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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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1JuliaKinnockA court stenographer.
 DavidSchoenfieldTimothy's court-appointed counsel.
 Timothy JohnPhillipsRaymond and Emily's son. A kidnap victim. Aka: Timmy.
 JudgeKramerA court judge.
 NinaCoffeyTimmy's social worker.
 KyleAmbroseAn assistant district attorney.
 JamesBatesA lieutenant at the L.A. police department.
 JosephGouldFBI Agent.
 MonaTurleyTimmy's nanny and kidnapper. Aka: Diana Johnson.
 RaymondDeckerTimmy's father. Deceased.
 EmilyDeckerTimmy's mother. Deceased.
 DennisMorganMona's accomplice. A lawyer.
 JaneWhitefieldDennis and Mona's accomplice. Protagonist. Aka: Coleen Anne Mahoney.
 Hoffen-Bayne Timothy's trustee.
3Harry The gambler.
 ElleryRobinsonThe black woman in jail.
 ClariceRobinsonEllery's sister.
 MaryPerkinsA fugitive. Jane's friend. Aka: Lily Smith, Lila Samuels.
5CyrusCurbstoneThe guy who runs Glockenspiel Savings.
6JakeReinertJane's friend.
 DoyleWinthropJake's partner.
 HenryWhitefieldJane's father.
 MargaretReinertJake's wife.
8CareyMckinnonA doctor. Jane's friend.
9DanielBriceThe police captain.
 HaroldKernThe driver involved in Mona's car crash.
 JamesCurtainHarold's passenger during the accident.
 AmyFolligerA librarian.
 Karen Jane's lawyer.
 AgnesPhillipsTimmy's grandmother.
11MarcyHungerfordCo-chairman Women of St. James's fund-raising committee.
12AlanTurnerHead financial planning division of Hoffen-Bayne.
 MonicaButlerA mortgage officer.
16Farell Barraclough's training officer.
 Bearclaw Head of L.A. Intercontinental security. The killer of Timmy's parents. Aka: Barraclough.
 DannyMittgangJane's fugitive friend.
17DonnaKesterMary Perkins's stolen identity.
20Doug The male student from Student Union.
 Micki The girl Doug met.
21DanCampbellThe rich man that Mary met.
 Mr.WaughMary Perkins's boss.
 Maria Mr. Waugh's assistant.
 Kathy The loan officer.
 Bobby Mary Perkins's partner.
22KatherineWebsterA Los Angeles resident. One of Jane's stolen identities.
25KitSnowdonA woman from the American Fraud Division.
 DavidKingThe owner of the stolen credit card.
26DonnaKesterOne of Mary Perkins's stolen identities.
27GeneHillerMary's old friend.
28MarthaMcCutcheonThe senior mother of Wolf Clan.
 RowenaCloudThe woman Jane met at the Inter-Tribal Council Building.
29RonnyPrindleThe guy who blackmailed the bank tellers.
30MikeHarrisFarrell's assistant.
EpiSarahCartmanMary's new identity.
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