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Characters By Chapter
Ry Smith
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ProCarlLogan Protaganist. Special agent.
1FrankModena US Attorney General.
 Laura  Modena's assistant.
  Bridges Modena's driver in Paris. A special agent.
  Carlson Agent in charge of the convoy.
3Caroline  Girl in the bar with Logan.
 CharlesMcCabe Commander, Joint Intelligence Agency (JIA). Aka: Mackie.
4PeterWinter Mackie's assistant.
 JayLindegaard JIA and CIA person.
 JohnSanderson MI6 and JIA. Aka: sis.
 PhilipGreenwood JIA member. A politician.
 RandallCurtis JIA member. A politician.
7JeanVincent Motorcyclist in staged crash.
8ReggieGraham Big, bad guy.
 Johnny  Works for Reggie.
10JohnBurrows Carl Logan cover name.
 YoussefSelim Known terrorist. Aka: Rabah Assad.
14ThierryDjourou Passport counterfeiter.
15RichardBalkemore Djourou and Selim works for him.
17Lorick  Works for Reggie.
  Mustafa Works for Reggie.
18LauraAnderson Administrator at JIA.
20LizzieModena Frank Modena's wife.
25AngelaGrainger FBI agent. Aka: Angie.
35Habib  Selim's tech expert.
41MarkoDragovic Serbian immigrant living in France.
46PaulEvans Special agent at JIA.
54 Fagan Mackie employee.
57AlanRosenberg New York lawyer.
 TonyCarlucci Mafia boss. In jail. Rosenberg client.
58JimmyKennedy Worked for Carlucci. Aka: William Button.
59GregDennis Angela's father.