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The Making of Donald Trump and the breaking
of America

Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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Pro David Duke Former Grand Wizard of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan.
Donald Trump Served as the 45th president of the United States.
David Friedman American lawyer and the former U.S. Ambassador to Israel.
Jason Greenblatt The executive VP and chief legal officer to Donald Trump.
Bill Clinton The 42nd president of the United States.
Newt Gingrich Served as the 50th speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives.
Joe Biden 46th and current president of the United States.
Douglas Schoen American lawyer
Wayne Barrett American journalist.
Tim O'Brien American novelist who served as a soldier in the Vietnam War.
Gwenda Blair American journalist
Harry Hurt American author and journalist
Michael D'Antonio American author
John F. Kennedy 35th President of the United States of America.
Norman Vincent Peale American Protestant clergyman
George Steinbrenner American businessman
Ed Koch Former mayor of New York City.
Rudy Giuliani Served as the 107th Mayor of New York City.
Meade Esposito A Brooklyn Democratic leader and political boss.
Roger Stone American conservative political consultant and lobbyist.
Roy Cohn American lawyer and prosecutor.
John F. McCain Serving as the senior United States Senator from Arizona.
Jerry Nadler Served as the U.S. representative for New York.
Debbie Dingell Represents the 6th District of Michigan in the U.S. House of Rep.
Fred Trump Donald Trump's father.
Barack Obama Served as the 44th president of the United States.
Peter Sellers An English actor and comedian.
Maggie Haberman American journalist; White House correspondent for The NY Times.
Adam Nagourney American journalist who covered the 2020 presidential race.
1 The Power of Negative Thinking
Robert Moses American urban planner and public official.
Othmar Ammann A Swiss-American structural engineer.
Howard Blum American author and journalist.
Gaetano Talese An American writer. aka: Gay.
Harry Green Director
John F. Barron An English actor.
John F. Miller American attorney serving as the CEO of CaliBurger.
Friedrich Trump The paternal grandfather of Donald Trump.
Elizabeth Christ Friedrich Trump's wife.
Frank V. Kelly A key local supporter of FDR.
Franklin D. Roosevelt Served as the 32nd president of the United States.
Julius Lehrenkrauss The head of a leading Brooklyn mortgage and investment house.
Kenny Sutherland Ruled the oceanfront redoubt with an iron fist.
Abraham Lindenbaum A Brooklyn real-estate lawyer with formidable political connections.
Abraham Beame The 104th New York City mayor.
Hugh Carey The 51st governor of New York.
Mary Anne McLeod Fred Trump's wife.
Maryanne Mary and Fred Trump's daughter.
Roger Donald Trump's younger brother.
Peter Brant Donald's best friend.
Dwight Eisenhower Served as the 34th president of the United States.
Theodore Dobias Donald’s former school mentor
George White Donald's classmate.
Sandy McIntosh American poet
Peter Ticktin A local Florida lawyer.
Fitzgibbon One of Donald's classmates.
Louis Calomaris One of Donald's classmates.
David Black An award-winning journalist
Samuel J. LeFrak An American real estate tycoon.
Julius Rosenberg An American executed for spying for the Soviet Union.
Ethel Rosenberg An American executed for spying for the Soviet Union. Julius' wife.
Joseph McCarthy Served as a Republican U.S. Senator from the state of Wisconsin.
Marie Brenner American author
Ken Auletta American writer
Barbara Walters American broadcast journalist and television personality.
Rupert Murdoch Australian-born American media mogul.
Nancy Reagan First lady of the United States from 1981 to 1989.
2 Welcome to Fear City
Richard Ravitch American politician served as Lieutenant Governor of New York.
Louise Sunshine A Democratic fundraiser.
Richard LeFrak Samuel Lefrak's son.
David Berger Currently serving as the 38th commandant of the Marine Corps.
Howard Rubenstein American lawyer and public relations expert.
Judy Klemesrud A writer for The New York Times.
Ivana Marie Trump Donald Trump's wife.
Alfred Winklmayr An ex-husband of Ivana Trump.
Jack Newfield American journalist
3 Fifth Avenue Frieze-Out
Edward R. Korman Serving on the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of NY.
Albert Camus A French-Algerian philosopher
Robert Morgenthau American lawyer
Sheila Mosler Vice chairman of the New York County Republican Committee.
Pete McCloskey A Republican representative from San Mateo County
Richard Nixon 37th president of the United States.
Paul Mansfort American lobbyist
Charlie Black American lobbyist and businessman.
Ronald Reagan Served as the 40th president of the United States.
Tony Salerno An American mobster.
Barry Goldwater Served as a United States senator from Arizona.
Robert Welch Jr. American political organizer
Jimmy Carter Served as the 39th president of the United States.
John Cody American bishop and cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church.
Verina Hixon A strikingly beautiful Austrian di­vorcee with no visible income.
Nick Ribis The chief executive of the Trump casino empire at the time.
Patrick McGahn A casino lawyer and South Jersey Democratic Party leader.
Daniel Sullivan Serving as the junior United States senator from Alaska.
Jimmy Hoffa An American labor union leader.
Robert Trump Younger brother of Donald Trump.
Jack O'Donnell One of Trump's casino executives.
Robert LiButti A reputed mob figure. Donald's acquaintance.
Steve Hyde Trump Plaza's president.
Ed Koch Former mayor of New York City.
Anthony Gliedman Commissioner of NY City's Dept. of Housing Preservation & Development.
Ginny Anthony Gliedman's wife.
Jason Horowitz A New York Times reporter.
4 Blind to the Beautiful Mosaic
Donald King An American boxing promoter.
Muhammad Ali American professional boxer
George Foreman American professional boxer
Al Sharpton American Baptist minister
Jesse Jackson American Baptist minister
Shirley Chisholm First black woman elected to the United States Congress.
James Brown An American musician.
Ed Brooke Former attorney general of Massachusetts.
Samuel Pierce Jr. American attorney who served as Secretary of Housing & Urban Development.
Andrew Cuomo American lawyer who served as the 56th governor of New York.
Martin Luther King Jr. American Baptist minister and activist.
Frank Rizzo Served as Philadelphia police commissioner.
David Dinkins Served as the 106th mayor of New York City.
Basil Paterson American labor lawyer served in the New York State Senate.
Charles Rangel American politician who was a U.S. Rep. for districts in New York.
Jacqueline Williams A Jamaican cricket umpire.
Norma Foerderer Mr. Trump’s longtime personal assistant.
Herschel Walker American football player and political candidate.
Walt Michaels American football player and coach.
Mike Tyson American former professional boxer.
Carla Bruni Italian-French singer
Mario Cuomo 52nd governor of New York.
Alan Marcus Former Trump Organization consultant.
Tony Kushner American author
Russell Eldridge Roy Cohn's friend.
Susan Bill Cohn's former assistant.
William Safiri American author
William D. Fugazy A prominent New York transportation executive. aka: Bill.
Joyce Purnick American columnist and journalist.
Bernard Goetz American vigilante.
Trisha Meili A Central Park raped victim.
Kevin Richardson One of five Black and Latino accused of assault and rape.
Yusef Salaam One of five Black and Latino accused of assault and rape.
Raymond Santana One of five Black and Latino accused of assault and rape.
Korey Wise One of five Black and Latino accused of assault and rape.
Antron McCray One of five Black and Latino accused of assault and rape.
Frank Sinatra American singer and actor.
Thomas Collins New York Newsday columnist.
Spike Lee American filmmaker and actor.
Maya Angelou American poet
Martha Stewart American writer
Pat Buchanan American politician and commentator.
Yusef Hawkins A black teenager who was gunned down in a racist attack.
Una S. T. Clarke American politician who served in the New York City Council.
Steven Pagones The New York prosecutor.
Robin Givens American stage
5 On The Way Up
Abraham Hirschfeld An American real estate investor. aka: Abe.
Francesco Macri An Italian-Argentine contractor
Susan Heilbron Trump's general counsel.
Barbara Res Executive vice-pesident in-charge of construction.
Henry J. Stern New York City Parks Deparment commissioner.
Frank LaMagra A mortgage broker.
Louis Attanasio American mobster.
Robert Hopkins A former prosecutor.
Anthony Lombardi An investigator.
Marjorie M. Post An American businesswoman
Adnan Khashoggi Saudi businessman and arms dealer.
Blanche Sprague One of top Trump Organization executives.
Adolf Hitler Leader of the National Socialist party and dictator of Germany.
Marty Davis One of Trump's friends.
Tony Schwartz American journalist and business book author.
Lois Romano American journalist.
Ronald Rosenbaum American literary journalist
Strobe Talbott American foreign policy analyst.
Mikhail Gorbachev Served as the eighth and final leader of the Soviet Union.
Maureen Dowd American columnist for The New York Times and an author.
Dan Klores Trump's spokesman.
Jack Kemp A member of the Republican Party from New York.
Mike Dunbar A New Hampshire political activist.
Groucho Marx An American comedian
Phillip Donahue An American media personality
John Connally 39th governor of Texas and the 61st U.S. Sec. of the Treasury.
Pat President Nixon's wife.
Lee Atwater American political consultant and strategist.
Marla Ann Maples American actress. The second wife of Donald Trump.
Laurence Gay Stone's associate.
George H. W. Bush Served as the 41st President of the United States.
Michael Dukakis American politician who served as governor of Massachusetts.
Abe Rosenthal American journalist served as The NY Times executive editor.
Shirley Lord Abe Rosenthal's wife.
Adam Davidson American journalist.
6 On The Way Down
Thomas Barrack Jr. An American private equity real estate investor.
Chris Columbus American filmmaker.
Ruth Messinger New York City Council member.
William Zeckendorf American real estate developer.
Merv Griffin Jr. American television show host and media mogul.
Tom Fitzsimmons American television actor.
Michael Jackson American singer
Marvin Roffman A casino-industry analyst.
Janney M. Scott Roffman's boss at the investment firm.
John Dingell Jr. American politician served as a member of the U.S.House of Rep.
Malcolm Forbes American entrepreneur
Kurt Andersen An American writer.
Abe Wallace Worked as Exec. VP for Donald Trump’s real estate empire.
Robin Leach British journalist and television personality.
John Piscopo American actor
Liz Smith American gossip columnist.
Cindy Adams American memoirist
Bill Hoffmann One of the veterans New York Post reporter.
Sydney Schanberg American journalist.
Leonard Stern American billionaire businessman
Stephen Bollenbach Trump's chief financial officer.
Neil Barsky American journalist.
Norman Pearlstine American editor and media executive.
7 Nice and Complicated
Florence Ziegfeld An American theater producer.
Richard Fields A California entertainment executive.
LaToya Jackson Trump's acquaintance.
Harrison Goldin Former New York City comptroller.
Regis Philbin American television personality.
Kathryn Lee Gifford American TV presenter
Mike Wallace American journalist
Steven Spinola The president of the Real Estate Board of New York.
John Barry Maryanne Trump's husband.
Alen Weisselberg Trump's decades-long chief financial officer.
Ben Bradlee Washington Post editor.
Dino Bradlee Ben Bradlee's son.
Matt Calamari Trump's former bodyguard.
Chuck Jones Maple's previous manager.
George H. Ross An investor and Trump's longtime friend.
Ivanka Trump Donald Trump's daughter.
Lisa Birnbach American writer.
E. Jean Carroll American journalist
Michael Bolton American singer.
Tiffany Marla Maples and Donald Trump's daughter.
Linda Stasi American columnist.
Jeane MacIntosh A deputy editor of the New York Post.
Kate Bohner American financial journalist.
Mark Singer A writer.
Robert Maxwell Czechoslovak-born British media proprietor.
Ghislaine Maxwell Robert Maxwell's daughter.
Jeffrey Epstein One of Trump's friend.
John Travolta American actor.
Jean-Claude van Damme Belgian actor
Eric Trump Donald Trump's son.
Aleksandr Lebed Former Soviet military commander.
Howard Lorber American real estate investor.
Bennett S. LeBow American businessman and philanthropist.
David Geovanis A Moscow-based Russian-American businessman.
8 The America We Deserve
Al Pirro A businessman and lawyer.
Jeanine Al Pirro's wife.
George Peper Editor-in-chief of Golf Magazine.
Scott George Peper's son.
Steve Wynn American real estate developer and art collector.
Vera Coking An elderly widow from Atlantic City.
Jay Goldberg Trump's lawyer.
Lawton Chiles Served as a United States senator from Florida.
Jim Billie A politician who chaired the Seminole Tribe of Florida.
Jeb Bush Served as the 43rd governor of Florida.
Mallory E. Horne The speaker of the Florida House of Representatives.
David S. Cordish American real estate developer from Maryland.
Jack Nusbaum Served as chairman of Willkie Farr & Gallagher for 23 years.
Melania K. Trump Served as the First Lady of the United States from 2017 to 2021.
Paoli Zampoli Melania's manager and agent.
Kara Young American model and actress.
Venus Williams Amerrican professional tennis player.
Serena Williams American professional tennis player. Venus' sister.
Sean Combs American rapper
Russell Simmons American entrepreneur and record executive.
William Fred Trump III's son.
Dave Shiflett A longtime journalist and author.
Robert Torricelli Served as a member of the U.S. House of Rep. from New Jersey.
Mick Jagger Lead vocalist and founder of the rock band The Rolling Stones.
Matthew Shepard A gay Wyoming college student and murder victim.
Tony Fabrizio American Republican pollster and strategist.
Ross Perot The founder of a computer - processing company.
Richard Lamm Served three terms as 38th Governor of Colorado as a Democrat.
Jesse Ventura American politician and professional wrestler.
John Hagelin Former physicist
Lowell Weiker Former representative
Larry King American television and radio host.
Al Gore Served as the 45th vice president of the United States.
George W. Bush The 43rd president of the United States.
Joel Siegel American writer.
Lew Rudin American real estate investor and developer.
Tim Russert American television journalist and lawyer.
Osama bin Laden Saudi terrorist and co-founder of al-Qaeda.
George Pataki Served as the 53rd governor of New York.
Jim Simpson American theater and film director.
John Gotti American crime boss.
Victoria Gotti John Gotti's daughter.
Mark Burnett English author and television producer and director.
Jeff Zucker The president of CNN Worldwide.
Conrad Riggs Burnett business partner.
Marc Graboff One of NBC's executives.
William Morris British textile designer
Steve Smooke A syndication-sales-executive-turned-TV-agent at Creative Artists.
Ari Emanuel American businessman and CEO of Endeavor.
9 Asphalt Survivor
David Grandeau The state’s former top lobbying regulator and a JCOPE critic.
Joe Bruno American businessman and Republican politician from New York.
Charles Gargano American who was the U.S. Ambassador to Trinidad and Tobago.
Chris Christie The 55th Governor of New Jersey.
Jim McGreevey Served as the 52nd governor of New Jersey.
Hillary Clinton Served as the 67th U.S. Sec. of State under President Obama.
Howard Stern American broadcaster and media personality.
Don Jr. Donald Trump's son.
Tiger Woods An American professional golfer.
Robin Quivers American radio personality
Rosie O'Donnell American comedian
Vince McMahon A media proprietor and professional wrestling executive.
Tevfik Arif A Russian/Turkish real estate developer and investor.
Felix Sater A real estate developer associated with Donald Trump.
Roger Schank American scientist.
Eliot Spitzer 54th Governor of New York.
Bernard Spitzer American real estate developer and philanthropist.
10 140 Characters
Peter Costanzo Vanguard Press on-line marketing director.
Meredith McIver A ghostwriter for Donald Trump.
David Letterman American television host
Jimmy Buffett American singer–songwriter and businessman.
Rhona Graff A long-standing executive assistant to Donald Trump.
Jared Kushner Son-in-law of Pres. Trump through his marriage to Ivanka Trump.
Michael Cohen Served as an attorney to former U.S. president Donald Trump.
Andrew Stein American politician who served on the New York City Council.
Barack Obama The 44th president of the United States.
Haley Barbour Served as the 63rd governor of Mississippi.
Nck Ayers American political strategist and consultant.
Rex Elsass A political strategist operating in the state of Ohio.
David Bossie Amarican political activist.
Steve Bannon American media executive
Carl Paladino A Buffalo real estate developer.
Kristin Davis An American actress and producer.
Michael Caputo A Republican political strategist.
David Paterson Served as the 55th governor of New York.
Rick Lazio Former four-term U.S. Representative from the State of New York.
Michelle Obama A lawyer and Former First Lady of the United States.
Joe Pecoco Andrew Cuomo's aide.
11 Rising On A Lie
Mitt Romney Served as the junior United States senator from Utah.
Michele Bachmann U.S. representative for Minnesota's 6th congressional district.
Ron Paul Served as the U.S. Rep. for Texas's 22nd congressional district.
Tim Pawlenty Served as the 39th governor of Minnesota.
Jon Huntsman Jr. Served as the 16th Governor of Utah.
Elton John English singer and pianist.
David Furnish Canadian filmmaker and former advertising executive.
Matt Strawn Chairman of the Iowa Republican Party.
Ashleigh Banfield Canadian-American journalist and former anchor.
Joseph Farah American journalist
Jerome Corsi American conservative author.
Andrew Breitbart American writer and publisher.
Ann Coulter American author
Tucker Carlson American conservative political commentator
Dick Morris American political commentator and consultant.
John McLaughlin American television personality and political commentator.
Jim John McLaughlin's brother.
Kellyanne Conway American strategist and pollster.
George Conway American lawyer and activist.
Reince Priebus Served as chairman of the Republican National Committee.
Jason Miller American communications strategist; chief spokesman of Trump.
Corey Lewandowski American political operative and commentator.
Seth Meyers American comedian
Strom Thurmond American politician represented South Carolina in the U.S. Senate.
George Wallace American politician who served as the 45th governor of Alabama.
Theodore Roosevelt 26th president of the United States. aka: Teddy.
John D. Anderson Served as the 11th Deputy Prime Minister of Australia.
Ralph Nader American political activist
Aras Agalarov Azerbaijani-Russian billionaire real estate developer.
Emin Aras Agalarov's son.
Vladimir Putin President of Russia.
Cy Vance Jr. Served as the District Attorney of New York County
Marc Kasowitz Trump's lawyer.
Greg Abbott American attorney and former jurist served as the 48th gov.of Texas.
Eric Schneiderman American lawyer served as the 65th Attorney General of New York.
Avi Schick A former deputy attorney general of New York.
Pam Bondi Served as the 37th Florida attorney general.
Kamala Harris The 49th and current vice president of the United States.
Sam Nunberg American political advisor to Donald Trump.
Justin McConney The director of new media for the Trump Organization.
Robert Pattinson English actor and model.
Kristen Stewart American actress.
Kim Novak American retired film and television actress and painter.
Pete Rose American former professional baseball player and manager.
Bill Nojay American politician and member of the New York State Assembly.
Ulysses Grant Served as the 18th U.S. president.
Ed Cox Current chairman of the New York Republican State Committee.
Bill Palatucci White House Transition Coordinator and General Counsel.
Terry Branstad Served as Iowa's Representative before serving as governor.
Tom Cotton Serving as the junior United States senator from Arkansas.
12 Make or Break
Shaquille O'Neal American basketball player.
Scott Walker Served as the 45th governor of Wisconsin.
Marlk Levin American lawyer
Clyde Frazier American former professional basketball player of the NBA.
David Pecker American publishing executive and businessman.
Prince Andrew Third child and second son of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip.
Bill O'Reilly American political commentator
Lindsey Graham Serving as the senior United States senator from South Carolina.
Brad Parscale Served as adviser for data and digital operations for Donald Trump.
Megyn Kelly American journalist
Jorge Ramos Most prominent Latino journalist.
Keith Schiller Served as Deputy Assistant to U.S. President Donald Trump.
Rand Paul Serving as the junior United States senator from Kentucky.
Carly Fiorina American businesswoman and politician.
Ben Carson American politician and neurosurgeon.
13 Many People Are Saying
George Stephanopoulos American government official
Serge F. Kovaleski American investigative reporter.
Frank Gaffney American anti-Muslim conspiracy theorist.
Mike Pence Served as the 48th vice president of the United States.
Antonin Scalia Served as an associate justice of the Supreme Court of the U.S.
Erik Erikson American German-born psychoanalyst & essayist.
Jerry Falwell American televangelist
Ashley Byers A former ballerina.
Phillip Ruffin American businessman.
Stewart Rahr Founder and owner of pharmaceutical & generics wholesaler Kinray.
David Fahrenthold American journalist.
Michael Glassner American political advisor and commentator.
Ted Cruz Serving as the junior United States senator from Texas.
Marco Rubio Serving as the senior United States senator from Florida.
John Kasich The 69th governor of Ohio.
Jake Tapper American political journalist
14 Stop the Steal
Mike Pompeo Served as director of the CIA under President Donald Trump.
Kelly Arnold Served as the chairman of the Kansas Republican Party.
Heidi Cruz Ted Cruz's wife.
Viktor Yanukovych The 4th President of Ukraine.
Ferdinand E. Marcos Sr. A Filipino politician who was the 10th president of the Philippines.
Jonas Savimbi An Angolan revolutionary politician and rebel military leader.
Rick Davis Manafort's former business partner.
Gonzalo P. Curiel United States District Judge.
Rick Reed An advertising and issues advocacy consultant.
John Kerry Serving as the first U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate.
Rick Gates American former political consultant
Sean Hannity American talk show host and conservative political commentator.
Sheldon Adelson American investor
Michael Flynn An Army Lt. Gen. who was the 24th U.S. National Security Advisor.
Karen Mike Pence's wife.
Jeff Sessions Served as the 84th United States attorney general.
Jill Stein Green Party's nominee for President of U.S. in 2012 & 2016 elections.
Bernie Marcus American billionaire businessman.
David E. Sanger White House national security correspondent
Benito Mussolini Italian and journalist who founded the National Fascist Party.
James Comey American lawyer who was the seventh director of the FBI.
Jason Miller American communications strategist and spokesman for Donald Trump.
Khizr Khan 25th Sultan of the Delhi Sultanate and 1st from the Sayyid dynasty.
John Santucci The Queens district attorney.
Mitch McConnell Serving his seventh term as the senior U.S senator from Kentucky.
Brian Stelter American journalist former chief media correspondent.
15 The Sci-Fi Campaign
Alex Burns American journalist.
Robert Mercer American computer scientist and businessman.
Rebekah Mercer American heiress and Republican political donor.
Katie Walsh Served as White House Deputy Chief of Staff for Implementation.
Sean Spicer Served as the 30th White House Press Secretary.
Susie Wiles US conservative political consultant.
Billy Bush An American radio and television host.
John Podesta Former White House Chief of Staff.
Paul Ryan Served as the 54th speaker of U.S. House of Representatives.
David Muir American journalist and the anchor of ABC World News Tonight.
Dianne Feinstein Serving as the senior United States senator from California.
Ron Klain American attorney
Jennifer Palmieri Served as White House Director of Communications.
Huma Abedin A long-time aide to Hillary Clinton.
Anthony Weiner Served as the U.S. Rep. for New York's 9th congressional district.
Dan Scavino Served as White House Deputy Chief of Staff for Communications.
16 No One Smarter
Donald McGahn Served as White House Counsel for U.S. President Donald Trump.
Gary Cohn Served as the 11th Director of the National Economic Council.
Steven Mnuchin 77th United States Secretary of the Treasury.
Mike Bloomberg Served three terms as Mayor of the City of New York.
Nigel Farage Former politician who was Leader of the UK Independence Party.
Shinzo Abe Prime Minister of Japan.
Kanye West American rapper and producer.
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. American environmental attorney and anti-vaccine activist.
Gary Ginsberg A lawyer serving as a strategist in both the public and private.
Preet Bharara A federal prosecutor served as U.S. Atty. for Southern Dist. of NY.
K. T. McFarland A deputy to former national security adviser Flynn.
Tom Bossert Former Homeland Security Advisor to U.S. President Trump.
John Brennan Served as the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency.
James Clapper Jr. A retired Lt. Gen. and Former Director of National Intelligence.
17 Why It's Presidential
Chuck Schumer Serving as the senior United States senator from New York.
Nancy Pelosi Served as the 52nd speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives.
Abraham Lincoln Served as the 16th president of the United States.
Bernhard Langer A German professional golfer.
Leon Panetta Former White House Chief of Staff and CIA director.
Benjamin Netanyahu Prime Minister of Israel.
David Plouffe Political activist and strategist.
Mark Elliot Zuckerberg American media magnate
John F. Kelly Former White House Chief of Staff.
Theresa May Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 2016 to 2019.
Boris Johnson Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 2019 to 2022.
Angela Merkel Chancellor of Germany from 2005 to 2021.
Neil Gorsuch Serves as an associate justice of the Supreme Court of the U.S.
Jeremy Katz The deputy director of Pres. Trump’s National Economic Council.
18 Out Like Flynn
Chris Wallace American broadcast journalist.
Sergey Kislyak A Russian senior diplomat and politician.
Sally Yates United States Attorney for the Northern District of Georgia.
Uttam Dhillon Acting Administrator of the Drug Enforcement Administration.
Devin Nunes Chief executive officer of the Trump Media & Technology Group .
Rod Rosenstein Served as the 37th United States deputy attorney general.
Charlie Rose American TV interviewer and journalist.
Michael S. Schmidt American journalist and correspondent for The New York Times.
Robert Mueller III Served as the sixth director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
Christopher A. Wray Current director of the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation.
Rob Goldstone British publicist
Michael Bowe A businessman
19 Executive Time
Monica Lewinsky American activist and writer.
Robert Kraft American businessman and philanthropist.
Richard LeFrak American billionaire businessman.
Isaac Perlmutter An Israeli-American billionaire businessman and financier.
Paul Singer American hedge fund manager
Lesley Stahl An American television journalist.
Mark Meadows Served as the 29th White House chief of staff.
Jim Jordan Serving as the U.S. Rep. for Ohio's 4th congressional district.
James Mattis A retired Marine Gen. served as the 26th US secretary of defense.
Dina Powell American financial executive
20 In The Tank
Bashar al-Assad President of Syria since 2000.
Kim Jong-un The 3rd Supreme leader of North Korea since 2011.
Emmanuel Macron President of France and Co-Prince of Andorra since 2017.
Kevin McCarthy 55th and current speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives.
Robert Murray American mining engineer.
Mike Catanzaro A top energy policy aid to President Donald Trump.
Anthony Scaramucci Served as the White House Director of Communications.
Robert E. Lee General in Chief of the Armies of the Confederate States.
Heather Heyer An American paralegal.
Peter Navarro American economist.
Wilbur Ross American investor and 39th U.S. Secretary of Commerce.
Rob Porter Served as White House Staff Secretary for President Trump.
Herbert R. McMaster Served as the 25th United States National Security Advisor.
George Washington Founding Father who served as the first president of the U.S.
Thomas Jefferson Founding Father who served as the third president of the U.S.
John McEntee American political advisor who served in the Trump administration.
Ronald Lauder American businessman
Mahmoud Abbas President of the State of Palestine since 2005.
21 The Greatest Showman
Tim Cook American business executive.
Stephanie Murphy Served as the U.S. Rep. for Florida's 7th congressional district.
Elizabeth Warren The senior United States senator from Massachusetts.
Bernie Sanders Serving as the senior United States senator from Vermont.
Josh Gottheimer Served as the U.S. representative for New Jersey.
Phineas T. Barnum American showman and politician.
Jeanine Pirro American TV host
Nikki Haley Served as the 116th governor of South Carolina.
Elaine Duke Former United States Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security.
David Perdue Served as a United States senator from Georgia.
Ira Rosen A television producer.
Michael Wolff American author
Omarosa M. Newman American political aide and television personality.
22 Taking a Bullet
Alexander Acosta Served as the 27th United States Secretary of Labor.
Scott Pruitt 14th Administrator of the EPA; former Atty. General from Oklahoma.
Joseph Arpaio A Maricopa County Sheriff.
Sholom Rubashkin Former executive officer of Agriprocessors.
Stephanie Clifford A novelist and journalist for the New York Times.
Geoffrey Berman Served as the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York.
John Dowd Former attorney for the United States Department of Justice.
Jay Sekulow American lawyer
Karen McDougal American model and actress.
Konstantin Kilimnik A Russian political consultant.
George Papadopoulos Former member of the foreign policy advisory panel to Donald Trump.
Mark Landler A White House Correspondent
Mohammed bin Salman A Saudi crown prince and Minister of Defense.
23 Extreme Action
Woody Johnson United States ambassador to the United Kingdom.
Robert Lighthizer Served as the United States Trade Representative.
Mike Cernovich A social media personality
Fernando Cutz National security official under Obama administration.
Pete Hegseth U.S. Army veteran and Fox News contributor.
Kirstjen Nielsen Served as United States Secretary of Homeland Security.
Laura Bush A teacher and former First Lady of the United States.
Jonathan Lemire American journalist and political correspondent.
Matt Whitaker American lawyer served as the acting U.S. Attorney General.
William Barr The 77th & 85th United States Attorney General.
24 Party Man
Zachary Fuentes Deputy chief of staff in the Trump administration.
Miles Taylor Former chief of staff at the Department of Homeland Security.
Meghan McCain American columnist
Ronna McDaniel American political strategist serving as chairwoman of the RNC.
George W. Romney The 43rd governor of Michigan.
Luther Strange Served as a United States Senator from Alabama.
Roy Moore Served as chief justice of the Supreme Court of Alabama.
Colin Kaepernick American football player.
Ron DeSantis American politician serving as the 46th governor of Florida.
Anthony Kennedy Former Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the U.S.
Brett Kavanaugh Serving as an associate justice of the Supreme Court of the U.S.
Christine B. Ford American research psychologist.
Jamal Khashoggi Saudi Arabian journalist
Joseph Dunford 19th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
Jeffrey Goldberg American journalist and editor-in-chief of The Atlantic magazine.
Mick Mulvaney Former Trump Director of the Office of Management and Budget.
Kevin McAleenan Former Acting Secretary of Homeland Security.
25 Tougher Than The Rest
Reza Zarrab Iranian businessman.
Hunter Biden Joe Biden's younger son.
Viktor Shokin General Prosecutor of Ukraine.
Marie Yovanovitch Former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine.
John F. Solomon American journalist who was a contributor to Fox News.
Richard Grenell Acting Director of National Intelligence in Trump's adminstration.
Mark Esper Served as the 27th United States secretary of defense.
Robert C. O'Brien Served as the 27th United States national security advisor.
Julian Assange Australian publisher
Randy Credico American political candidate
Letitia James The current Attorney General of New York.
Volodymyr Zelensky Ukraine's President.
Joseph Maguire Served as Director of the National Counterterrorism Center.
Susan M. Gordon Deputy Director of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency.
Ted Gistaro Served as the national intelligence officer.
Beth Sanner Currently serving as the Deputy Director of National Intelligence.
John Eisenberg Deputy counsel to the President of the United States.
Pat Cipollone Served as White House Counsel for President Donald Trump.
Rashida Tlaib U.S. representative for Michigan's 12th congressional district.
Eric Ueland Served as the acting Under Secretary of State for Civilian Security.
26 One Strike And You're Out
Marc Short Served as chief of staff to Vice President Mike Pence.
David McIntosh U.S. representative for Indiana's 2nd congressional district.
Karl Rove Republican political consultant
William Stepien Political consultant served as the campaign manager for Trump.
Johnny DeStefano Political advisor served as Assistant to President Donald Trump.
Sean Doocey Former chief of the White House personnel office.
Shahira Knight Served as director of legislative affairs for President Trump.
Brett Giroir American pediatrician and Assistant Secretary for Health.
Madeleine Westerhout Former Director of Oval Office Operations at the White House.
Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Serving as the 12th and current president of Turkey.
Mark Milley Senior United States Army officer.
Jeff Van Drew U.S. representative for New Jersey's 2nd congressional district.
Carolyn Maloney U.S. representative for New York's 12th congressional district.
27 Acquitted
Keith Hernandez American former Major League Baseball first baseman.
Qasem Soleimani Iranian senior military officer.
Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi Leader of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.
Ayatollah Ali Khamenei Supreme Leader of Iran.
Louie Gohmert United States Representative from Texas.
Rich Higgins Served in the NSC’s office as a director for strategic planning.
Emma Doyle White House Principal Deputy Chief of Staff.
Adam Schiff Serving as U.S. representative from California.
John Roberts Served as the 17th chief justice of the United States.
Gordon Sondland Served as the United States Ambassador to the European Union.
Alexander Vindman Retired U.S. Army officer
Yevgeny Vindman National security council's ethics counsel.
Anthony Fauci American physician-scientist and immunologist.
Rod Blagojevich Former Governor of Illinois.
Bernard Kerik Former NYC police commissioner and convicted felon.
Michael Milken American investor.
Sidney Powell Former federal prosecutor
Narendra Modi 14th Prime Minister of India.
Nancy Messonnier American medical epidemiologist at the CDC.
28 Get Healthy America
Alex Azar United States secretary of health and human services.
Xi Jinping Served as the general secretary of the Chinese Communist Party.
Matthew Pottinger Served as the United States deputy national security advisor.
Victoria Coates American official and writer.
Gavin Newsom 40th Governor of California.
Kimberly Guilfoyle American TV news personality and former prosecuting attorney.
Jay Inslee 23rd Governor of Washington
Alexa Henning A broadcast media-director.
Deborah Birx A physician served as the Coronavirus Response Coordinator.
Larry Ellison American internet entrepreneur and businessman.
Laura Ingraham American radio and television host.
Stanley Chera A major New York real estate developer.
29 Divide and Conquer
George Floyd Jr. African-American man who was murdered by a police officer.
Tim Walz American politician
Walter E. Headley Miami police chief.
Frank Rizzo Served as Philadelphia police commissioner.
Philonise Floyd George Floyd's brother.
Barron Donald Trump's son.
J. B. Pritzker 43rd governor of Illinois.
Jenna Ellis Former deputy district attorney in Weld County
Daniel Cameron 51st Attorney General of Kentucky.
30 Tulsa
Lara Trump American former television producer who is married to Eric Trump.
Roy Cooper 75th governor of North Carolina.
Jay Clayton Chairman of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.
Kristi Noem Served as the 33rd governor of South Dakota.
Emily Smith Scottish folk singer.
Steven Hoffenberg American fraudster.
Les Wexner American billionaire businessman.
Cleta Mitchell Served in the Oklahoma House of Representatives.
Alice Marie Johnson American criminal-justice activist and commuted convict.
Kim Kardashian American television and social media personality.
31 Not One of the Diers
Amy Coney Barrett Associate justice of the Supreme Court of the United States.
Ruth Bader Ginsburg Associate justice of the Supreme Court of the United States.
Sean Conley Former US Navy officer who is the Physician to the President.
Walter Reed American physician and medical researcher.
Anthony Ornato United States Secret Service agent.
Max Miller U.S. representative for Ohio's 7th congressional district.
Matt Oczkowski A data analyst.
32 Trial by Combat
Justin R. Clark Former presidential campaign official for Donald J. Trump.
Mary Todd Lincoln Served as the first lady of the United States.
Maria Ryan A long-time girlfriend of former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani.
Clarence Thomas Serves as an associate justice of the Supreme Court of the U.S.
Ginni Thomas Clarence Thomas' wife.
Chris Liddell Served as Chief Financial Officer of Microsoft.
John Ratcliffe Served as the Director of National Intelligence.
Gina Haspel Director of the Central Intelligence Agency.
Heidi Strirrup White House liaison to the Department of Justice.
Adam Candeub Acting head of Commerce’s National Telecommunications.
Hugo Chávez President of Venezuela.
Phil Waldron A retired Army colonel who owns a bar in Texas.
Patrick M. Byrne President
Eric Herschmann American political advisor and attorney.
Derek Lyons American attorney and political advisor.
Ken Cuccinelli Performing the duties of the Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security.
Kelly Loeffler Served as a United States senator for Georgia.
Brian Kemp Serving as the 83rd governor of Georgia.
Christopher M. Carr The current Attorney General of Georgia.
Michael R. Sherwin Acting United States Attorney for the District of Columbia.
Jeffrey Clark Asst. Atty. Gen. for the Environment & Natural Resources Division.
Brad Raffensperger Serving as the Secretary of State of Georgia.
John Eastman Founding director of the Center for Constitutional Jurisprudence.
Dan Quayle Vice president of the United States from 1989 to 1993.
Annie Karni American journalist.
Tim Giebels Pence's lead Secret Service agent.
Jake Sullivan 28th United States National Security Advisor.
Larry Kudlow American television host and financial analyst.
Eugene Scalia Served as the United States secretary of labor.
Hogan Gidley Served as White House Deputy Press Secretary.
Charles Kushner Jared Kushner's father.
Epi Liz Cheney U.S. representative for Wyoming's at-large congressional district.
Adam Kinzinger Served as a United States representative from Illinois.
Mehmet Oz Turkish-American cardiac surgeon and Republican political candidate.
Rich Lowry American writer and editor of the National Review.
Tom O’Neill An investigative journalist and entertainment reporter.
Fani Willis American attorney
Alvin Bragg The New York County District Attorney
Ben Sasse The president of the University of Florida.
Michael C. Bender American journalist.
Bill de Blasio 109th mayor of New York City.
Confidence Man suggested by Kobert Smith.