Characters - Alphabetical
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Mr.AppletonThe director of the Public Relations Department.
MichaelArisSuu Kyi's husband.
ClementAttlleeThe current U.K. Prime Minister.
Dr. Tin MarAungSuu Kyi's personal assistant.
EricBattersbyTom's jedburgh controller.
HildaBlennerhassettNesta's daughter.
NestaBlennerhassettThe woman who wrote to Carew's grandfather.
RonBrierleyTom's radio operator in Burma.
ArthurBrownTommy's radio operator.
Bill BrownTom's colleague.
AliceCarewArthur's sibling.
Arthur Edward PatrickCarewTom's father. Keggie's grandfather.
BerylCarewArthur's sibling.
Edna MargaretCarewTom's 1st wife. Aka: Margot.
EmmaCarewTim's wife.
GeorgeCarewThomas's brother.
JaneCarewKeggie's mother. Tom's 2nd wife.
MaudCarewTom's mother. Keggie's grandmother.
NickyCarewKeggie's sister.
PatrickCarewKeggie's older brother.
SarahCarewPatrick's wife.
ThomasCarewArthur's father. Keggie's great-grandfather.
TimCarewKeggie's younger brother.
TomCarewKeggie's father. A retired spy. Aka: Lawrence of Burma, Thomas Arthur Carew.
Challoner Carew Jr.Maud's son. Aka: Chubby.
ClementineChurchillWinston's wife.
FrancisChuteChuty's father.
BillColbyHead of the CIA.
BillColbyHead of the CIA.
JohnCoxTom's team camel colleague.
KittyCurranThe girl at the house where Fuller was given shelter.
Tomas MacCurtainThe Lord Mayor of Cork.
CharlesDe GaulleThe French leader.
KatieDickerKeggie's friend.
MollyDickerKatie's mother.
HarryDixonTrieste's intelligence corps.
ReginaldDorman-SmithThe British Governor.
RoseDugdaleThe English rebel debutante.
JohnEdwardsThe daily mail reporter.
GeorgeEykynThe reporter.
WilliamFairbairnTom's self-defense instructor.
EddieGalagherRose's IRA boyfriend.
DavidGoodchildTom's colleague.
ThaGyawTom's colleague.
BarbaraHailstoneTom's 1st love. Aka: Babs.
Carlotta EmmaHarbournThomas's wife. Arthur's mother.
PatriciaHighsmithTom's ex-lover.
EllenHillPatricia's lover.
KraHla AungThe ADF leader.
JamesHollandThe historian. Keggie's neighbor.
CaptainJervisChuty's colleague.
PhillipJoubertCAS(B)'s deputy chief of staff.
PierreKoenigDe Gaulle's military advisor.
TunKyawThe Terrier's leader.
KhinKyiAung San's wife.
SuuKyiAung San's daughter.
ColonelLagardeTom's colleague.
T.ELawrenceA British Major.
OliverLeeseCommander-in-chief of the allied land forces in Southeast Asia.
MollyLongMiss Sykes's nurse.
PatriceLumumbaThe Congo Prime Minister.
SeinLwinHead of the Butcher of Rangoon.
ColinMackenzieThe first surveyor general in India.
TommyMacphersonTom's colleague.
Dr. MaungMaungNe Win's biographer.
GeorgeMillarThe SOE agent in the north.
IngaMillerTerence's wife.
TerrenceMillerTom's childhood friend.
JeanMilletThe SOE agent who organized safe houses in France.
EricMockler-FerrymanSOE's Director of Operation.
LouisMountbattenThe post of supreme allied commander.
MalcolmMuggeridgeCurrent affiars T.V. presenter.
AxelMuntheThe author of the story of San Michele.
EdwardO'BrienMaud's father.
HlaOOOne of the protestors.
HelenO'SullivanKeggie's best friend.
GeneralPatchThe leader of Operation Dragon Landings.
TheinPeThe Thakin advisor.
Charles FrederickPearceThe head of CAS(B).
BrunoPontecorvoA nuclear physicist.
HarryReeThe British Agent Cesar.
RobertRiviereTom's former colleague.
Rikki GilbertRoufeTom's accountant at Percy Coutts.
DickRubensteinTom's radio operator in Burma.
AungSanThe most vocal Thakins. The Governor.
PhillipSessargoThe author of Jihad. The man who stole Tom Carew's identity. Aka: Tom Carew.
IvySharpJohn's wife.
JohnSharpTom's radio operator in Burma.
JackSinglaubAn American jed.
BillSlimThe British 14th army commander.
JohnStoykaA radio operator. Tom's former colleague.
BillSucklingJane's elder brother.
JohnSucklingJane's youngest brother.
KatherineSucklingJane's mother.
William FrederickSucklingJane's grandfather.
MissSykesAlice, Beryl, and Arthur's guardian.
RobertTaylorAn historian.
MargaretThatcherThe Prime Minister of the U.K.
AubreyTromifovOne of the volunteers.
NyoTunAung San's close associate.
ThanTunThe AFO's acting leader.
HarryVerlanderA jed wireless operator.
EdwardVIIICarlotta's lover.
HookyWalkerThe vice admiral.
Mrs.WhiteKeggie's teacher.
Ne WinHead of state of Burma.
ElizabethWoodwardA foreign office girl. Jane's workmate.
Andy Keggie's gardener.
Basho A 17th century poet.
Basil Tom's colleague.
Bradford Arthur's nurse.
Brian Basil's jedburgh colleague.
Cedric Basil's jedburgh colleague.
Challoner Maud's 1st husband. Aka: Chuty.
Charlene Tom's worker.
Cherry Chuty's mother.
Cowan The British General that Tom met.
Desmon Maud's son.
El Cordobes Jane's favorite bullfighter.
Elspeth Desmond's wife.
Emile The SOE agent in the north.
Faris Keggie's egyptian ex-boyfriend.
Frederick Maud's uncle.
Jeanne An American Heiress. Chubby's wife.
Jonathan Keggie's husband.
Ken Tom's former neighbor.
Ligne The agent who setup a wireless link with London.
Mansergh The British General that Tom met.
Marissa Tom's cleaner.
Mary Keggie's friend.
Massoud The Afghan resistance commander.
Maurice Basil's jed agent.
Mike Cowan's son.
Norman Basil's jed agent.
Peter Tom's dog.
Pola Keggie's friend.
Raymond Babs's husband.
Ruth Ken's wife.
Sarah Keggie's sister-in-law.
Sophie The French General's daughter.
Stepmother Keggie's stepmother. Tom's 3rd wife.
Terence Tom's school friend.
Theodule The SOE agent running the treasure circuit. Aka: Albert, Captain A.P. Townsend, Pat, Alain Jean Rene.
Truman The current U.S. President.
U Saw The conservative premier.