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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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   Part I
2GraceMcCollA crime scene investigator.
 DanielRobertshawA young policeman. Aka: Danny.
 JimAireyA volunteer special constable.
 LewisHamiltonA British racing driver.
 Ben A German shepherd.
3NickWestonA detective constable.
 WyattEarpAn old West lawman and gambler.
5AngelaInglisFrederickson's friend.
 GilesFredericksonA Major.
 Edith Jim Airey's daughter.
8PartickBardwellHogg's acquaintance.
9Tallie Grace's dog.
 Lisa Nick's girlfriend.
 Sofie Nick and Lisa's daughter.
10RichardSibsonHead of the CSI. Grace McColl's boss.
   Part II
13MaxCarrisGrace's ex-husband.
14MatthewMercerA detective superintendent.
 BrianPollockA detective inspector.
 DuncanInglisAngela Inglis' ex-husband.
15IanHoggEdith's employer.
 Michael RobertRyanA 27-year old who shot and killed 16 people including his mother.
19JackRussellA terrier.
22ProfessorEvansA professor at the University at Lancaster
28Karl Lisa's brother.
   Part IV
43PeteTawneyA military prisoner.
46SteveScottOne of Sibson's colleagues.
 PaulMcKendrickOne of Sibson's colleagues.
 KenAlcottOne of Sibson's colleagues.
 TysonFrostOne of Sibson's colleagues. Aka: Ty.
 ChristopherBlenkenshipOne of Sibson's colleagues. Aka: Chris.
 TonyMarshOne of Sibson's colleagues.
   Part V
54YoungYardleyA detective constable.
55LyudmilaPavlichenkoA Soviet sniper.
   Part VI
71BradPittAn American actor.
73GaryQuinnA former SAS.
85ConorO'KeefeA sniper.
   Part VII
101Mrs.AireyJim's wife.
   Part VIII
110FooFightersAn American rock band.
111DoryPrevinAn American lyricist.
 HenryThoreauAn American naturalist, poet, essayist and philosopher.
EpiNadine Edith's acquaintance.