Characters - Alphabetical
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DavidBirchPolice inspector in Sydney, former colleague of Ted, aka Davo
Llewellyn J.BruceLoan shark who received payments from Jake, motorcycle gang enforcer who lives in the bayou
EleanorChapmanAuthor of book about Lauren Freeman's murder
TedConkaffeyFormer Sydney detective, accused but not convicted of child abduction & rape, aka Ted Collins
KellyConkaffeyConkaffey's wife, in process of divorce
LouDamfordCrimson Lake cop
ChiefDohertyCrimson Lake police chief
PatriciaDorrellVictim of assault while outside bookshop where Jake was giving a reading/signing
GaryFisherWitness in Conkaffey's trial
RobertFittichPrison inmate who looked like Conkaffey
LaurenFreemanPharrell's victim
PaulaFreemanLauren Freeman's mother
DynahFreemanLauren Freeman's sister
TrevorFullerWitness to Claire Bingley's abduction & attack, never called to testify at Conkaffey's trial, homeless man, aka Trevor Finch
ValerieGratteurForensic pathologist in Cairns, examined Jake's body
FabianaGrishamHerald reporter
Jessica & DianaHarperWitnesses in Conkaffey's trial
StevenHenchCrimson Lake cop
Marilyn & SallyHopeMother & daughter witnesses in Conkaffey's trial
ZoeMillerFriend of Harrison Scully, harassed Ted with her friends
TeresaMillerZoe's mother, died in the car accident caused by Zoe & Harrison
CaryMinnowJake's literary agent
AmandaPharrellP.I., convicted of murder 10 years ago, released after serving her sentence
SamPolsonFriend & lover of Jake
Michael LeeReynoldsWitness in Conkaffey's trial, truck driver
JakeScullyAuthor of popular religious/fantasy book series, missing
StellaScullyJake's wife, hired Amanda & Ted to find her husband
HarrisonScullyJake & Stella's son
ChristopherShinePrison inmate who helped Conkaffey, ex-firefighter
OrmundSmutBrisbane fan of Jake Scully, may have been Patricia Dorrell's attacker outside the bookstore
KimbaSorranoBludgeoning victim, one of Valerie's first cases
 Taylor & SweeneyOfficers from Holloways Beach P.D. sent to protect Ted
Woman Injured goose that Conkaffey rescued with her 6 goslings
Sean Conkaffey's lawyer
Morris, Davo, Frankie  Police colleagues of Conkaffey
Lillian Ted & Kelly Conkaffey's infant daughter
Kayla Clerk at pathologist's office
Corgi N