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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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1JaneGreyA hairdresser. One of the airplane passengers.
 CicelyHorburyThe countess. Aka: Cicely Bland, Lady Horbury.
 Madeleine Lady Horbury's maid.
 NormalGaleA dentist. One of the airplane passengers.
 Venetia AnneKerrStephen's childhood friend. One of the airplane passengers.
 HerculePoirotThe famous Belgian detective. Protagonist.
 Roger JamesBryantA doctor. One of the airplane passengers.
 JeanDupontArmand's son. One of the airplane passengers.
 ArmandDupontJean's father. An archaeologist.
 Mr.ClancyThe writer of detective stories. One of the airplane passengers.
 James BellRyderMr. Clancy's seatmate. Managing director cement company.
 MadameGiselleThe victim. A well-known moneylender.
2Henry C.MitchellThe senior steward.
 AlbertDavisThe junior steward.
3InspectorJappPoirot's colleague. A police inspector.
 EarlHorburyCicely's husband.
4Maitre A.ThibaultMadame Giselle's lawyer.
 HenryWinterspoonThe chief government analyst.
 Mr.WilsonThe detective sergeant.
6Mr.FourmierA detective in Surete.
 Mr.GiraudFourmier and Poirot's common friend.
 EliseGrandierMadame Giselle's maid.
8GeorgeEbermannJames's partner.
 L. Marinner The person that Jean was supposed to meet.
9Georges The man that Madame Giselle helped.
11Mr.GillesThe chief of detective force in Surete.
 JulesPerrotThe man who worked at the airlines.
 SilasHarperThe mystery man who wants to lend money to Madame Giselle.
12AndrewLeechThe owner of Antoine's.
 Gladys Jane's friend.
 Jeanne The woman at the hairdresser's salon.
14Mr.BluntThe colonel.
 MissRossGale's acquaintance.
 Mrs.LorrieGale's acquaintance.
17DorsetMitchellHenry's wife.
 JohnRobinsonThe man who blackmailed Cicely.
 RaymondBarracloughCicely's lover.
23MereAngeliqueThe head of Institute De Marie.
 AnneMorisotMadame Giselle's alleged daughter. Aka: Anne Richards.
 GeorgeLemanGiselle's husband.
26JohnGaleNorman's uncle.