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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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1ReneeBallardProtagonist. A Hollywood detective. Aka: Sally Ride.
 StanDvorekThe police sergeant. Aka: Relic.
 AnthonyAnzeloneDvorek's officer. Aka: Caspar.
 DwightDoucetteDvorek's officer. Aka: Deuce.
2JohnJenkinsBallard's partner.
 HarryBoschRetired police detective investigates the Daisy Clayton case.
 DaisyClaytonA runaway girl who was killed 9 years ago. Deceased.
 Munroe The lieutenant. The watch commander.
 CesarRiveraA police detective in Hollywood Sex Crimes Unit.
 AdamSandsDaisy's boyfriend.
 HarveyPoundsBosch's former lieutenant. Deceased.
3RobertOlivasBallard's former lieutenant.
 LuciaSotoA cold-case detective. Bosch's partner.
 Elizabeth ClaytonDaisy's mother.
 King One of the detectives handling Daisy Clayton's case.
 KenChastainBallard's former partner. Premier investigator in sex killings.
 DavidLambskinThe expert in sexually-motivated homicide at RHD.
5Atticus FinchThe Judge.
6BellaLourdesSenior detective at SFPD detective bureau. Bosch's partner.
 OscarLuzonBell's colleague.
 DannySistoBella and Oscar's colleague.
 Trevino The SFPD captain.
 CristobalVegaMurdered. A veteran gang member. Aka: Uncle Merda.
   Varrio San Fer 13 - A violent gang in San Fernando Valley.
 MartinPerezAn inventory manager at a discount shoe store. A witness.
 TranquilloCortezNephew of Vega's wife. Suspect in Cristobal Vega's murder.
 IrwinRosenberhA dayside watch commander.
7EleanorBoschHarry's former wife.
 MadelineBoschHarry's daughter. Aka: Maddie.
8T. Farmer A police officer in Hollywood.
9Hererra A female police officer.
 Dyson A female police officer.
 Mr.PeraltaManager of establishment where the burglary took place.
 Marv Mr. Peralta's bouncer.
 HeatherRourkeThe helicopter spotter. A pilot.
 DanSummerHeather's pilot partner.
10JohnMcMullenMan interviewed in Clayton's case. Aka: John The Baptist.
12Mr.CardinaleThe owner of Pacoima Tire & Muffler.
 TomYaroThe Lapad detective from Foothill Division.
 Harmon An Evidence technician from L.A. county.
 TedLannarkThe Sheriff's investigator.
 Boyce Ted's partner.
13Jose RodriguezLourdes's cousin. SFPD's gang intel expert. Aka: J-Rod.
14AaronHayesLifeguard assigned to Rose Station. Ballard's boyfriend.
 Lola Ballard's dog.
15HannahChavezA police lieutenant who worked PM Watch. Mason's partner.
16Felsen Daywatch blue suiter. Ballard's acquaintance.
 Torborg Daywatch blue suiter. Ballard's acquaintance. Aka: Torpedo.
 RogerDillonOwner of a biohazard cleaning service called CCB.
 BobbiClarkThe deceased woman's niece.
   CCB - Chemi-cal Bio Services.
17TheodoreBethelThe painting thief.
18JaimeHenriquezThe UCLA trained physician. A suspected gang doctor.
19Dr.ZhangBosch's acupuncturist.
20ChloeLambertThe girl who reported Danny Monahan.
 DannyMonahanA stand up comic actor.
 GinaGardnerA blue suiter. Chloe's police officer.
 Aisha Chloe's friend.
22EphremZocaloThe owner of Zocalo Auto Services.
23CarlosMejiaThe suspected shooter of Martin Perez. The SanFer OG.
 ChiefValdezThe chief of police in San Fernando Valley.
24CiscoWojciechowskiA private investigator. Bosch's friend.
 MickeyHallerA defense attorney. Bosch's step-brother.
 JerryEdgarBosch's former partner.
25GabrielMasonPolice lieutenant assigned as Hollywood division liaison.
   OCP - Officer of the Chief of Police.
 ScottCalderGRASP's guru. Professor University of Southern California.
26DennisEagletonMan arrested multiple times. Picked up by moonlight mission.
 TalismanPradaCady's roommate. Tyler Tyldus.
27CarolynWickwireThe superior court judge. Ballard's friend.
 LieutenantMcAdamThe head of the Hollywood Division Detective Bureau.
30TravisLeeHomicide detective who took over the Jacob Cady Case.
 RahimsRogersTravis Lee's partner.
31AliRohatThe shady doctor.
32KurtPascalThe porno actor.
 WilsonGayleyPascal's cameraman.
 TanyaVickersThe prostitute.
 BeatriceBeaupreDirector of Adult Films.
34EdwardDavidThe former chief.
35  La Eme - The Mexican Mafia.
36AudieHaslamA female tattoo artist who was murdered by a customer.
 ClancyDevouxThe motorcycle gang affiliate.
 SergeantKlikenbergA long-time veteran.
41OmarCespedesA man who ran the SIS squad working the Cortez Case.
 MikeEchaverriaAn investigator with the medical examiner's office.
43Jimmy Speedy's assistant.
44DavidManningWitnessed the murder at tattoo shop. An ex-smuggler.
 DetectivePeppersThe detective at the tattoo shop murder case.
 DetectiveLivingstoneThe detective at the tattoo shop murder case.
 Mr.MittlebergThe supervisor at American Storage Products.
48SarahBenderThe girl that Dillon killed.
49GeorgeBenderSarah's father.
50Palmer A detective who answers Bosch's call.
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