Characters - Alphabetical
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HankAllenDaisy's manager.
NiccoloArgentoAn Italian prince. Daisy's husband.
JonahBergA rock journalist.
JimBladesThe front man of Mi Vida. Daisy Jones's ex-lover.
ElaineChangThe author of "Daisy Jones: Wild Flower".
LisaCrowneThe girl that Warren married.
OpalCunninghamThe Aurora Tour Accountant.
JuliaD. RodriguezBillly and Camila's daughter. Aka: Author of the book.
BillyDunneThe lead singer of The Six.
GrahamDunneBilly's brother.
JeanneDunneGraham's wife.
MariaDunneSusana's twin. Billy and Camila's daughter.
MarleneDunneBilly and Graham's mother.
SusanaDunneMaria's twin. Billy and Camila's daughter.
WilliamDunne Sr.Billy and Graham's father.
GaryEganCamila's ex-lover.
NickHarrisA rock critic.
SimoneJacksonDaisy's best friend. A famous singer.
TrinaJacksonSimone's daughter.
MickJaggerAn American singer and a film producer.
DaisyJonesProtagonist. Aka: Lola La Cava.
FrankJonesA well-known British painter.
KarenKarenThe keyboardist of The Six. Aka: Karen Sirko.
CaroleKingAn American singer.
JeanneLeFevreA French model. Daisy's mother.
EddieLovingThe lead guitarist of The Six. Pete's brother.
PeteLovingThe bassist of The Six.
CamilaM. DunneBilly's wife.
RickMarksLead singer of The Winters.
LoriMattixA child model.
GregMcGuinnessFormer concierge at Continental Hyatt House.
FreddieMendozaRod's friend. A photographer.
Jimmy PageA musician. Lori's boyfriend.
RichPalentinoThe CEO of Runner Records.
IggyPopA rock star.
TeddyPriceA producer at Runner Records.
RodReyesThe manager at The Six.
BrandonRhodesLisa and Warren's child.
WarrenRhodesThe drummer of The Six.
ArtieSnyderThe lead engineer for The Six.
SableStarrIggy's girlfriend.
WyattStoneDaisy's ex-lover.
ChuckWilliamsThe guitarist of The Six.
RickYatesBill's friend.
Chris The man from where Rod rented a cabin.
Dave Billy and Graham's step-dad.
Jenny Pete's girlfriend.
Philly A booker.
Yasmine Teddy's girlfriend.