernestine       Cousins family former housekeeper.
            Kohl - a black powder used as eye makeup.
            Dharma - the principle of cosmic order.
    Ned       Man who was accused of shooting Cal.
    Raul       Member - with Albie - of Goddamn Boys On Bikes.
    Lenny       Member of Goddamn Boys On Bikes.
    Edison       Member of Goddamn Boys On Bikes.
            Acromion - a bony process on the shoulder blade.
6   Eric       Posen's editor.
    Marisol       Eric's wife.
    Jerrell       Palmer House cook.
    Astrid       Posen's agent.
    Jonas       A young writer.
    Ariel       Posen's daughter.
    Eugene   Wharton   Caroline's husband.
    Nick       Caroline's baby.
    John   Hollinger   Successful writer.
    Elen   Hollinger   John's wife.
    Button       Ariel's daughter.
    Gerrit       Ariel's boyfriend.
    Linda   Dale   Bert's girlfriend.
7   Natalie   Posen   Posen's wife.
    Ravi       Franny's husband's oldest son.
    Amit       Franny's husband's other son.
    Charlotte   Cousins   Albie's daughter.
    Jim   Chen   Teresa's boyfriend. A public defender.
            Lortab - is a combination pain reliever containing an opiate.
8   Mikhail       Leader of Zen Center in Switzerland.
Lelia Person at Zen Center.
    Hyla       Person at Zen Center.
            Orienteering - a cross-country timed sport with checkpoints.
9   Pete       Franny's brother.
    Mathew   Dine   Jack Dine's son.
    Rick   Dine   Jack Dine's son.
    Laura Lee   Dine   Jack Dine's daughter.
    Peggy   Dine   Jack Dine's first wife.
    Katie   Dine   Peggy Dine's sister.
            Miscegenation - interbreeding of people of different racial types.
    Sapna       Kumar's first wife.