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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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 Cuffy JasperLambkinAn old deacon. Aka: Sportcoat.
 DeemsClemensA drug dealer.
 HettiePurvisLambkin's wife.
 VeronicaGeeThe president of the Cause Houses Tenant Association.
 T. J. BillingsThe head usher at Five Ends. Aka: Bum-Bum.
 IziCorderoThe vice president of the Puerto Rican Statehood Society.
 JoaquinCorderoA Dominican ex-husband of Izi Cordero
 HotSausageThe Cause Houses janitor and Sportcoat's best friend.
 DominicLefleurThe Haitian Cooking Sensation.
 ThomasElefanteRuns a trucking and construction business. Aka: The Elephant.
 Reverend GeeThe minister at Five Ends Baptist Church
 Sister Paulletta An original founder of Five Ends.
 MorrisHurlyThe funeral director. Aka: Hurly Girly.
 DeniseBibbThe voluptuous church organist.
 RufusHarleySportcoat's second-best friend.
 SonnyListonAmerican professional boxer.
 Muhammad AliAmerican professional boxer. activist and philanthropist.
 Nanette One of the choir members.
 Sweet Corn One of the choir members.
 Pudding A young man from the projects.
 Pudgy Fingers Sportcoat's son.
 NevaRamosA Dominican beauty who poured a glass of water on man's head.
 BubWashingtonA woman who was busted for shoplifting at the grocery store.
 Erskine Deacon of Mighty Hand Gospel Tabernacle.
 GinnyRodriguezA tenant living at Building 19.
 ElHajiDominic Lefleur's brother.
 TampaRedAmerican Chicago blues musician.
 J. C. YancyA cotton farm owner.
3  JET
 JethroHardmanThe first-ever black detective in the Cause Houses. Aka: Jet.
 JoePeckA major Italian crime figure in Brooklyn.
 KevinMullenA police sergeant. aka: Potts.
 EarlMorrisBunch's right-hand man.
 Harold A hit man.
 EleanoraSotoOne of the members of the Puerto Rican Statehood Society.
 AngelaNegronOne of the members of the Puerto Rican Statehood Society.
 Emelia Miss Izi's cousin.
 Mr.ItkinOwner of a liquor store.
 LouisClemensDeems grandfather.
 BulletRoganAmerican baseball player.
 BobMotleyThe last surviving umpire from baseball's legendary Negro League.
 SalvyDoyleAn old Irishman.
 DriscollSturgessRuns a bagel shop in the Bronx. Aka: The Governor.
 GuidoElefanteThomas Elefante's father.
 LennyBeltonOne of Guido Elefante's friends.
 PeterSeamusOne of Guido Elefante's friends.
 BillBeutelAmerican television reporter, journalist and anchor.
 BunchMoonThe head of Moon Rental Cars and Moon Steak N Go.
 Calvin One of the workers at Steak N Go shop.
 Justin One of the workers at Steak N Go shop.
 Martin LutherKing, Jr.American Christian minister and activist.
 WillardJohnsonAmerican political scientist and African studies expert.
 GeorgeWashington1st U.S. President.
 MarkBumpusA smuggler.
 HectorMaldonezA Colombian worker from the Preston chicken-processing plant.
 Andressa UrachBrazilian model, businesswoman and reality television personality.
 AbbieHoffmanAmerican social activist.
 Andrew T. B.KosciuszkoThe great Polish-Lithuanian general.
 EmmaGoldmanAn anarchist political activist and writer.
 Hercules Roman hero and god.
 Sid The giant constrictor from the Queensbridge Projects.
 MissFlayA tenant of apartment 1A.
 Mrs.FoyThe original tenant of apartment 1A.
 Mrs.NelsonThe apartment owner.
 Beanie One of Deems Clemens' crews.
 Rags One of Deems Clemens' acquaintance.
 Sugar Deems Clemens' best friend.
 Stick Deems Clemens' original crew.
 Lightbulb One of Deems Clemens' crews.
 Rooster Deems Clemens' older cousin.
 Pop-Pop Deems Clemens' grandfather.
 CleonJonesAmerican professional baseball player.
 Cool Papa BellAmerican center fielder in Negro league baseball.
 Golly Honey GibsonAmerican professional baseball pitcher.
 Smooth Rube FosterAmerican baseball payer, manager, and exec. in the Negro league.
 BulletRoganAmerican pitcher and outfielder for the Kansas City.
 Chink One of Deems Clemens' acquaintances.
 Vance One of Deems Clemens' acquaintances.
 EdieChicksawSister Paulette's daughter.
 Zeke Sister Bibb's son.
9  Dirt
 Mitch A young cop.
 Dunne A police officer.
 TheloniusEllisReal name of Hot Sausage.
 Ray CharlesAmerican singer-songwriter.
10  Soup
 Krzypcinksi A young white social worker.
 HectorVasquezA trombone player.
 Willie BoboA Latin and jazz percussionist of Puerto Rican ancestry.
 IrvThigpenA drummer.
 SonnyRollinsAn American jazz tenor saxophonist.
 CeliaCruzA Cuban singer.
 EddiePalmieriGrammy Award-winning pianist of Puerto Rican ancestry.
 GladysKnightAmerican singer-songwriter.
 SoupLopezSportcoat's acquaintance.
 RalphOdumThe name used by Hot Sausage in Cause House.
 Elena Joaquin's cousin.
 Calvin A Transit Authority worker.
 Mingo Dominic Lefleur's friend.
 Muhammad An Arab religious leader.
 ReverendHarrisA minister at Ebenezer Baptist.
 Mr.RogersAmerican television host, producer, and Presbyterian minister.
11  Pokeweed
 VictorGorvinoThe head of the Gorvino family.
 VinnyTognerelliGorvino's deputy.
 Herbie One of Peck's acquaintances.
 Ray  One of Peck's acquaintances.
 JuliusCaesarFormer Roman consul.
 ChristopherColumbusAn Italian explorer and navigator.
 RobertMoses.A Jewish reformer.
12  Mojo
 Gus Hot Sausage's uncle.
 NeilArmstrongAmerican astronaut and the first person to walk on the Moon.
 BellaAbzugA Jewish congresswoman.
13  The Country Girl
 Melissa The Governor's lass.
 Cecil Elefante's childhood nickname given by his parents.
 Brucie Elefante's cousin.
 FrankieValliAmerican singer.
 Macy The Governor's younger brother.
 Bupus One of Deems' worker.
 HaroldDeanA negro who was armed and very dangerous man.
 Rooster Deems' older cousin.
15  You Have No Idea What's Coming
 Octavia A deaconess from Mount Tabernacle.
17  Harold
 JoshGibsonAmerican Negro league baseball catcher.
 Phyllis A fly girl.
 FullerRichardsonPhyllis' uncle.
 BillBoyleThe baseball coach at St. Johns.
 Diahann CarrollAmerican actress, singer, model, and activist.
 Cicely TysonAmerican actress and former fashion model.
 Rag Deems' worker.
18  Investigation
 RandallCollinsReal name of Beanie.
20  Plant Man
 Mrs.EllardHettie's acquaintance.
 Edie Rufus' daughter.
 Clemy Rufus' late wife.
21  New Dirt
 Dub A resident at Cause House.
24  Sister Paul
 MarjorieDelaneyA receptionist at Brewster Memorial Home.
 Mel A security guard.
26  Beautiful
 Rick X A proud member of the Nation of Islam.
 Giotto An Italian painter.
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