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Characters By Chapter
Jeffrey Hale
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   Part One: Something Wicked
1LesegoBetseOne of the missing girls.
 Dikeledi Lesego's sister.
   Rra - Mr. (used when addressing a man)
 Constance KomaLesego's aunt.
 ToleTobogoConstance's partner.
   Pula - Currency of Botswana
2DavidBenguAssistant Superintendent of the CID. Aka: Kubu.
   CID - Criminal Investigation Department
 Tumi Kubu's daughter.
 JoyBenguKubu's wife.
 SamanthaKhamaCID detective.
 JacobMabakuDirector of the CID.
 BillMarumoPolitician defected from BDP. Aka: William Mishingo Marumo.
   BDP - Botswana Democratic Party
 ZaneleDlaminiHead of the forensics team.
 Pleasant Joy's sister.
 SegametsiMogomotsiOne of the missing girls.
   Muti - Medicine from a traditional healer
3JubjubOtengBill's girlfriend.
4TebogoGobeyDeputy commissioner of police.
 Seloi Older sister of one of Joy's charges.
 Nono Seloi's little sister.
 KopanoRampaProfessional undertaker and director of Funerals of Distinction.
5  Dumela - Setswana for hello or good day
 Keesvan der MeerAnthropologist.
   Part Two: Fell Swoop
6TombiMalengOne of the missing girls.
 WitnessMalengTombi's father.
   Mma - Mrs. (used when addressing a woman)
 ChastityMabodaOne of Tombi's friends.
 ZuniTsimakoOne of Tombi's friends.
 AsakonaRamotwaOne of Tombi's friends.
7CharltonTsimakoZumi's father.
 GordonThembeOne of Witness's friends.
9Big Mama Owner of BIG MAMA KNOWS ALL.
   Shebeen - bar
 JacobPitsoFreedom Party candidate.
 TumisoMikopiOne of the town people.
 Alice Mikopi daughter.
10Ilia Kubu's dog.
 Wilmon Kubu's father.
 Amantle Kubu's mother.
 Bongani Pleasant's husband.
11Gondo Witch doctor.
12JoshuaGobeyHead of the key diamond division of the Botswana Police.
 MariaGobeyTebogo's wife.
   Part Three: Powerful Trouble
15IanMacGregorForensic pathologist.
 Dr. JakePilaneMarumo's neighbor.
17Miriam Mabaku's assistant.
  ThibeloOne of the detectives.
22 BuleWitness's neighbor.
23Jonas Member of the forensics team.
25Jessica Human Resource personnel.
  NgemaOne of the constables.
  SesupoOne of the constables.
   Part Four: Bad Beginning
27Dr. BakuWitness's doctor.
29MabuloOwidoA tourist.
 Lemme Big mama's friend.
31 PhoOne of the detectives.
33HelenkaKoslovForensic IT specialist.
 Lori Gobey's secretary.
34 MogweOwner of the witch doctor's safe house.
37Dr.PatelBengu's family doctor.
 EdwinNgombeWilmon's neighbor.
   Part Five: Deed Without a Name
40Lome A butcher.
 Sunday MolefeOne of Big Mama's customers. Aka: Sun.
 WilsonDemeneMolefe's friend.
41Nuru Waitress at BIG MAMA KNOWS ALL.
47Kefilwe Rampa's neighbor.
   Part Six: The Way To Dusty Death
50Dr.MapundaTebogo Gobey's doctor.
51RobertTiboneRampa's assistant.
 AgnesTaungA woman who died from AIDS.
52AkaNdodeA man who died from a heart attack.
54MartinWestbrookRampa's attorney.
   Part Seven: Poisoned Chalice
59EdisonBandaPolice officer.
61JacobMampeSampson's son.
 Tau A dog.
 SampsonMampeTraditional healer.
 Evelyn Sampson's wife
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