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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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1  The Protagonist
 RoderickAlleynThe Chief Detective Inspector. aka: Rory.
 HelenaAlleynRoderick Alleyn's mother. aka: Lady Alleyn.
 George Lady Alleyn's elder son.
 Grace George's wife.
 Sarah George and Grace's daughter.
 Evelyn O'BrienCarradosA London socialite. Formerly Evelyn Curtis. aka: Donna.
 PaddyO'BrienEvelyn Carrados' first husband.
 BridgetO'BrienPaddy and Evelyn's daughter.
 HerbertCarradosEvelyn's second husband. aka: Bart.
 Lord RobertGospellA London aristocrat. Alleyn's friend. aka: Bunchy.
 VioletHarrisEvelyn Carrados' secretary.
 LucyLorrimerAn elderly socialite. aka: Lady Lorrimer.
 ColumboDimitriA London caterer.
 Sistine Madonna An oil painting.
 Raphael Italian painter and architect.
 ArthurMarsdonEvelyn's uncle.
 DonaldPotterLord Robert's nephew.
 DanielDavidsonA physician to London elite.
 AgathaTroyA famous painter.
 Mildred Lord Robery's sister.
2  Bunchy
 BrerFoxA detective inspector.
 Mrs.Halcut-HackettA social-climbing blackmailing victim.
 Johann S.BachA German composer.
3  Sequence To a Cocktail Party
 MauriceWithersDonald Potter's friend. aka: Wits.
6  Bunchy Goes Back to The Yard
 Hughie A band leader.
 PaulVerlaineA French poet.
 Dr.CurtisA surgeon.
7  Stop Press News
 Broomfield Bunchy's eldest nephew.
 MissSmithMiss Harris' friend. aka: Smithy.
8  Troy and Alleyn
  BaileyOne of Alleyn's men.
9  Report From Mr. Fox
 JamesCareweA detective constable.
 TrelawneyCaperOne of Carrado's acquaintances.
 PercyPercivalOne of Carrado's acquaintances.
11  Captain Withers at Home
 AlbrechtDurerGerman painter, printmaker, mathematician, and theorist.
  ThompsonA detective sergeant.
12  Report from a Waiter
 FrancoisDupontDimitri's personal servant.
13  Dimitri Cuts His Fingers
  AndersonCarawe's acquaintance.
16  Lady Carrados Looks Back
 AnthonyBankPaddy's greatest friend.
 Dr.BletherleyA superintendent doctor.
17  The Element of Youth
 Sophie Evelyn Carrados' maid.
18  Predicament of a Secretary
 Walter Miss Harris' uncle.
19  The General
 GeorgeAlleynRoderick Alleyn's father.
 RoseBirnbaumLady Halcut-Hackett's acquaintance.
  TitheridgeA police constable.
20  Rose Birnbaum
 JosephBirnbaumA painter. Rose's grandfather.
22  Night Club
  CuthbertManager of the club.
 Simmons A cloakroom attendant.
23  Donald on Wits
 Vassily Alleyn's old servant.
25  Benefit of Clergy
 Edith Walter Harris' wife
 HumphreyWardEnglish first-class cricketer.
 CharlesKingsleyEnglish clergyman, historian and novelist.
 Charlotte M.YongeEnglish writer, editor.
 CharlesDickensEnglish writer and social critic.
 WalterScottScottish novelist, poet and playwright.
 CanonWorselyMiss Harris' old friend.
26  Alleyn Plot A Denouement
 William R.SmithScottish orientalist and minister of the Free Church of Scotland.
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