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Characters By Chapter
Jane Hale
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1   Evie   Abbey   Talent agent at Price & Dickle. aka: Evelyn.
    Daryl H.   Jordan   Evie's friend and officemate at TV-Literary department.
    Mike   Evans   Steph's husband. Real name: Michael Christopher. aka: MC.
    Steph   Evans   Evie's friend & former co-worker at Alterman. aka: Stephanie.
    Elias   Jordan   Daryl's uncle. Plastic surgeon. Owns medical spa.
    Larry       Video shop manager where Evie worked.
    Amelia   Baker   Evie's friend and officemate. Worked in HR department.
    Brad   Kingman   VP of Price & Dickle. Features Department head.
    Dudley   Thompson   Evie's officemate from Features Department.
    Gabe   Vestes   A-list movie star.
    Jay       Amelia's son.
    Morgan   Evans   Mike and Steph's daughter.
    Tyler       Broadway actor. Evie's client.
    Bea       Tyler's daughter.
    Ken   Alterman   Evie's former boss and owner of Alterman Agency.
    Carter   Aaron   Talent agent at Creative Talent and Media (CTM).
    Wyatt       Steph's cousin. Dated Evie.
2   Jonah   Aaron   Carter's younger brother. Photographer. aka: Jones.
    Gwen   Talbot   Former girlfriend/fiancĂ©e of Carter.
    Becca       Carter's assistant
    Blake       Talent agent and co-worker of Carter.
    Emil   Shepard   Blake's client
    Alan   Porter   Writer. Potential client of Carter.
3   Kylie   Salisbury   Brad's assistant.
    John   Fineman   Evie's colleague. From Features department.
4   Samantha   Rigby   Carter's former classmate
    Elsa   Tippett   An agent. Form Carter colleague at Bradford.
5   Eric   Kingman   Daryl's assistant and Brad Kingman's nephew.
    Jess       Evie's assistant.
6   Cameron       Carter's officemate from Literary department.
    Sally       Carter's colleague from Foreign Rights department.
    Kurt   Elwood   Carter's officemate from Features department.
7   Lisa       From HR department of the New York CTM office.
    Donald       Evie's officemate from Accounting department.
    Rose   McCollough   Evie's colleague from Features department.
    Jared   Helmsworth   CEO of Price & Dickle.
8   Joanne   Simms   Senior Talent Agent at NY Price & Dickle.
    Tom   Hetchum   Former legal head at Price & Dickle.
9   Aimee   Miller   Evie's colleague from Features department.
    Timothy   Brown   Evie's colleague from Features department.
    Ashton   Garcia   Evie's colleague from Features department.
10   Justin       Carter's assistant.
    Patricia       Works at Fox.
    Peter       Works at legal department at Price & Dickle.
    Angela       Works at the Literary department of Price & Dickle.
    Esther       Works at legal department at Price & Dickle.
    Jett   Payne   Actor. Potential client of Carter.
    Jamie   Huang   Popular reality show actress. Potential Carter client.
    Allie   Brynn   Jamie's manager.
    Alex   Young   Singer-songwriter.
    Adam   Elliott   Evie's client.
    Sarah   Hill   Evie's client.
    Marian   Issac   Model turned A-list actress. Potential Evie client.
    Chad       Former agent of Marian.
    Keaton   Avery   Potential Evie client. Starred in Osca-nominated film.
    Trent   Vanh   Won an Emmy. Potential Evie client.
    Seamus   Aston   Popular YouTuber and potential Evie client.
11   Dave   Cyrus   Evie's entertainment contact. Worked at Hollywood Vine.
12   Caleb   Ferraz   Dan's manager.
    Dinah   Aaron   Carter's mother.
    Nick       Lives at Jonah's house.
13   Brant       Daryl's ex-boyfriend.
15   Libby   Truman   Event Planner/Coordinator.
    Kai   Paialua   Dated Evie when she was young.
    Anna       Steph's assistant.
18   Steve   Gainor   Works in Television department at Price & Dickle.
19   Joe   Tierney   Worked at Paramount. Transferred to DreamWorks.
    Maxine   Kingman   Brad's wife and an executive at Warner Brothers.
20   Doris       Carter's aunt.
    Dolores       Doris's twin sister.
    Zach   Barker   Carter's stage-to-film client.
    Avya   Barker   Zach's wife.
    Jason   Dover   Lead actor in movie that Zach is filming.
    Meredith       Birthing class teacher of Avya.
    Joshua   Barker   Zach and Avya's adopted son.
23   Dan   Printz   Client of Joel Meyer.
    Joel   Meyer   Talent Agent at orimac.
    Ted   Statsky   Writer working at Variety.
24   Mark   Marsh   Actor.