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Remy Hale
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Pro  The Cousins
 NicholasYoungEleanor Young's son. Aka: Nick.
 Astrid Nicholas's cousin.
 Felicity Astrid's mother.
 Reginald OrmsbyHotel's general manager.
 Eleanor YoungFelicity's sister-in-law. Aka: Elle.
 DowagerMarchionessOne of the first British women to get a pilot's license.
 Mrs.MinceWife of the Angelican Bishop of Singapore.
 AlexandraChengFelicity's younger sister. Aka: Alix.
 EdisonChengAlexandra's son. Aka: Eddie.
 LeoMingEddie's best friend.
 MingKah-ChingLeo's father.
 Ah Ma A paternal grandmother.
 ConnieMingLeo's mother.
 Harry LeongFelicity's husband.
 Leonard Felicity's cousin.
 TommyTohHarry's friend.
 RupertCalthorpeOwner of the Calthorpe Hotel.
 ReneLaliqueFrench designer.
 EdwinLutyensAn architect.
   Part One
1  Nicholas Young and Rachel Chu
 RachelChuNicholas Young's girlfriend.
 ColinKhooNicholas' best friend.
 PeikLinRachel's college friend.
 CalvinTrillinA food writer.
 CelineLimNicholas' acquaintance.
 CharlotteLimCeline's sister.
 PhilipYoungNicholas' father.
 Mrs. LimCeline's mother.
 Hannah Celine's friend.
 HenryChiuCharlotte's boyfriend.
 DaphneMaCharlotte's best friend.
 BenedictMaDaphne's father.
 CarmenKwekDaphne's friend.
 RobertKwekCarmen's grandfather.
 AmeliaKwekCarmen's cousin.
 JustinaWeiAmelia's friend.
 RoderickLiangOwner of the Liang Finance Group.
 LaurenLeeRoderick Liang's girlfriend.
 LeeYong ChienLauren Lee's grandmother.
 PatsyTeohLauren's Lee's aunt.
 DicksonTeohPatsy's ex-husband.
 LingYin ChaoA philanthropist.
 JacquelineLingLing Yin Chao's granddaughter.
 CassandraShangNicholas' second cousin.
2  Eleanor Young
 TaiToh LuiA Dato.
 CarolTaiA Datin. Tai Toh Lui's wife.
 DaisyFooOne of Carol's friends.
 LorenaLimOne of Carol's friends.
 NadineShawOne of Carol's friends.
 Q.T.FooDaisy's husband.
 FrancescaShawNadine's daughter.
 LenaTeckNadine's acquaintance.
 LawrenceLimLorena's husband.
 Tiffany Lorena's daughter.
 K.C.TangNadine's acquaintance.
 Gerald K.C. Tang' son.
 AnnieSimNadine's acquaintance.
 Desmond Lorena's stockbroker.
 Mei-Mei Carol's housemaid.
3  Rachel Chu
 KerryChuRachel's mother.
 MimiShenKerry's acquaintance.
 MingChungKerry's friend.
 Jessica Min Chung's daughter.
4  Nicholas Young
 MichaelTeoAstrid's husband. Aka: Mike.
5  Astrid Leong
 Nathalied. H. PierreAstrid's friend.
 Gregoire Nathalie's husband.
 Louis Astrid's acquaintance.
 Isabelled. H. PierreNathalie's mother-in-law.
 Marie-Helendela DureeIsabelle's friend.
 Laurentd. H. PierreIsabelle's husband.
 ShangSu YiAstrid's grandmother. Aka: Ah-Ma.
 James YoungAstrid's grandfather.
 Catherine Astrid's aunt.
 MalcolmChengA cardiologist.
6  The Chengs
 StanleyLoPresident of the Chinese Athletic Association.
 Alistair Alexandra's youngest son.
 KittyPongA soap-opera star.
 Cecilia Alexandra's daughter.
 Tony Cecilia's husband.
 Jake Cecilia's son.
 FionaTungEdison Cheng's wife. Aka: Fi.
7  Eleanor
 RebeccaTangDaisy's acquaintance.
 MosesTangRebecca's brother.
 LeonardShangMoses' friend.
 GabrielDestailleurAn architect.
 VictoriaYoungEleanor's sister-in-law.
8  Rachel
 RosemaryT'sienNick's great-aunt.
9  Astrid
 Cassian Astrid's son.
 Evangeline An au-pair.
 Manuel A wine steward.
 CelesteTingAstrid's acquaintance.
 Christian A Parisian shoemaker.
 CharlieWuAstrid's ex-boyfriend.
 WuHao LianCharlie's father.
 JoanCollinsAn actress.
 PrincessRosarioA Bulgarian princess.
 AgaKhanA spiritual leader.
10  Edison Cheng
 Constantine One of Edison's sons.
 Augustine One of Edison's sons.
 Kalliste Edison's daughter.
 Kaspar VonMorgenlatteAn interior decorator.
 Kaiser A yacht.
11  Rachel
 SylviaWong-SwartzRachel's colleague.
 Mark Sylvia's husband.
12  The Leongs
 GordonOon Sr.A Tan Sri.
 MavisOonGordon Sr.'s wife.
 ImeldaMarcosFormer First Lady of the Philippines.
 Bella Mavis' granddaughter.
 Alexander Astrid's brother. Aka: Alex.
 HenryLeong Jr.Astrid's eldest brother.
 Zachary Henry Jr.'s child.
 Cathleen Henry Jr.'s wife.
 Gordon Jr. Mavis' son.
 See BeiSienA bishop.
13  Philip and Eleanor Young
 MabelKwohEleanor's acquaintance.
 Danielle Daisy Foo's daughter-in-law.
 HsuTsen TaLorena Lim's acquaintance.
 BernardTaiCarol's son.
14  Rachel and Nicholas
 AramintaLeeColin Khoo's fiance.
15  Astrid
 StephenChiaAstrid's close friend.
 HuangPeng FanAn art historian.
 Freddie Astrid's uncle.
16  The Gohs
 Neena Peik Lin's mother.
 PeikWingPeik Lin's brother.
 Sheryl Peik Wing's wife.
 PeikTingPeik Lin's younger brother. Aka: PT.
 Alyssa One of Peik Lin's nieces.
 Camylla One of Peik Lin's nieces.
 WyeMun GohPeik Lin's father.
 KhooTeck FongColin Khoo's grandfather.
 PeterLeeAraminta's father. Originally: Lee Pei Tan.
 AnnabelLeeAraminta's mother. Originally: An Liu Bao.
 AlexanderMcQueenBritish fashion designer.
17  Nicholas and Colin
 KristinS. ThomasAn actress.
18  Rachel and Peik Lin
 Gurkha A guard.
   Part Two
1  Astrid
 Lang Lang A Chinese pianist.
 Evangeline A nanny.
2  Rachel and Nick
 Mrs.SinghFelicity's friend.
 Neruh Former Prime Minister of India.
 Dickie Nick's uncle.
 Nancy Dickie's wife.
 ChuYang ChungDickie's acquaintance.
 Ann Nancy's good friend.
 FrancisLeongNick's friend.
 Bhumibol Former King of Thailand.
 LingChehThe head housekeeper.
 OliverT'sienNick's cousin. Aka: Ollie.
 MabelT'sienOliver's aunt.
 AlfredShangMabel T'sien's husband.
 ShangLoong MaNick's great-grandfather.
4  Rachel and Nick
 ManoloBlahnikSpanish fashion designer.
 Amanda Jacqueline Ling's daughter.
 AhChingA cook.
5  Astrid and Michael
 Jean PaulGaultierFrench fashion designer.
 AndyOngAstrid's friend.
 LeeShen WeiOne of Andy Ong's friends.
 TerenceTanOne of Andy Ong's friends.
7  Eleanor
 Jerry Carol Tai's acquaintance.
8  Rachel
 WandiMeggahartoOne of Araminta's friends.
 ParkerYeoOne of Araminta's friends.
 VivianChuParker's acquaintance.
 ColletteDinniganA fashion designer.
 ThomasMaierAn author, journalist.
 PierryHardyFrench high-fashion designer.
 AlexanderMabilleFrench fashion designer.
 Thakoon American fashion designer.
9  Nick
 MhemetSabanciColin's friend.
 EvanFungOne of Bernard's friends.
 JohnnyPangOne of Bernard's friends.
 Lionel Colin's cousin.
 CoachLeeA PE teacher.
 MissNgA Math teacher.
  ChiaThe Vice Principal.
 WinefredKhooColin's grandmother.
10  Eddie, Fiona and the Children
 Felix Eddie's acquaintance.
 RusselWingA photographer.
 RafSimonsA fashion designer.
 JilSanderA fashion designer.
 CarolinaHerreraA fashion designer.
 Laarni A Filipino nanny.
 MaggieCheungAn actress.
11  Rachel
 Simon Isabel's boyfriend.
 Isabel Francesca's friend.
 ChloeHoAraminta's friend.
 SerenaOhChloe's acquaintance.
 SophieKhooAstrid's cousin.
12  Eleanor
 Mr.WongOne of the informers.
 Mr.TinOne of the informers.
14  Astrid and Michael
 Yousef A driver.
16  Dr. Gu
 Dr.GuA retired doctor.
 Dr.OeiA stockbroker.
18  The Youngs
 KarChin KeeA banker.
 Consuelo A maid.
 MorrisLapidusAn architect.
   Part Three
1  Tyersall Park
 Sanjit A butler.
2  Nassim Road
 Miesvan de RoheAmerican-German architect.
 TrinaTuaAnnabel's new friend.
 TuaLao SaiTrina's husband.
 KeaYeapAn architect.
 EdwardTuttleAn architect and interior designer.
 TimPaulsonEnvironmental and economic historian.
3  Patric's
 Patric A designer.
 IngoMaurerGerman industrial designer.
 Chua One of Patric's assistants.
 Driesvan NotenBelgian fashion designer.
 TonyLeungAn actor.
 GongLiChinese-Singaporean artist.
 TakeshiKaneshiroJapanese-Taiwanese actor.
 Yue-SaiKanA TV host.
 Rain South Korean singer-songwriter.
 FanBingBingChinese actress.
 ZhangZiyiChinese actress.
 DavidTangA businessman.
4  First Methodist Church
 LauraAshleyA fashion designer.
 BettyBaoAmerican-Chinese writer.
 LynnWyattA Houston socialite.
 FayeWongA singer and actress.
 GretaGarboAmerican-Swedish film actress.
 MichaelNymanAn English composer.
 CharlieSiemA violinist.
 GianniValentinoA designer.
 GiancarloGiammettiItalian businessman.
 ConsueloVanderbiltDuchess of Marlborough.
5  Fort Canning Park
 MarieAntoinetteQueen of France.
 JeanSebergAmerican actress.
 AngelaLansburyBritish-American-Irish actress.
 ZviGoldbergMandy's boyfriend.
7  Pasir Panyang Road
 PatsyWangHong Kong socialite.
 Adam Patsy's husband.
 DavidBowieEnglish singer-songwriter.
 SteveJobsAmerican business magnate.
 Rob Charlie Wu's brother.
8  Palau Samsara
 ChanYan TakA chef.
 ElieSaabLebanese fashion designer.
 TracyKuanA singer.
 AaronKwokA singer.
 MartinMargielaBelgian fashion designer.
 CaiGuo-QiangChinese artist.
9  99 Conduct Road
 AhCheeCharlie's childhood nanny.
 Isabel Charlie's wife.
11  Residences at One Cairnhill
 RonaldShawNadine's father-in-law.
 Ronnie Nadine's husband.
 Ahmad A driver.
12  Withering Towers
 RickOwensAmerican fashion designer.
 Mr.LuiPrivate investigator.
 ThomasNgFlat's owner.
13  Cameron Highlands
 Mr.TayAh-Ma's acquaintance.
 Rajah A majordomo.
 James DeanAmerican actor.
 ZhouFang MinKerry Chu's husband.
 ZhouAn MeiThe name given to Kerry's child.
 Madri A maid.
14  64 Pak Tin Street
 JasminNgMichael's cousin.
15  Villa d' Oro
 Suzanne A maid.
16  Sentosa Cove
 Rupert Khoo Colin's relative.
 DamienHirstAn artist.
17  Repulse Bay
 AaronShekThe chief financial officer.
 AdrianBalakrisnanCharlie Wu's acquaintance.
 HenryBlodgetAmerican businessman.
18  Villa d' Oro
 Trump A dog.
19  The Star Trek House
 Sister Grace A Pentecostal preacher.
 Girlie A maid.
20  Villa d' Oro
 KaoWeiKerry's neighbor.
 Walt Rachel's uncle.